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A project hub is a public or private (only on exception) where you can learn all about the project, find key information, and to check in on the status. If your project is part of a larger initiative, program, or product, you may also have a parent hub that links to all of the projects that are contained within.

Wiki Templates

Use the forms below to automatically create a wiki page from one of our project template types.


  1. Decide if this is a campaign, event, or website project.
  2. Pick one of the forms below.
  3. Change the text in the form to the name of your project.
  4. Click create
  5. After you see the wiki markup page, click save at the bottom.

Congrats! Now start adding information to it and provide a link to this wiki page in all of your project communications.


<createbox> align=left type=create preload=Engagement/Integrated_Marketing/Getting_Started/Project_Hub/Wiki_Template default=Campaign Project Name prefix=Engagement/Campaigns/ </createbox>


<createbox> align=left type=create preload=Engagement/Integrated_Marketing/Getting_Started/Project_Hub/Wiki_Template default=Event Project Name prefix=Engagement/Events/ </createbox>


<createbox> align=left type=create preload=Websites/Processes/Website_Template default=Website Project Name prefix=Websites/ </createbox>

Standalone templates

Want to create the wiki page all yourself? Here are the different type templates.