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Current Projects & Roadmaps

You can find our 2014 goals here:

Compensation/Benefits/HRIS | Sylvie Brossard:

Participation Pathways | David Boswell:

Connection and Evolution | Dino Anderson and Amie Tyrrel:

Partnership | Mihca Anderson:

Communications | Mardi Douglass:

Inactive projects:

Where you can find us

There are many ways to get in touch with the People Team:

  • You could join us on IRC at #peoplepeople
  • You could also use any of these mailing addresses:
    • if you'd like to send a note to the whole team.
    • if you'd like to send a note to the HRBP (business partners) group
    • if you have questions or thoughts on onboarding - the portal or the process.
  • We blog here about our projects:

Our Tenets

At Mozilla, we need a certain, special kind of "HR". We are an organism more than an organization. We are bumpy, and rough, and strong, and unique. We're powerful, and generous, and open, and brave. We respect iteration, failure, choice, and inclusion and care little for convention, rigidity, or compliance. We are wicked smart and imperfect. And we are all of these words and many more.

And so, the approach to our relationship with you must be a trusted partnership. That means we will lead with the truth even when it’s not what you want to hear.

We are sensory agents, which means we deliver work (support, ideas, programs, processes, and systems) from your point of need, not ours (we’ll take care of ourselves too, we just won’t start there).

You can count on us to be a supportive presence (a little organizational Spanx, if you will), helping to smooth the rough spots so you have the confidence to reach your full potential.

We are unconventionally creative - knowing full well that "toolboxes" and "best practices" are safe and well-traveled and will not always help you do the important work you’re meant to do.

The People Team will push ourselves hard to be consciously open, holding our work in the open (unless constrained by law or matters of privacy). We'll structure participation so it is helpful to the whole and moves things forward.

We want to enable people's fullest potential helping you find ways to do the things you don’t yet know you want to do. We’ll remove barriers, not create them.

Finally, we want to be known as a People Team eager to hack a great culture. To us, that means leaving things better off than they were before.