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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable

  • Pulse down over the weekend, back up now
  • Work week: Gurvinder would like to remind us to schedule pick-ups *in advance*, not after arriving.
  • Work week: Review agenda and help fill it out


Deep Dives

Mobile (1st Monday)

AutoPhone/Noah's Ark

  • Pulse down over weekend.
  • bug 893611 Enable Autophone Mochitest Canvas tests with SkiaGL.
    • Landed bug 893617 Mochitest canvas manifest on inbound
    • Waiting on review bug 893612 Add Mochitest-Chrome and Motorola Atrix HD to Autolog js/Config.js
    • Waiting on review bug 893620 Fix various issues in Autophone unittests and add ability to set prefs for tests

B2G Automation

  • [wlach] - Working on adding ability to get active frame to Marionette (bug 855327)). Should be useful for some types of tests.
  • [mdas] - Working on modal dialog support (bug 779284), will unblock some tests

Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraping Tool

Android Automation

Tools (2nd Monday)


  • Native REST API accepted upstream, working on bmo-specific patch.
  • REST and related work in progress:
    • token-based auth
    • memcached support
    • simple etags
  • Need to do some work for review nagging (bug 892615).


  • Updated VMs after patch tuesday
  • Mac minis crashed again perhaps due to Firefox bug. Diagnostics underway in bug 893567.





War on Orange

TBPL Version 2

  • [edmorley] Back and forth with support about issues with the Github treeherder-service repo and the Windows git client.
  • [edmorley, ako0] Iterating on the logviewer design.

Performance (3rd Monday)

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

  • Kyle still setting up staging server: Copying production JSON objects, filling test_data_all_dimensions, and making rough visualization to verify correctness. Should be sending (email) alerts on current test results by end of week.

Signal From Noise


  • running these with games benchmarks (sunspider, canvasmark, octane, webgl-aquarium).
    • currently working on android fennec
    • working towards running on android chrome, default browser
    • working towards adding for b2g
    • working towards ensuring the tests produce stable numbers



  • xperf whitelisting at final patch review
  • tsvg and tscroll updated and have been running side by side for the last week on m-c
  • updated talos to fix data upload flooding on datazilla
  • new tart testing should be online end of the week


  • Webpagetest
    • Work ongoing to get demontration service working this week.
    • Glob set up two 64bit Windows Server instances on AWS.
    • bc destroyed them installed dummynet+ipfw
    • Glob will create a 32bit Windows Server for bc to torture.

General Framework Support (4th Monday)


In-tree Automation/Harnesses

WebRTC Test Development

  • [henrik] Going to backport the datachannel tests to Aurora. We will skip Beta given the major overhaul which would be necessary to get those landed.
  • [henrik] Will work on the other remaining items which are assigned to me

Process (4th Monday)

Sheriffing & Trees



Holidays and Trips