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Meeting: Mobile Web Compatibility Weekly
Chair: Karl
Scribe: Mike

Topic: next meeting

Next meeting: The next meetings will be on January 20, 2014

  • mike: Next Monday is a holiday in USA, so I won't be attending, we'll need someone to volunteer as scribe.
  • adam: I'll do it.

Topic: Web Compatibility Work Week (lawrence)

There will be a Web Compatibility work week from Feb 3 to Feb 7 included in Mountain View, California, USA at Mozilla office. Are volunteers for Work week will be invited? yes! Everyone has booked? yes Agenda for the week (someone take the responsibility)? Meeting Google? Others?

  • karl: Should we create an agenda?
  • lawrence: Absolutely. I prefer at least a tentative agenda for work weeks. We should spend a day of, but I'm interested in what others topics we should work on. One thing that's useful is to ask what we think we should get out of it beforehand so we can evaluate if we've met our goals. I'll create an etherpad or wiki page where we can dump ideas. Do we want to try to meet with Google, etc?
  • mike: I can ask my friend Angus for twitter meeting too for mobile issues on firefox android/firefox os.
  • lawrence: I know someone as well at Twitter I can reach out to. Perhaps Pinterest? It might be good to spend an afternoon to build relationships. Let's go ahead and dump ideas here in this etherpad and create an agenda section.

Fill the work week agenda on Etherpad (bottom of the page)

Topic: Chinese Web sites (hallvord)

Hallvord has worked on many chinese Web sites. Additional findings since the raw stats. Things we should learn for the next survey of this type?

  • karl: There has been a surge of work related to Chinese web sites thanks to Hallvord. Any findings or things you would like to share?
  • hallvord: I've been playing around with efficient ways to use the information we get from automated testing. I'm still figuring out the process, using marionette, compatipede, and another script using phantomjs to take screenshots. Right now I'm comparing screenshots and if it appears there are issues I dig into the errors reported in our compatipede database. So we have lots of analyzed bugs just waiting for a Chinese volunteer to help with contacting, or some Chinese Mozilla staff.
  • lawrence: Did you test with the Chinese fork of Fennec w/ WebKit support?
  • hallvord: no
  • lawrence: It's something to keep in mind, as it may complicate verifiying things.
  • karl: Are you creating bugs by hand? Or do you have a button to push?
  • hallvord: I'm doing it by hand now. I'm waiting on web interface that seif is working on.
  • mike: I was also curious about an interface that we could push URLs to or create reports.
  • hallvord: It's coming but there are some security concerns with pushing arbitrary URLs, etc. It should be fine for everyone on the team, or at least people with ssh access. It also shouldn't be too hard to add the ability to automatically upload side by side comparisons of screenshots to Bugzilla.
  • karl: I was also wondering if there was a difference between mainland China and Tawainese sites.
  • hallvord: I don't know. This list seems of mixed quality, I'm unsure if there are Taiwanese sites in it.

Topic: xml as text for wap (karl)

Error message and or results not very helpful for users. Should we open a bug to encourage something friendlier?

  • karl: The kinds of error messages users get when pages are sent with the WAP mimetype aren't very useful (similar for XML parsing errors). Should we open a bug on this?
  • miketaylr: It seems it is just a question of changing the string.
  • hallvord: It seems the standard behavior on Android is to download the file. Is there an actual error message? Should we push for an actual error message in the browser itself, rather than a download?
  • lawrence: I think it's worth raising a question, perhaps on dev-b2g mailing list it's interesting.

Topic: Weekly project meeting updates (mike)

We'll (try to) given an update during the weekly project meeting about important things related to web compat that happened during the week.

  • mike: some other projects give status update. So I did it today on Weekly Updates. It's a very short 60 second updates.
  • lawrence: we did in the past for broader topics.
  • mike: let me share the minutes Web Compatibility Status update
  • lawrence: I like this idea. Might be a good way to ask for contacts to specific companies.
  • mike: after talking about the m3u8 bug brought on the meeting, more people participated.
  • lawrence: The stuff listed there is good and handy.
  • adam: We could have a top ten list of sites it might be worth to advertise the list.
  • lawrence: calling out some major sites might be useful.
  • mike: We don't need to have much process around that. Send it to me. I will take the responsibility of doing it every week (when not on holidays).
  • lawrence: On the topic of the project meeting, when we're in M(oun)T(ain)V(iew) I'd like to introduce us all as a group.

Topic: Work in progress bugs contactready vs sitewait

  • adam: I do have one question. If we have a bug that's related to something that's WIP, e.g., M3U8 playlist for FxOS, if there's a bug that's contactready, should it not be contactready?
  • hallvord: If there's a bug that's only broken because we lack M3U8 support, we should hold off on contacting them.
  • adam: should I change the whiteboard tag?
  • hallvord: I've been using [notcontactready], as a sort of a joke. You could also just remove the contactready and add a dependency.
  • mike: We should document [notdocumentready] and use that. Sounds good.
  • karl: I'll document it.

Topic: Broken Voices of the Web

Check the Planet Web Compatibility for the community news. Here a few posts lately published.

Topic: Things which have been discussed

Topic: Web Compatibility Progress



Tracked Actions


(move the DONE action items below and add the string DONE and possibly link to the record)

  • TODO-20130805-02: hallvord to test in bulk if Web sites are still working with a device information into the UA string Firefox OS. (Bug 901039)