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Status Highlights

Off Plan

PTO plan

  • Taipei Office: Feb. 29th (228 Peace Memorial day)
  • jlorenzo: March 21st - March 25th
  • whsu (William): Feb. 25th

Upcoming Holidays

  • U.S. - Monday, May 30 - Memorial Day
  • France: Monday, March 28 (Easter Monday)

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • [pallavi] -- Gregor to provide decision on proposal and plan of action

Previous action items


  • [marcia] Is it useful to continue this meeting in its current format?
    • We previously talked about doing more presentations and other items - see Line 58
    • Many of our EU community members can not make the current meeting time
    • Once the other Connected Devices projects get going, where is general status going to be reported?
  • Notes:
    • This roundtable is a good way for the people from the various teams to learn about general things - announcements.
    • Community might be a good topic. Maybe the meeting doesn't need to be weekly and instead bi-weekly?
    • Strategize about better QA - thing about these things as a group
    • Better integration across projects
    • See where we can share tools and resources

  • Action Items - marcia send an email out to the team about meeting bi-weekly. Al controls the meeting invite.
  • Ideas for London
    • API Testing
    • Cloud Testing
    • Platform QA Testing
    • Meetup with other QA teams
  • topics discussion for QA round table:
    • Blocker bugs :
    • Areas of Impact :
    • Other Topics :
      • Test plans
      • Moztrap test cases
      • trends in testing
      • invite a guest speaker?
      • Integrate the community more - think about a time zone friendly situation for the EU contributors
      • Have presentation materials available when we are ready to give presentations
  • flame v5 is available. Please make sure to use this as the new base. FOTA will occur for any builds lower than the v5 build
  • Aries OTA/FOTA is from Mozilla Central, we're still trying to straighten out b2g-ota
    • need to setup the dogfood-latest with the latest dogfood from Mozilla Central without interfering with the nightly build.
  • 2.5 Mulet is available( https://goo.gl/koE7ie )
  • foxfooding bugs
    • com team is not looking at bugs
    • media team has raised the bar for blockers

2.6 Status

2.6 Feature (NEW)

=== 2.6 Spark/Aries-KK Smoketests === (Read Only)

  • Tester: QAnalysts (KevinT)
    • Health Status: Red, 1 existing blocker

Existing: - https://bugzil.la/1250694 User is unable to send or receive files via bluetooth

 * Fails [6071]

Daily Smoke results and Severe issues:

=== 2.6 Aries Dogfood === (Read Only)


- https://bugzil.la/1250353 [Aries] Unable to send Files via bluetooth
 * Fails [6071]

Existing: - https://bugzil.la/1234898 Fullimg mar off of taskcluster fails to build appropriately.

Severe issues are same as the ones listed for Aries.

=== 2.6 Flame === (Read Only)

  • Tester: QAnalysts (KevinT)
  • Health Status: Red, 1 existing blocker

Notes: OTA was not tested today because it has been turned off due to security issues. The bugs tracking this issue are 1244893,1244181, and 1232008.

Existing: - https://bugzil.la/1250694 User is unable to send or receive files via bluetooth

 * Fails [6071]

Daily Smoke results and Severe issues:

=== 2.6 Exploratory === (Read Only)

Community Updates [marcia-read only]

  • Kate and Marcia have onboarded a new community member in their project - welcome Paulo!
  • The "new" Foxfooding
    • John Bernard and Vik will be driving the "new Foxfooding" initiative
    • Meetings will commence shortly - as of 2/24 no meetings are yet on calendar
  • Events
    • Discussion with John Bernard regarding events
    • Hopefully we should be able to get some budget from his team
    • Follow up still needed here
  • Q1 Community Goals 2016
    • Coordinate presence at FOSDEM - Complete
    • Work with Jeff and l10n team regarding events in 2016. Develop content for a 2 day workshop.
    • Other goals are being reformulated
  • Joint l10n/QA events
    • Working on identifying some possible events and getting funding
    • Gaby and Marko will be the contacts for the possible Buenos Aires and Balkans event.
    • Targeting the Kuala Lumpur event for our top event in Asia

Testing information (Read Only)

https://gaia-l10n.allizom.org/integration/gaia-central/file/88990292cece/shared/firefox_sync/firefox_sync.properties https://gaia-l10n.allizom.org/integration/gaia-central/file/88990292cece/distros/b2gdroid/apps/ftu/ftu-droid.properties https://gaia-l10n.allizom.org/integration/gaia-central/file/88990292cece/distros/b2gdroid/apps/ftu/manifest.properties

- Firefox Sync strings will likely be covered by automation, but needs to be confirmed as it seems not everything is covered

  • For flame updating, please use v18D_nightly_v4 as base build, update to the latest dogfood and then update to the newest build (nightly-latest). For now, you cannot update from any random build.

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