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Unfortunately the video from this session corrupted during compression.

The tester showed similar behavior to testers #6 & #11 in terms of following the tutorial. She had to be shown how to use Ubiquity. She did NOT care for the video, complaining that it took too much time and sounded technocratic. During her critique of the video she made a face of disgust when talking about command line, how it was very 80's and made it clear that she associated it with IBM and DOS.

She saw no intrinsic value in using Ubiquity.

The email command was of particular interest as her habituation for stuck despite being explicitly shown and instructed how to invoke the command correctly. This too, has shown up in other participants as well.


  • Never invokes Ubiquity (20+ min?)


  • She did not like Ubiquity and did not feel that she needed it.

Demographic Information

Questions taken from the FF Survey

Pretest Questionnaire
Age What OS do you normally use? How long have you been using Firefox? Rate your computer skills. Time on web per week?
28 Microsoft Windows I do not use Firefox Experienced User 11-20 Hours
How many computers do you regularly use? Which are the following are you familiar with using online? Have you ever used the Firefox Ubiquity before? Do you know what a Command line is? Comments
  • Email (any)
  • Search Wikipedia
  • Language Translation Websites
  • Maps/Lookup directions
No, I do not know what it is No

Posttest Questionnaire
Do you think most people would figure out how to use Ubiquity very quickly? Guess how frequently you would use Ubiquity in the future. Comments or suggestions. Is there something that the help is lacking?
Disagree Rarely

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