Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-04-12

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Program Status Notes
Vaani Validation (Lindsay/Sandip) On Target
  • Product
    • Validating the ideas of Vaani moving forward
    • Working to pivot and fulfill the asks from the demo meeting
  • Engineering
    • The sprint tasks can be seen on the trello board
    • Getting the LDC data set
    • Getting Vaani running on a RPi
    • Implementing UI tweaks
    • Create cross-platform MozSpeechCollect app for Web, Android, iOS
    • Architecture discussions. How we can achieve skills or Services through Vaani
  • UX
    • Working with the technical research team to validate hypothesis
Project Link Validation Stage (Julie/Preeti) On Target


  • Continuing discussions with potential partners to understand their technology.
  • Engaging with our BD/Legal counterparts on Link to bring them up to speed on our vision etc.
  • Continued brainstorming on user segment focus areas and differentiators.
  • Presented Project Link at PLR yesterday.


  • We are in the last mile to wrap up two pilot scenes involving monitoring and control of Phillips Hue lights, Fibaro Motion Sensor, Kwitset/Schlage Door Locks, D-Link IP Camera devices.
    • Hue Adapter integration with taxonomy ready to land
    • Z-wave Adapter with getter (ex: ability to read sensor status) and setter (ex: changing the state of a lock) are working and ready to land
    • HTTPS support is in review.
    • Working through setting and triggering Thinkerbell rules involving Z-wave devices.
    • Once above work lands, it will enable testing end to end both the pilot scenes.


  • Held a Community Participation Planning Session for London on April 7th.
    • Discussed holding a Design Sprint in London based based on a problem Link is trying to solve
    • Agreed to develop prioritized list of ways in which volunteers in London can help. Volunteer contributor ideas are welcome!
  • Established a Discourse category for Link
  • Discussed holding Sprint Demo meetings in a public vidyo room after moving to the next project phase
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh On Target
  • 4/13-14 Panasonic on-site meeting
    • Firefox OS V2.6
    • Panasonic 2017 Sharing
    • Branding for 2017
    • Mozilla’s Vision, Strategy and Roadmap for Connected Device, Firefox OS/Browser.
  • TV 2.6 Branch date Apr/25
  • Feature completed
    • Tab sync
    • BT HID support
  • On Going
    • Remote Control
    • Smart Folders
    • Metrics
    • Web Apps Category
    • Web Apps localization
    • Web Apps sorting
  • TV 2.6 Wiki:
Smart TV Next Gen Validation (Joe/Josh) On Target
  • The new proposal for TV, Fusion TV, is planned for April 27th pitch at the Product Innovation Board.
  • WIP to polish the slide
Project SmartHome Maria/Liz On Target
  • Last week the team met in Portland to work on the interviews done
    • Analyzing and summarizing the Research findings
    • Choosing 3 areas common in all the audiences (teenagers and elderly)
      • Interruptions
      • Choices
      • Connecting to people
    • Engineering team also continued with his technical exploration
  • This week we continue with some activities/exercises to go deeper into the commented areas to obtain more findings and help us in future Researches
  • Next Friday (April 15th) we will have our first project review meeting
Project Magnet Maria/Francisco On Target
  • The team is back and we are preparing tomorrow's kick off meeting
    • We need to set the goals and following milestones (Mozilla London space experience)
  • Legal team is also involved and helping us with some initial investigation
  • Scheduled meeting on Thursday with Product manager from Firefox to get further alignment with Firefox mobile (ios and android).
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target
  • What had been done
  • What's next
    • Complete MVP including: the user app, front-end (sign up, user management), back-end (schema, user management)
  • Upcoming milestone
    • next PIB update on 5/4
Porting Nicole/David/Peter On Target

Nexus Player Port

  • After speaking with Farmer and Joe, these are their next steps:
    • (1) The team's now working on a documentation to release to MDN so that developers can make a build by themselves.
    • (2) If we want to make things easier for the community, additionally, we can provide a build that can be easily flashed to people's existing Nexus Player.

