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MoJo Berlin Hackfest

Knight Mozilla News Technology Partnership (MoJo) is a three-year partnership between the Knight Foundation and Mozilla to harness open web innovation for journalism. Through innovation challenges and 15 embedded fellows, we will yield new tools, ideas, and news experiences that benefit both readers and newsmakers—all using open technologies.

The 2011 #MozNewsLab sent twenty of the participants to a four-day “hackfest” in Berlin.

The code sprint brought together these individuals with Mozilla developers and news partners with the aim of further developing software prototypes. It’s going to be an amazing week.



Projects hosted on Github have been cloned and aggregated at

Collaborative Channels


The agenda will be collaboratively developed by MoJo Hackfest participants. Much of the time will indeed be spent hacking on MoJo concepts, but we'll also bake in some all-hands collaboration and topical discussions to make sure take full advantage of having so many great brains in one location.

The agenda is being collaboratively developed on a Mozilla Etherpad page

Notes from sessions

"Where from here" Sessions

Resources and further reading

How to build software (Mozilla's way):