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Today’s meeting leader is: kitcambridge

General Topics / Roundtable

  • (Osmose) We have a working prototype collecting browser chrome JS errors on the Nightly channel (tracking bug 1426479). We’re evaluating if collecting these errors is useful enough to do on a permanent basis, but we need your help in using the data to find/fix bugs! If you’re interested, see the wiki page for instructions on how to get access (limited to employees only for now).
  • [mconley] We collect hang reports on pre-release channels using BHR (BackgroundHangReporter). That information is available at, which you should use. Search for main thread hangs involving your scripts!

    • dthayer is working on improving the performance of I can confirm that the irony is not lost on him.

Friends of the Firefox team

(Give a shoutout/thanks to people for helping fix and test bugs. Introductions)

Project Updates


  • Listeners to the tabs.onUpdated event may now supply a filter to avoid overhead for unwanted events.
  • A bug that caused tab IDs to change when tabs were moved between windows was fixed.
  • A few bugs in the bookmarks API were fixed.
  • The doorhanger displayed for an extension-controlled homepage now shows a link to a SUMO article. The doorhanger on an extension-controlled newtab page now includes the name of the extension.
  • Page actions are now much more efficient. Some other bugs with page actions and browser actions were also fixed.
  • There is now a preference that requires language packs to be signed (which currently defaults to false, but will eventually be switched to true).
  • Kris removed some old code related to legacy extensions (bootstrap.js, we're coming for you soon)
  • Zhengyi implemented theming the toolbar inputs focused background, text and border

Activity Stream

Browser Architecture

  • All XUL Overlays have been removed (metabug)
  • Completed a design review of rkv - rust-based key value store based on LMDB, an alternative to the various ways we save key-value data today. Here’s a summary and a full list of current data stores.
  • XBL bindings continue to be removed (tracking dashboard)

    • xul.css no longer loaded in content since android touchControls have been merged with videoControls (bug)

  • Firefox Preferences migration to Fluent status update (metabug)


Policy Engine

  • Policies being uplifted to beta
  • Bug 1449021 - Pre-installed add-ons policy being developed
  • Soft freeze by the end of this week

    • Only stabilization, testing and documentation work after that



Search and Navigation

Address Bar & Search



Sync / Firefox Accounts

Test Pilot

  • Voice Fill & Snooze Tabs graduated to AMO
  • Min Vid graduated, coming soon to a Shield study
  • Read the graduation reports:
  • Screenshots:

    • Work continues on Firefox Accounts integration, Chrome webextension, Telemetry-based engagement dashboard, many minor bug fixes

Web Payments

  • Reviewed user research on our current flow, "unhappy path" user testing
  • Continuing to land UI in central as we build out the payment flow behind the dom.payments.request.enabled pref.
  • Most of eng. team out this week on PTO/conference