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Gordon (gbrander)

Sam (sfoster)

  • Front-end architecture prototype dev
    • Ajax middleware implemented for request and response filtering/adapting
    • LocalStorage store implementation; reactive, localStorage-backed app settings
    • EventEmitter-based 'streams' join data APIs to viewModel properties
    • Knockout.js 'wireTo' extension to hook an observable array to a stream
    • Troubleshooting data flow and promises - now using promised-io's promise.js (unmodified)
  • FE status:
    • 'install' using volo not working - vendor/js is populated in the git repo and should work as-is
    • Load search/index.html as '/search/' to see current state of play (not much to see)

This week

  • Hook up persona and session tokens to id and authenticate user (populating settings.username())
  • Build out dashboard, list and detail view templates to work on flow between "pages"
  • On-going API/data implementation to populate viewModels


Past week:

  • Implemented various algorithms from research papers, for the recommendation portion of the proof of concept
  • Validated approach with Diffbot and others. Apparently Twitter uses the same set of techniques to recommend users.
  • Started on Java implementation for POC

This week:

  • Finish proof of concept
  • French Toast work planning