B2GOS Flame

  • spoke with Ben Francis and no plans to have nightly builds for Flame as far as they know because they have to concentrate efforts on aries.


  • Spoke with Dietrich and the only future effort for that stack will be to switch to the new community B2G project when it's merged back into master and will be done by a very small team
  • If it's time-consuming to stand that up, we'll abandon it altogether.

B2G add-on installer and Cyanogenmod build instructions

  • Still would like to find someone from the community to take this over
  • Valentin and Brian will work on advertising this:
    • Posting on discourse
    • Reaching out to contributors
    • Any other suggestions?
FlyWeb Nicole/Dylan On Target

FlyWeb Work Week in TOR

  • Successful work week where we went through a design sprint led by Peter to see if there was any product play in CD
  • Currently working to compile our findings in a slide deck and will be presenting that to Faramarz and Bertrand in the upcoming weeks.

Meeting with members of the Fennec/Desktop team to discuss getting a FlyWeb UI for developers to start using and building upon FlyWeb.

  • If you would like to know more about our work week, please ping me on irc, nicoleyee.
  • Summary:
    • Anthony is going to talk to brian and get ideas for UI/UX
    • Justin will be doing the implementation work after we get the go ahead to move forward from product
    • Barbara and Mike will be confirming with leadership team on whether or not we can move forward with having the APK a system add on for nightly and aurora.
Metrics for CD Maria/Dylan On Target
  • Sprint 2 finished successfully
    • It included Designing and start implementing the Histograms library
  • Sprint 3 started yesterday, and the main goal is format and send a core ping with Linear Histograms, for more info, check Trello board
  • We met with Measurements team to provide feedback from our assumptions in the Connected Devices Dashboard and Analysis Requirements document
    • Identified skills necessary are: iPython notebooks area, Scala
  • Working in scheduling a demo and sharing it with the rest of Connected Devices train about the progress of our team
Research Team Lindsay On Target

Technical Research

  • Do Monkey
    • Started with competitive analysis of Huginn and Node-Red
  • Vaani
    • Attempting Alexa Voice Service RPi hello world
    • Taking a look at
  • Flyweb
    • Had a meeting with Kannan and talked about Flyweb plans, basic architecture, possible BT implementations, etc.
    • Investigating BT use cases for low-friction user interactions with Android sample apps (PoC)
  • Sensor Web
    • Finishing up summary of existing work for Sensor Web
    • Next up: order an RPi and try flashing Open Sensor Hub onto it to see what it does?

Market Research

  • Published update for the Market Research Resources page. Planning to publish updates ~every 2 weeks.
  • Supporting inquiries from trains and train candidates
    • Smart TV - why are people cord cutting?
    • Smart Home
      • List of home automation competitors targeting teens and elderly users
      • Projected smart home activities report
    • Link - list of virtual assistants targeting the classroom and the elderly
    • New train candidate - tablet sales and install base information
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Transition Wiki

Smartphone Commercial Sunset (Karen) On Target
Code Transition (Julie) On Target
  • Smartphone Code Transition Wiki
  • Landed a patch to move the non-committed Gaia apps out of the primary build in order to reduce the surface area of builds & tests. What remains is just system/homescreen/settings/keyboard.
  • Unit tests are not running at the moment due to an issue with Debug builds. Working to get things going again.
  • MozApp API removal in incremental stages.
  • Keyboard and Search bar are working.
  • Now working on Settings app. Wifi config. is working. Working on issue with date and time patch. Need to determine what settings are not going to be used and should be removed.
Foxfooding (Jean) On Target
  • Completed F/OTA channel shut down last Friday, April 8. Notification on Discourse to community for reminder to take Mar 3 last Foxfood build.
  • Mahe to work with Rel Eng to sunset existing update channels. Initial thought is to leave them in place, just turn off the jobs.
Transition to Volunteer Community (Valentin) On Target
  • B2G OS Transition Wiki
  • Four priority community Working Groups meetings being organized
  • Increase of the participation on the communication channels + more tentative to build from the community