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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 9 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items

  • chofmann: set up a meeting to compile the list of issues we're trying to solve for verbatim
  • axel: send the link to the etherpad with the interview questions for the comms role
  • all: review axel's interview questions for the comms role
  • pike: email the Danish team about the changeset taken for fennec5 without a signoff
  • stas: talk to stuart about creating a feature page for new Firefox Home
    • stuart will create the feature page the week of June 13 or June 20.
  • pike: set up a triage meeting about new locales
  • pike: update the bugogram and deploy the hotfix to l10n-stage-sj
  • stas/milos: set up a wiki page about the Bedrock project and what it means for us

Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker: gandalf
  • Attendees: chofmann, stas, kadir, pascal
  • (stas) review of bedrock for l10n
    • there's going to be a webpage explaining what bedrock is
    • Chrissie is going to lead the meeting on bedrock
    • Pascal points out that we should focus on making the transition as painless for localizers as possible
    • Pascal asks for a timeline so that we don't do work on current page for the time when we'll switch
    • Pascal points out that someone will have to takeover what he's doing right now on facilitating l10n community around mozilla.com/org when he steps down from this role
    • Stas says that that webdev team expresses interest in takovering pascal's role then
    • Stas points out that there's more feedback that Bedrock team needs from Pascal so further feedback should happen on the etherpad and on the meeting
  • (stas) what to do with beta locales for 5.0
    • for 5.0 we will not move beta locales to l10n-beta
    • we will not make any significant changes in the way we release Firefox in the 5.0 timescope
    • 20 beta locales
    • Milos did a lot of work over last days and reported that 7 of them can be moved out of beta for 5.0
    • 2 (serbian & bosnian) of these have more than 40k users - we should discuss debetaing them
    • 11 other locales are really small locales with 200-300 users, l10n is complete but they miss website or productization
    • should we ship those 11 or keep them as beta?
  • (stas) should we enable l10n-merge for the release channel (this point can be moved to another meeting)
    • we want to enable l10n-merge on prod
    • release l10n-merged locales on release channel telling the users that it's 100% complete and that there's an opportunity for them to step in
    • Gandalf points out that we need to be prepared for higher volume of newcomers to l10n land if we do that
  • (Kadir) Status of commiter's agreement

Action Items

  • none


  • pike: set up a triage meeting about new locales no need for that after all
  • pike: update the bugogram and deploy the hotfix to l10n-stage-sj Done on develop
  • stas/milos: set up a wiki page about the Bedrock project and what it means for us






  • Final touches to pyAST library before 1.0 release
  • pyL20n library received new parser and final AST.
    • Working on basic test suite, final pieces of the parser (expressions) and serializer
  • Generic mozilla python library with DTD/properties formats (ast/parser/serializer) extracted from Silme.
  • Work on my slide deck for Shanghai Firefox 5 release event
  • Set of interviews for Businessman magazine, WebHosting and PcWorld
  • Supporting our legal team in negotiations with potential partners in CEE


  • retired Tips and FastestFox pages on mozilla.com
  • worked on mozilla-europe.org product pages migration to mozilla.com
  • updated all of mozilla.com to remove version numbers before next week, specifically Firefox 4, same for wordmark images that now don't use a number and download boxes
  • launched m/firefox/channel translation
  • Built a variant of all.html called all-locales.html that would list beta builds/beta locales along with stable builds http://www-trunk.stage.mozilla.com/fr/firefox/all-locales.html (will probably not be used)
  • worked with Milos on determining which locales we can debeta (web-wise)
  • mozilla.com webhero page launched
  • plugincheck localization status: 35 locales done
  • pushed many translations to production
  • 12 minor locales now have a rotating promo on firefox 3.6 google home page to get involved