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Program Status Notes
Vaani Validation (Lindsay/Sandip) On Target
  • Project Vaani completed the meetup in Berlin
  • Check out the next milestones to hit
    • Meeting to refine learning over the week
    • Decide if we will run Vaani on other devices
    • Choose a Product
    • Refine new product idea
    • Demonstrate that the technology pieces are working
    • New Product Movement
  • Check out the Deck to show what happened in the Meetup
  • Next Full review with the board is 6/1 in the CD room
  • Meetup insights will be available at that point. Initial insights can be seen in the meetup deck and a quick review is below
    • People like to handle complex tasks with a single voice command. (convenience / custom commands)
    • People struggle remembering to do things and keeping track of events and need help with reminders.
    • People want flexibility in interaction - voice is not always appropriate, especially in the bedroom (partner may be sleeping). → We need to use ambient indicators (silent mode) as well.
    • People have concerns about the cost of fitting their house with connected devices. → Start with use cases that do not involve large investments, e.g. infotainment use cases, traffic, stocks, etc.
    • People who already have connected devices are concerned about compatibility and integration with their existing systems.
    • People want to spend less time on their phones. Assistance like this can help with this need.
    • Morning routines are busier than evening routines.
    • People who said they are very likely use Vaani-stand are homeowners with kids. Getting kids ready for the day are the most time-consuming tasks in the morning for them.
    • People welcome help in getting them prepare for the day: Agenda for the day, Commute/traffic, Prepare coffee
    • People want to be helped all around the home and not be tied to a specific location or time (i.e., not only bedroom, throughout the morning - give me the traffic info when I leave the house).

Project Link Validation Stage (Julie/Preeti) On Target

Revised hypotheses for busy family segment

Busy Family segment: Families in the US with 2 or more kids in elementary schools (PS-5), all living together in the same household; both the parents are working full time from 9am to 5pm and are between 30 & 40 yrs old, well educated, and in a medium to high income bracket. We believe that:

  • These families are leading an extremely busy & demanding lifestyle, constantly juggling many different aspects of their daily life spanning home, work, kids, shopping, hobbies etc.
  • These families seem to always be short on time.
  • They are overwhelmed with their day to day routines that they feel they haven’t had enough time to spend on things close to their heart.
  • These families crave to have some time back on their hands; a simple way for them to get stuff done, but not have to spend an eternal amount of time on it.

1. The busy families want an easy way to help them with personalized reminders & memos for various people in their household.

2. The busy families want a way their children can interact with a device that can help with homework

3. The busy families want a simple way to order groceries (etc.) & get it delivered without having to use a screen no matter whether they are home or away.

4. The busy families want an easy way for everyone in their household to listen to music without any supervision or screen time.


  • Data from approx. 20 interviews of family and friends in the busy family segment has been synthesized and evaluated.
  • Investigations of 3rd party Voice solutions for the next phase of Link are to wrap up by end of this week.
  • Next step: MVP definition
  • Link team is simultaneously investigating collaborations or partnerships with 3rd parties.
Smart TV for 2.6 Josh On Target
  • 2.6 milestones:
    • 4/27 branched
    • 7/15 FC
Project SmartHome Maria/Liz On Target
  • Creating an ambient method of communicating for 12 to 15 year old girls will create fewer interruptions that distract them from being in the moment at home and at school and improve their personal connections.

Research update

  • We are getting ready for our user research study, it starts tomorrow!! It will take from May 25th to May 29th.
  • During last week and yesterday the pre-interviews with the girls have already been done. Focus on how they communicate now. Find out patterns and motivations in existing communication methods used by the girls (Interviews here)
  • All consent forms are also signed
  • Enclosures for the prototype were finished in time and the prototypes with the battery were shipped to MTV.
  • Today the team is putting packs together in MTV office, that includes:
    • Welcome letter
    • Possible form factors
    • Diary (printed) that also includes instructions for using the prototype or setting up the WiFi
    • Device with attached lanyard
    • USB cable
    • USB wall chargers
  • The packs will be dropped off this afternoon/evening in girls' home by the team following these instructions
  • Next week devices + diaries will be picked up and Liz and Katie will be in MTV for the post-interviews. The goal is finding out how the girls used the device for their own needs, their level of interest, and their ideas around preferred form factor
  • The team will also need to start working on the data visualization of the messages exchanged by the girls (type of signal sent/received, date/time, device status...) to try to understand the visual pattern of the messages sent/received within a "conversation"
Project Magnet Maria/Francisco On Target


