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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 9 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items

  • axel: etherpad interview questions
  • stas: have the newsgroups set up
  • stas: harvey & verbatim
  • stas: set up wiki/l10n/meetings
  • chofmann/stas: bug 654152 (all-locales) Axel/oduinn
  • all: world ready slides review

Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker: stas
  • Attendees: kadir, pike, chofmann, milos, pascalc, stas, gandalf
  • Verbatim's licensing
    • Pike has second thoughts on whether we should include Gerv/Mitchell in this discussion
    • Chofmann suggested that we compile the list of issues that we're trying to solve internaly, and then ask legal to provide an easy-to-understand answer to each of those
  • Locale selection for aurora
    • Pike met with oduinn and solved bug 654152 (all-locales)
    • some follow-ups remain
  • New contributors:
    • stas didn't file bugs to create newsgroups (dev.l10n.new) because he wants to talk to dboswell
    • we don't really have a problem with attracting new contributors; instead, we have a problem with helping people who have already spent a couple of weeks translating and now wish
  • the merge of mozilla.com and mozilla.org will not happen soon
    • we will wait for the new platform ("bedrock") to be complete first

Action Items

  • stas & pike: send out the notes from the meeting with legal about verbatim's licensing
  • chofmann: compile the list of issues we're trying to solve for verbatim
  • stas: talk to dboswell about communication channels for people who want to get involved
  • stas: have the newsgroups created
  • review axel's interview questions for the comms role
  • gandalf: set up a meeting to discuss the world ready slides




  • weekend project on hg graphs
  • discussion with joduinn on locale selection on channels
  • more data1.1 work

Talking points: locale selection; licensing/contributor agreement; mentor requests


  • markup, webhero updates
  • discussion about Verbatim's licensing
  • weekly release of elmo
  • meetings!


  • JS AST/serializer work.
  • Updates to L20n syntax (support for ".." and [.id|literal])
  • serbian silme script for accesskey revival
  • interviews for PCWorld, Gazeta.pl and vbeta.pl


  • launched plugincheck translation for all locales for Firefox 5
  • fixed a few bugs in Milos mass bug filing script
  • work on webhero page with Milos
  • was 2 days at Ubuntu Party Paris manning a mozilla booth
  • Debetaed Romansh
  • Working on analysing per locale upgrade to Firefox 4 to better understand where we have people on old versions, found in the process that we have upgraded Serbian users to 4.0 and we shouldn't have. A couple of locales (sk, eu) are not upgrading as fast as others to 4.0
  • Updated download button on mozilla.com to remove the big version number when 5.0 is released (automatic switch)
  • kept on working on geoIP on europe.mozilla.org but it will need more work, request caching problems
  • Lots of updates on many projects
  • Tomorrow is bank holiday in France and I will be on PTO on Friday

talking point: debetaing, specifically Tamil


  • Preparing for de-beta process
    • checking the firefox 4 beta locales for status
  • mozilla.com fixes
  • webhero campaign
  • additions to the direct marketing upgrade campaign
  • mozilla-europe conrtibutors work
  • regular verbatim projects maintenance
  • new locale on mozilla-messaging.com - RM - hurray!

Talking points: .com/.org/mozeu merge




Attended UNESCO conference on language policies. many good discussions on:

  • methodologies used in lingistic studies to determine what constitutes a language
  • sources of data about language use, viability and support among governments
  • how language is closely tied to identity
  • how the internet is influencing language and vis-versa.

also many new contacts for out reach on building new locale teams.