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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 9 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items

  • stas & pike: send out the notes from the meeting with legal about verbatim's licensing
  • chofmann: compile the list of issues we're trying to solve for verbatim
  • stas: talk to dboswell about communication channels for people who want to get involved
  • stas: have the newsgroups created
  • review axel's interview questions for the comms role
  • gandalf: set up a meeting to discuss the world ready slides

Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker: stas
  • Attendees: chofmann, stas, pike, pascalc, milos, kadir, gandalf
  • (pike) Danish for mobile
    • pike emailed the Danish team
    • the last signoff is for mobile4
    • we have a signoff of fx5, which is 5 minor changes away from what Pike would like to take for mobile5
    • we will take the latest good changeset and email the Danish team about why we did this and that we won't do it again
  • (kadir) Follow-up on meeting with legal for verbatim
    • we need an owner: Kadir volunteered
    • what do we mean by "webdev" in the notes? stas: the webdev team; let's not do this using our own resources
    • credits
  • (stas) trying out transifex for Verbatim
    • tabled for now, stas will pick it up in Q3
  • (stas) Firefox Home localization
    • we don't know a lot about this project
    • it's a web service tied to the product (Firefox)
    • it will be updated independently of the product releases
    • stas will probably help stuart figure out the l10n process, pike's help will be appreciated
  • (stas/pike) new locales: process, ownership and progress
  • process:
    • add to aurora, not central
    • ilo INCOMPLETE?
      • yes
    • triage board
    • L10n:Review_notes are the technical details
    • update for bug-o-gram required
      • the bugogram need to be updated
      • elmo needs a hotfix to include this update
  • (stas) .com/.org merge, bedrock & webdashboard
    • meeting with cbrodigan tomorrow
    • pike/pascalc/milos to meet in Paris early July to discuss the opportunities to change the process of mozilla.com web l10n
  • pike is on PTO next week, stas will cover for him

Action Items

  • chofmann: set up a meeting to compile the list of issues we're trying to solve for verbatim
  • axel: send the link to the etherpad with the interview questions for the comms role
  • all: review axel's interview questions for the comms role
  • pike: email the Danish team about the changeset taken for fennec5 without a signoff
  • stas: talk to stuart about creating a feature page for new Firefox Home
    • stuart will create the feature page the week of June 13 or June 20.
  • pike: set up a triage meeting about new locales
  • pike: update the bugogram and deploy the hotfix to l10n-stage-sj
  • stas/milos: set up a wiki page about the Bedrock project and what it means for us



Mobile is still in sync with the desktop release schedule:

  • weekly beta releases (just launched Beta 6 yesterday)
  • Fx5 mobile launch scheduled for next Tuesday, June 21


  • Mozilla Balkans meetup
  • Learned that Firefox Desktop and Mobile go to the last Beta build today on Friday
    • Desktop misses strings on th, and some small locales
    • Mobile didn't get a sign-off for Danish
  • making progress on data1.1, but it's slow, profiling needed



  • Mozilla Balkans event
  • Separated pyast, pyjs and pyl20n modules from silme, code cleanups, parser/AST rewrite for L20n
  • Worked on Pontoon next steps with Matjaz and created a QA Mode for pontoon based on the Balkans event feedback
  • World Ready slide deck meeting, feedback gathering and iteration 2


  • Created a webtest for releases that outlines which locales we built are or are not in product-details because this is currently done manually and we often have errors leading to locales not being officially shipped for a few days. LegNeato will add this test to the Check List on release days
  • built several variants of the French download page for A/B testing
  • Migrated all features pages from europe.mozilla.org to mozilla.com
  • plugincheck localization going fine, 25 locales done
  • work on mozilla.com webhero page with Milos, almost ready to launch
  • XP campaign page built and being translated
  • kept working on europe.mozilla.org migration and started brainstorming future content, syncing with Chrissie Brodigan on product pages
  • fixed a snippet bug for google


  • webhero to mozilla.com
  • contributor pages for mozeu
  • plugincheck
  • published the bugzilla-c3po script
  • Mozilla Balkans in Sofia with Pike, Gandalf, Chofmann, William, Pierros and community
  • fixed fx5_beta [sr]
  • helped pascal a bit with moving mozeu features pages to mozilla.com


Talking point:

  • Follow-up on meeting with legal?