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GNOME Outreach Program For Women and Mozilla

This page contains a draft handbook for mentors and mentees participating in GNOME Outreach Program for Women (OPW).

Please see the main program page for the general information about the program, such as timeline, background information, eligibility, requirements, and the application form.

Generic contribution template

First Contribution(s)

Start with these two

General Mozilla Contributions

  • This portal will help you find out about all sorts of ways to contribute, based on the time you have available

Draft guidelines for participation


  • Ask each person to create/update their Mozillians profile with current info about blog, contact info, location (mentee responsibility)
  • Ask each person to create a document that shares what their regular working hours will be in their local timezone (mentee responsibility)
  • Set up at least a weekly time when the intern can ping someone on their team and get specific questions answered, or just have a chat (mentor responsibility)
  • Ask each person to list local tech events in their region that they might attend at the end of their internship to share their work or just meet colleagues (we have travel money as part of these internships!) (mentee responsibility)


  • Regular blog posts from participants! One thing I really liked that Gabi did last year was blog about every two weeks about how things were going, what she was learning. Whether that's on planet or not - it would be wonderful to read even just short bullet point lists from the OPW participants about what they're working on on a regular basis.
  • File a bug to add their OPW related blog posts to Planet Mozilla. File under product and component Websites::planet.mozilla.org Here's an example: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=984672

Regular/Scheduled Meeting

  • First meeting: Skype/Hangout/Vidyo with all mentors and mentees to introduce everyone to eachother (OPW Coordinator responsibility)
  • Arrange for the OPW participants to chat with each other on a regular basis on IRC/Hangout/Vidyo. Some GSoC mentees do this weekly, others do it every 2-3 weeks. I can devote an hour to this every two weeks. (Mentors/mentees work out a schedule appropriate to regular work schedule) (mentor/OPW coordinator responsibility)

Working hours

  • Once we accept the folks, document each person's regular working hours documented on an etherpad or a wiki page (OPW Coordinator responsibility)

Work in progress (optional)

  • Document a 2-week lookahead in the intern's work schedule on an etherpad and link from our current season's wiki page (mentee responsibility)

Previous OPW participation wiki pages

Organized per "season":