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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Wednesday, 9 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items

  • none


  • pike: set up a triage meeting about new locales no need for that after all
  • pike: update the bugogram and deploy the hotfix to l10n-stage-sj Done on develop
  • stas/milos: set up a wiki page about the Bedrock project and what it means for us

Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker: juanb
  • Attendees: Axel, Stas, Milos, Topal, Juan, ...
  • (stas) definition of the comms role; I don't think we know what we want (other than a magic wand)
    • Stas: We don't know what we want for the role. We could get someone in-house to help us as opposed to getting someone to fill this "role."
    • Axel: given experience with webdev and constraints, we may not get resources from them.
    • Stas: We don't know what we want for the role. We could get someone in-house to help us as opposed to getting someone to fill this "role." Axel: given experience with webdev and constraints, we may not get resources from them. There's a lot of ongoing 2-way communications, from dev to l10n community and taking feedback from them to product. So far this has been my responsibility, but I can help someone else understand it. There's no interest in l10n status week to week. Hasn't made a f%#7&% difference to anyone. Stas: Are we looking for a sectary. Axel: No. The intent is for someone at distilling information and to communicate them to the right, interested people, which would allow me (Axel) to focus on infrastructure. Project management piece to this role, but less so. There's more of a bridge. Stas: We could leverage the etherpad and describe his day to day activities to see what this person does.
  • (stas) process docs, we're really bad at it
    • Stas: Some documentation should be our job, and part of our bigger discussion across Mozilla, for transparency and openness and being able to replace someone who is not available. We should internalize the need to write docs ourselves, because we are the best to know what is going on. We are bad at describing what needs to happen to do A or B. When someone isn't available, things seem like they could be about to break. Example: If I go on vacation tomorrow, no one knows how to fix "Join Mozilla."
    • Stas: A proposal: Stas to create a wiki page that will list a rolling inventory of things we are working on, where we can brain dump how we are doing things, so that anyone is able to cover for others when they can't be available.
    • Much discussion ensued.
    • Stas: It's easy to create a wiki, and do a brain dump later. What I have started to do is to take five minutes to create a wiki page documenting what I do, whether it is a project, or meeting. Pascal: I do that. I write down a list of what I have done in marketing, engagement, l10n, but that's not documentation but more communication. I'll try but I can't promise anything. Stas: I will create a central inventory of projects in the wiki to make it easy to create these pages and know where to put them. Axel: Is it OK if those notes don't allow anyone to do what they describe? It can be a significant time investment if I create docs that allow people with no background to do the things that I do. Stas: This documentation should be for us who are involved in the process. Axel: How do we find things when we have 50 pages with these process, tasks descriptions? Stas: Bla bla bla (I couldn't catch)
  • (milos?, pike) de-beta
    • Axel: First, I'd like to thank and Milos for getting so many locales out of beta to Fx5. Please use your blog to show off which locales you got out beta. Figure out a way to de-beta further locales. Milos: Thanks to Axel and Stas. We may try to release a couple more beta locales Serbian, Oria, which look pretty good. Also we can shoot for Bosnian. It will spur community.
  • (pike) new-locales, bug-o-gram
    • Stas: What is the status of new locales? Axel: Haven't looked in months. .... (long blurb i couldn't get).
  • (kadir) licensing of Verbatim, committer's agreement
    • License will depend on the contributor. Chofmann wants to get rid of the agreement altogether. Topal likes this. Topal to talk to Chofmann about it.

Action Items

  • Kadir - Will talk to chofman about next steps for Verbatim.
  • Stas will go ahead in creating etherpad that describes day-to-day activities for this role. See meeting notes above.
  • Stas to create wiki page with inventory of projects, and template to follow for documentation.
  • Milos: create invite to meeting for tomorrow to discuss de-beta.
  • Stas to set up call with Asa to discuss new scheme for new locales. Stas will come up with invite for next week.


  • pike: update the bugogram and deploy the hotfix to l10n-stage-sj Done on develop
  • stas/milos: set up a wiki page about the Bedrock project and what it means for us



  • Thank you all very much for your fantastic help with Firefox 5!
  • Mobile keeps in sync with desktop release schedule - Firefox 6 Beta launches Tue, July 5
  • Multi-locale build vs. language packs


  • PTO
  • Catching up from PTO
  • externalize-media review for elmo


  • assisted the releng with beta build6 and build7 (firefox and fennec)
  • gave an overview of l10n needs to webdev and engagement re bedrock
  • outreach to the localizers about the upgrade survey for 3.6 users
    • launched on June 21st
  • webhero (fb) updates
  • helped Milos with the outreach about the Android Market description
  • met with jslater and seam martell to talk about l10n-friendly fonts, I'll post the notes in L10n:WorldReady/Ongoing_content/2011-06-21
  • met with williamr and aakash to talk about l10n of ongoing content, like facebook status updates, notes: L10n:WorldReady/Ongoing_content/2011-06-21


  • L20n work as usual (see pyl20n, pyast, pyjs)
  • World Ready slide deck phase 2
  • Shanghai Firefox 5 Welcome Party slide deck (pontoon / common pool / l20n demos)
  • Will not be on the call (will be flying at the time of the meeting)


  • Firefox 5 release:
    • Updated all pages on mozilla.com, europe.mozilla.org and browserchoice.com to not mention Firefox 4
    • Updated messaging on download page to stop comparizons with 3.6
    • Features page updated or created for 30 locales
    • Reused Fx4 Firstrun/Whatsnew pages and made them version neutral, they are now the backup solution for releases. Talking with Gregory on having per locale firstrun/whatsnew pages closer to en-US but targetting the region (will start with a few top locales for next release)
    • Fixed flash detection js library no longer using translated strings (because of a code import from mozilla.jp)
    • Reformated central pages to be in the current template and updated links
    • Did not have time to work on release notes since they were sent to svn the day of the release and we have never done them on mozilla.com before, next time
    • Moved Serbian to beta locales, changed all.html to not list any 3.6.18 locale, fixed a few bugs in the library exposed by the new release schedule
    • fixed about:home links to the features page to go to not systematically link to en-US
    • Updated all 3.6 google snippets for June to say "Firefox 5 is here" instead of "Firefox 4 is here", short term solution since we will have new snippets in July
    • Worked on fixing display issues with press releases on europe.mozilla.org
    • set up redirects on europe.mozilla.org product pages to go to mozilla.com
  • Other
    • launched translation of an upgrade billboard to Aurora for all locales on 4.0.1beta: 30 locales done
    • Worked a bit on Thunderbird pages with Sancus and Milos, same with webhero
    • Ongoing projects: Plugincheck: 40 locales done, Channel: 65 locales done
    • kept monitoring Firefox use per locale/version, last Friday 60% of users of localized builds were on 4.0+ versus 53% for en-US
    • started work on updating europe.mozilla.org template and home page
    • lots of pages updated


  • more webhero fixes for mozilla.com
  • helping out serbian community with l10n
  • 1day PTO
  • mozilla.com QA and CSS fixes
  • firefox p12n with stas and the team - debeta
  • android descriptions update
  • thundebird web pages init
    • helped standard8 and sancus with webl10n stuff

Talking points: Firefox 6 de-beta