  • We believe that broadcasting professional content (e.g. professional websites, contact info, twitter, etc) for conference presenters will help presenters promote themselves more easily than current methods


  • Interviews ongoing, we planned to finish them this Thursday so on Friday we will start with the Research Analysis


  • Sprint 3 ongoing (check Magnet Waffle):
    • QA test plan started for sched integration and the already implemented features
    • Bug fixing for sched integration and adding cache to our metadata server
    • Meeting with Activity Stream people to help us with the stabilization of the app/server
    • Prototyping to transform a dumb speaker to a sonos using a raspberry pi with mopidy server streaming using spotify and everything controlled from a simple web interface that is advertised to people via physical web. Demo Video


  • London video recording done almost finished
  • Some members of the team attended to the Google I/O: Many sessions for the physical web were set up, it seems Google is pushing it a lot and want to add more functionalities related to the Physical web discovery in each new Chrome release.
Project Sensor Web Cindy/Wesley On Target
  • General updates
  • What’s done
  • What’s next
    • Deliver Bug 1271206 (SensorWeb Q2 goals)
    • keep on deploying to schools. (Fix the WiFi connectivity issue in Da Quan elementary school)
    • Fine tuning hypothesis and design accordingly experiments to execute
  • London ww preparation
    • Upcoming Milestone:
    • London ww: hackathon (in planning), open session (in planning)
Porting Nicole/David/Peter On Target
Metrics for CD Maria/Dylan On Target
  • Waiting trains to integrate metrics and receive feedback from them to be able to determine following tasks/steps in the library
Research Team Lindsay On Target
  • Research team is working on the Backlog organization and has assigned tasks moving forward
    • First scores should be available 5/31
  • What does scores mean? (I'm so glad you asked)
    • The research team will be reviewing product ideas that are added to the backlog
    • Check out the format on Mana
  • The scores will be based on 3 criteria
    • Market - Is it a market that we are already familiar with
    • Product - what catagory? Product, Service or software (not Scored)
    • Technology - Is it something we have or can use that is already out there? including people and software
    • User - Is this a significant user issue? Is it a delight for the user? How does the user currently deal with this issue?
  • This process is still a work in progress so may shift a bit over the next faew weeks while we start using it
Firefox OS Smartphone Sunset

Smartphone Transition Wiki

Smartphone Commercial Sunset (Karen) On Target
  • Smartphone Commercial Transition Wiki
  • Plan to continue support thru Q1 2018. Have some logistics to resolve for the period from Jan 1 2017 to March 31 2018. Will continue to keep an eye on that.
  • Update on path forward for OWDCRB expected May 19, will provide a read-out next week.
Code Transition (Julie) On Target
Transition to Volunteer Community (Valentin) On Target

Global overview:

  • More and more people joining, we went from 125 members on the Telegram group early this week, to 144 as of today. It also seems that we are gathering more technical profiles.

Code (2 active volunteers, 13 candidates for mentoring)

  • Increasing code contribution
  • UI/UX skilled contributors are joining
  • Meetings on Thursday at 18:30 CEST/16:30 UTC/9:30am PDT/22:00 IST where you can participate in the following:

Building and Porting (~10 volunteers)

  • There are regular volunteer builds for flame and volunteer builds for Open C
  • B2G installer addon signed, will be available on soon

Infrastructure (2 volunteers)

  • Mozilla Corporation can continue to provide B2G infrastructure but not the staff to keep it running. May want a separate instance of certain tools.
  • Need volunteers to run the infrastructure.
  • Potential contributors identified.

Governance (8 volunteers)

  • Provisional council to tackle governance questions and prepare for the future being formed
  • Ongoing discussions on the democratic organization and decision making process

Documentation (4 contributors)

  • MDN transition completed
  • Working on translation, FAQ and guide for new contributors

Communication (7 contributors)

  • Call for contribution finished and circulated
  • Translation started, the call for contribution was translated in 5 languages in a couple days
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