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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 9am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  • axel: etherpad interview questions
  • stas: have the newsgroups set up
  • stas: harvey & verbatim
  • stas: set up wiki/l10n/meetings
  • chofmann/stas: bug 654152 (all-locales) Axel/oduinn
  • all: world ready slides review


  • Following Desktop rapid release cycle
  • Launched Fx5 Beta 2 to the Android Market last week
  • Preparing for Fx5 Beta 3 (branching this Friday)
  • Language Packs / New First Run Experience
    • We are planning to release language selection during first-run in Fx6, but still with multi-local build (as we are not ready for the complete switch to AMO, yet)
    • In Fx7 (or between Fx6 and Fx6) we can then offer language packs on AMO. From Fx7 we are planning to deliver en-US only in the apk - R.I.P. multi-locale builds then.

Other stuff (same as last week)


  • landed signoff2, remove signoff1 under review
  • did a ton of reviews
  • sat in on aurora migration war room
  • helped out a few locales with central-aurora lift up


talking points: new locales (e.g. csb), comms role


  • python JS AST/serializer to match our new SpiderMonkey AST/Profiler! yay! (for L20n)
  • reaching out to potential L20n hire
  • co-hosted FalsyValues conference in Warsaw
  • testing Transifex 1.1 against one of the special projects
  • drafted World Ready slide deck

TP: feedback on the slide deck draft?


  • May snippets for Google ready with Direct Upgrade campaign snippets
  • Direct Upgrade campaign pages ready
  • Worked with Milos on webhero page on mozilla.com, import from gettext version via Verbatim worked fine, the email piece will be started today/tomorrow
  • Working on migrating www.mozilla-europe.org into www.mozilla.org (product pages) + europe.mozilla.org (community managed pages). http://europe.mozilla.org, domain name created and working, started updating backlinks on our web properties as well
  • Experimented with geoIP and Kazakh on europe.mozilla.org, waiting for input from Timur (kk) and Unghost (ru)
  • Firefox 5 beta 2 released last week with updates to the channel page, there was a product-details bug over the week end (list of locales not updated), not clear to me who should update that file now for release (Webdev, l10n-drivers, release-drivers). Anthony asked Christian to put that in the release check list (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=658767#c6)
  • Worked with Anthony on reducing the top 404 files on the site, I took care of missing images in old localized pages and he took care of their en-US or shared missing ressources across the site. The idea is to reduce the noise in logs so as to not miss 404 that are really relevant for end users
  • started working with Gregory on A/B testing of a locale download page, the alternate version having a localized messaging, not a translated one. Will probably be French for this test.
  • Retiring of several older pages on both www.mozilla.com and europe.mozilla.org
  • contacted marketing to ask for authorization to put "get involved in localization" messages among our home page snippets for a couple of very small locales such as Kazhack to see if we can get more volunteers.


  • Minor work on the wiki template - more to come this week\
  • WebHero on mozilla.com - creating pages and reusing Vervatim's POT files
  • Mozilla Europe contributors bio pages
  • Direct Upgrade campaign
  • Planning future of the webdashboard with Stas and Pike
  • Mozilla Balkans community event stuff
  • Diving into Django
  • Regular additions to Verbatim
  • MozillaMessaging.com got a new locale: Romanish[rm]


Talking points: