Connected Devices Weekly Update/2016-05-10

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Program Status Notes
Vaani Validation (Lindsay/Sandip) On Target
  • User Testing, User Testing, User Testing - The team is moving forward with testing 2 people each to see what products really fit the market right now and what products would help people with their day
  • Mihaela helped with narrowing down the user segment
    • Age: 25-55 years
    • Employment status: full time employed/full time student
    • Comfortable with technology
    • Mix of males and females
    • Own single family home - at least half of participants
  • Berlin Meetup next week will take these findings and solidify them into narrower hypothesis as well as narrow the user segment
Project Link Validation Stage (Julie/Preeti) On Target

Market Segment Research

  • Busy families was chosen as the segment to focus on.
    • Working hypothesis, which is being refined, is: We believe that by offering a smart virtual assistant to busy families, we will reduce the time they spend on day to day tasks by 20% and increase the amount of time the families spend with each other by 20%.
  • Team has begun research into busy family segment to determine what their needs are and if there’s an intersection of their needs and what we can offer.
  • A framework or script for conducting the consumer interviews was developed and will be used by members of the team to conduct interviews. Team has been trained on how to conduct the interviews and collect data.
  • Team will conduct at least 20 interviews, and most of those will be completed this week.
  • Data from the interviews will be organized and analyzed over the following couple of weeks.

Technology Research

  • Have developed a prioritized list of how we might differentiate ourselves from the competition. Research into targeted technologies will be conducted over the next 2-3 weeks.


  • On screen interviews for the London All Hands demo video have been filmed. Have also filmed segments showing Link functionality. These will be edited and integrated into a two minute segment to showcase Link in the demo.
  • Battlestar Galactica conference room now contains Link devices to showcase its functionality. There's a demo door installed with a smart lock that will be installed against the wall to the right of the monitors sometime this week. Motion detectors, a smart camera, and smart lights have also been installed.
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh On Target
  • 2.6 milestones:
    • 4/27 branched
    • 7/15 FC
Project SmartHome Maria/Liz On Target


  • Creating an ambient method of communicating for 12 to 15 year old girls will create fewer interruptions that distract them from being in the moment at home and at school and improve their personal connections.


  • On the tech side, we continue prototyping the test device we'll hand to participants.
    • The team filed a bunch of issues and are collectively working down the list
    • Prototype code is showing up in our repo
    • We've got a quick status video showing explorations on the hardware side, we are starting to put together all the components into a portable and hopefully robust enclosure
  • LED animations have been specified and we need to continue working on the Research Plan and the logistics to have all ready.
  • Probably we will shift the research a few days. Instead of starting on May 21st, we'll start on the 25th.
  • Next Friday we have our following check in with Ari/Faramarz/Bertrand
Project Magnet Maria/Francisco On Target


  • After reviewing assumptions/hypotheses document the team decided to start with this assumption "people will be willing to broadcast their personal information, specially in events as conferences"
  • The target audience are Conference presenters, promoting themselves
  • Research plan will be done this week, the rest of the Team will start having informal talks with people inside Mozilla that are used to present in conferences and other events.


  • As part of our goals for sprint 2 we already have downloadable builds.
  • Project Magnet in GitHub has been updated so the community can have all the info available to download Android builds and also create their own ones in Android and iOS.
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target
  • General updates
    • Product innovation board updated on 5/4
  • What’s done
    • maker faire taipei on 5/7, 5/ 8
      • Collected 40+ feedback forms. 5/11 the team will review the overall achievements from this 2-day event
    • Q2 goals set up. Look at the meta Bug 1271206 - [meta] Implement SensorWeb for Q2
  • What’s next
    • Deliver Bug 1271206 (SensorWeb Q2 goals)
    • keep on deploying to schools.
    • London ww preparation
  • Upcoming Milestone:
    • London ww: hackathon (in planning), open session (in planning)
Porting Nicole/David/Peter On Target
  • Bulleted list item
  • Bulleted list item
Metrics for CD Maria/Dylan On Target
  • Metrics team decided to choose Google Analytics Framework for collecting metrics in Connected Devices.
  • After documenting the parameters that can be used for collection of events in CD (event schema Proposal for CD), the team broke down the tasks to implement a library for Rust and JS that simplifies the adoption of Google Analytics by the trains.
  • We set a goal for the Sprint 4 that is sending data end to end through Google Analytics.
Research Team Lindsay On Target
  • The research team all came together for the first time to map out what the future of the team looks like. We are working out a few key points that you can see outlined in the planning doc
    • Working on team formation
    • Getting the team to work off of each others research
    • Ensuring the team is coming at problems from the same perspective
  • Get to the point that we have a product backlog of ideas
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Transition Wiki

Smartphone Commercial Sunset (Karen) On Target
  • Smartphone Commercial Transition Wiki
  • Plan to continue support thru Q1 2018. Have some logistics to resolve for the period from Jan 1 2017 to March 31 2018. Will continue to keep an eye on that.
Code Transition (Julie) On Target
  • Smartphone Code Transition Wiki
  • Working on removal of MobileID and Apps APIs
  • Continuing to work on getting homescreen and dialer working as chrome. The homescreen is now showing pinned sites on boot.
  • Removing dependencies on apps status in Downloads API and Bluetooth code.
  • Merging back to master/m-c is coming soon, probably not this week but we are getting closer.
  • Most needed infrastructure changes are complete. Trying to get Gij tests green.
Transition to Volunteer Community (Valentin) On Target
  • B2G OS Transition Wiki
  • Clearer status on the infra (builds for Z3C and Mulet), volunteers have a bit more time to get an external one set up. Volunteers builds for Flame (blobfree) and ZTE Open C landed this weekend and today.
  • First code contribution happened last week, 10 volunteers listed for code mentoring sessions to be organized soon.
  • Documentation Transition is finished on MDN.
  • Governance model decided for the module ownership system. Non-technical modules will be created to match the working groups. To be discussed on week 20.
  • Communication group released a call for contribution on Tuesday the 3rd.
Other Announcements David B
  • Interviewing about 20 users of personal automation starting this week for research