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This is a weekly meetup to discuss all things regarding B2G automation and Quality. Please use wiki style.

    • Q4 Goals B2G (Draft)
      • Complete 2.1 QA criteria: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Release_Management/FirefoxOS/Release_Milestones#Code_Complete_Criteria
      • Identify 3-5 active contributors that has completed One and Done tasks
      • Identify 2.2 features and have testplans drafted by end of sprint 2
      • Automate 20 gaia UI tests from backlog. have them running on device [geo: add "if appropriate"?], and checked into the main repo. and reporting against Tree Herder
        • [geo] Running on device (for MarionetteJS) and reporting to Treeherder are both harness features and belong to FxOS Auto, delivery of those is out of scope for QA. We should stick to "automate 20 gaia UI tests," implication being against whatever harness is currently supported and reasonably stable. I'd suggest leaving out "from backlog"--that's an implementation detail.
      • Clean up 2.1 invalidated testcases and prepare for 2.2 testsuite
        • performance goal for acceptance testing


Previous Action Items

  • [CARRY OVER][Johan] Follow up the plivo account with walter chen and paul and get some number. Follow up with bsilverberg too about if a minute can be split or not. Ask Bob about the test script that puts money into the account?
  • [jlorenzo] Follow up with davehunt, zac, or james lal (:lightsofapollo) to know about Mozpool
    • Cancelled, davehunt and jlal updated bug 1020366.
  • [jlorenzo] Follow up with the contacts team about the Facebook account
    • Facebook test account has been r- by FB itself
      • Reason: Read_friendlists does not provide a list of the user's friends, it only provides custom sharing lists created by people for publishing content back to Facebook. In API v2.0+ you can only retrieve information on friends who also use your app. Please remove the "read_friendlists" permission from your application submission. Thank you.
      • Question in the FAQ: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/faq#unable_full_friend_list
  • [njpark] send out an outline of plan to run Imagecompare on one of the unused nodes, and collect feedback + incorporate it to the plan. Ping davehunt for help (Bug 1054326)
  • [njpark] try setting up marionette JS on device test locally and run tests
    • [jlorenzo] MarionetteJS freezes my device :(

Status Highlights


1) XFAIL/disable busted smoketests to get suite back to green 2) XFAIL/disable busted TBPL tests to get suite back to green 3) XFAIL/disable busted device non-smoketests to get suite back to green 4) Fix busted smoketests 5) Fix busted TBPL tests 6) Balance between new work and fixing busted device non-smoketests

This Week - Decisions & Action Items

  • Plivo Account -- owner of the creds appeared to be Bob Silverberg, but isn't the owner anymore.
  • [Johan] follow up with james lal's team for ownership of Plivo account. If they don't want it, take ownership or figure out who to delegate to.
  • [Johan] Continue investigation on the Facebook test app (bug 1018307)
  • [Geo] See what's going on with the SIM addition to the MV infrastructure
  • [Bebe] Email about splitting nonsmoke tests in 2 test runs