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Notices / Schedule

  • The 3.6.23 → 7.0.1 advertised update is happening this Thursday
  • Christian will be scheduling a post-mortem for Firefox 7/7.0.1. Will likely be next week, more details to release-drivers and dev-planning within a day or two

Firefox Development

  • Preliminary set of Firefox e10s bugs filed, many more to come (bug fxe10s)

Firefox Developer Tools



  • Graphics BugKill day this Friday, October 7.
    • We'll be spending our full day triaging our old bugs, trying to get down to a manageable number.
    • If you're interested in participating or observing, please email Joe now.
  • Draft Q4 goals for the Graphics group are now available.
    • If it's on the goals list, we'll be focusing on it in earnest with a plan of finishing it this quarter.
    • If it's on the "Other important Q4 work" list, we'll probably be working on it, but it's either not big enough to be a goal or unlikely to be finished in Q4.
    • We include both goals and "Other important work" to ensure both: that you know what we're working on, and that we're always working on the most important thing.
    • Please let us know if this isn't the right set of goals!



  • CSS 3D transforms enabled on trunk! (mattwoodrow) bug 505115
    • some improvements coming
  • Image animation now controlled by refresh driver; should improve performance substantially on pages with lots of animated images, especially in background tabs (Scott Johnson) bug 666446
  • Major ancient table-related bugs fixed (table margin collapsing, use of relatively positioned tables as containing blocks for absolutely positioned descendants) (ehsan) bug 10209, blog post
  • SVG displayList internal types have changed (jwatt)
  • Graphite font layout landing soon, passed Sec review (jkew)
  • Selection bit - Move from Layout to Content - (bug 619273) landing this week (mats)
  • View removal (bug 337801) part 1: decks in progress (tnikkel)
  • Mobile Readability (part 1) in progress (dbaron)


  • Fine-tuning fullscreen API so we can enable it on trunk, did security review (cpearce)
  • Working on measuring and reducing the latency of media element playback, so patterns like "element.clone().play()" work well when you just want to play lots of sounds (doublec)
  • WebRTC being worked on Alder - merging with our build system - will write modified gyp back-end to generate's, likely



  • Started looking at camera UI
  • Submitted Battery API to W3C
  • Files in indexedDB has initial patch


  • Hoping to land SPDY implementation (pref'd off) for FF10.



Mobile Perf Program Wiki has landed. This has program goals and status.

Last week: We have a testing matrix people seem happy with. Check out the above wiki page to review. (We are also covering iOS browsers on Apple HW). The wiki just has some thumbnails to preview. I will find a more permanent home for this info.

This week: We need to land on standardized methodology for testing and analysis. I am drafting this up and will shop around to eng and qa for approval in time for Aaron Train's QA testing day this Friday.



Tree Management

  • bug 690236 new 10.6 testing machines
    • running almost completely green in staging
    • will start reporting to production systems this week
    • infrequent results until more machines are online
      • Currently 10 running
      • Target is 80 running
    • running in parallel with old 10.6 machines
      • in graphserver, old machines to be renamed "MacOSX 10.6.2 (rev3)", new are "MacOSX 10.6 (rev4)"
  • bug 658313 disabling pgo for per-push builds
    • creating 4-hourly builds on mozilla-central, mozilla-inbound, mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta
    • leaving pgo on for nightly builds



Security Reviews Scheduled for this week

Date / Time Item
Mon Oct 3 / 13:00 PST Graphite Font Shaping 631479
Mon Oct 3 / 15:00 PST Full Screen API
Tue Oct 4 / 10:00 PST XHR rewrites non-POST methods upon 301/302 redirects 598304, 676059, 676829
Wed Oct 5 / 13:00 PST Expose Add-On Performance
Thu Oct 6 / 10:00 AM PST Safe Browsing Backend - Mobile

Calendar and Meeting details

Stability Report


  • Next release 2.3 out this week.
  • Will summarize features coming in Q4 next week.
  • Kairo working on component reports. Will have something experimental to show soon.
  • bug 691039 ADU issue on trunk is now fixed.


  • Trunk Regressions
    • bug 691462 Crash [@ AppendUTF16toUTF8(nsAString_internal const&, nsACString_internal&) ]
    • bug 691431 Firefox 10.0a1 Crash Report [@ WrapPreserve3DList ]. It is fixed as of this morning.
  • Adobe Flash Player version shipped last evening. Will be monitoring crash stats for any potential issues.



  • UX team: Platform focus areas that we need to look at:
    • We still can’t draw the entire window, both on Windows and OS X (and I assume Linux)
    • UI slowdowns from network or GC or I/O
    • Caching & prefetching
    • Windows 8 & Metro explorations
  • Christian will be scheduling a post-mortem for Firefox 7/7.0.1. Will likely be next week, more details to release-drivers and dev-planning within a day or two