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Meeting with Blink Team in Toronto (miketaylr)

Informational heads up on our meeting with Rick Byers and others on Aug 10th.

Goals in the Wiki (denschub)

Do we still want to put our goals into the wiki? If so, let's do it!

Continue Q3 plan (mike)

Adam, Karl and Mike share their plan (other team members already shared in 07-11)

  • karl: Milestones status. Atom feeds. Janitor script. Minutes generator (shoki). (in addition to the rest of the tasks)
  • karl: atom feed to search base on domain name reported on Move status from label to milestone. More generic for minute generator.
  • adam: 1st is partner relation heads up. with almost top 50 sites, create mailing list, generate ideas, etc. Bring back to EMs and see how the values, create guideline when create relation with new one. 2nd is trending content, is an opportunity to see the 100/1000 people is visiting, getting some data from pocket see what's interesting, like collect error from web page, see how it becomes error. Finally is helping dennis to screencast.
  • mike: re-land report site issue in nightly, photon layout can see today's nightly 57. If user enable stylo in pref, it will be log on to help triage. Finish window.event things in end of this quarter. Understand more on potential issue with Astley, to make thing visible to us. Taipei EMs will begin for this. Final thing is about training budget.

57 WebCompat ...sprint? (mike)


webcompat? triage (miketaylr)

A couple of triage for the webcompat flag. seems source set doesn't handle HiDPI image. CC/NI triage owner. firefox implement input type=submit differentl

Broken Voices of the Web

Web Compatibility Progress