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About the 2016 Campaign

This year for International Data Privacy day, Mozilla India Policy and Advocacy task force planned to contribute towards making internet a safer place by spreading awareness about privacy online as well as offline. The whole campaign was organized with Zero budget, using the POWER of INTERNET to collaborate and innovate online and offline.

Introductory blog post:

Online efforts

A Tip of the day with hashtags #advocate4privacy and #privacymonth was shared for whole month of January from Twitter and Facebook channels of Mozilla India. Each tip had its related resources which were shared from twitter handle of Mozilla India Policy and Advocacy task force following each tip of the day.

The social impact created was huge which includes Total Reach of 14,339,553 and 4639 mentions. You can read about the whole social impact here:

Creation of 31 Privacy Tips and other online agendas were made by Siddhartha Rao and Ankit Mehta.

All the graphics for this year can be accessed here.

Offline efforts

Mozilla communities around the globe organized privacy focused events in their region. Total number of 47 events were organized around the world which includes communities and popup events from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines and Mombasa.

Note: This number is based on the blogs, photos and information collected for individual events from different communities. The number includes registered as well as unregistered events on reps portal.

Track of all the offline activities related to Privacy month were kept by Vishal Chavan and Mayur Patil.


  • Total Reach: 14,339,553
  • Mentions: 4639
  • Social Media mentions from around the world. Some of which include mentions by Mitchell Baker, Mozilla, DuckDuckGo etc.
  • Impact report blog
Privacy Month 2016 Impact Report

Volunteers for the 2016 campaign

  • Meta
    • Ankit Gadgil

Tip Of The Day Archives

This list was updated daily with Tip of the day and related posts from #privacymonth & #advocate4privacy

Date Subject Tip of the Day Related Posts
1 January 2016 Private Browsing Private Browsing to the rescue! Enable with “Ctrl + Shift + P” on Firefox Private Browsing on Firefox for android:
Learn about Private Browsing & Tracking Protection Firefox
What exactly is Tracking Protection in Private Browsing?
Tracking Protection in Firefox for android:
A paper on Tracking Protection in Firefox For Privacy and Performance evaluation by Georgios Kontaxis, Columbia University:
2 January 2016 Cookies Firefox can disable 3rd party cookies automatically. How? Cookies in a nutshell! Video explaining cookies in a fun way
Cookies in a nutshell! Video explaining cookies in a fun way
Firefox's new, smarter cookie policy is a privacy win for users - says EFF
Learn about how a Session Hijacking Attack is performed using Cookies:
3 January 2016 HTTPS HTTPS! Browse securely. Look for a green lock in the URL bar Know more about HTTPS, its a big deal! Video explaining HTTPS concepts in a clear way:
A cool add-on for your browser, help you encrypt your communication with,websites - "HTTPS Everywhere" :
How do I tell if my connection to a website is secure?
4 January 2016 Do Not Track (DNT) Tell sites, you do not want to be tracked. Use Firefox "Blur", a nice Firefox add-on that tells sites not to track you during,payments. Helps you protect your Passwords, Payments and Privacy.
Companies Pay Big Bucks to learn about you, know how? and how to stop them:,
How do 3rd party apps know what you do on the web:
manage your Firefox privacy settings, type about:preferences#privacy in url bar:
5 January 2016 Forget button on Firefox Quickly delete your browsing history on Firefox A Blog on how Firefox Improves Privacy with History-Wiping ‘Forget’ Button:
An awesome video tutorial about using Forget Button on Firefox by Cate Eales:
6 January 2016 Passwords Use a Passphrase NOT a password. Hear it from Edward Snowden himself. 5 reasons to use Passphrases instead of Passwords:
Here are some tips for creating a strong Passphrase:
Need a strong password, create a Passphrase its more secure #xkcd agrees
Create secure passwords to keep your identity safe
7 January 2016 Password Manager Password Manager - Remember, delete, change and import saved passwords in Firefox Learn How to use Password Manager in Firefox This video explains it all :
Another blog regarding securing your logins using Password Manager in #Firefox:
Using Master Password to secure stored login credentials in Firefox:
8 January 2016 about:permissions Manage access to each website. Type about:permissions in a new tab in your Firefox browser Using Firefox Permissions Manager:
More on the Permission Manager on Firefox browser:
In #Firefox 45 you can access this for individual sites.

Right click on page, select ‘View Page Info’ and select ‘Permissions’.

9 January 2016 Pop-Up Blocker Settings Block irritating Pop-up, manage blocker settings, exceptions & troubleshooting - A Video Tutorial on how to use Pop-Up Blocker Settings in Firefox :
How to get rid of popups on your browser
10 January 2016 NoScript Addon Control your data with NoScript security suite on Firefox Allow active content to run only from sites you trust. Avoid XSS & Clickjacking attacks. Use NoScript!
11 January 2016 Lightbeam Addon Lightbeam shines a light on who's watching your every mouse move: How Lightbeam for Firefox works?
Lightbeam tool will expose who is tracking you on the web:
Learn & Teach about online tracking visualizations, Lightbeam teaching kit by Diwanshi Pandey -
A Video on What, Why and How of Lightbeam by Mozilla :
An informative blog on Lightbeam for Firefox :
12 January 2016 Firefox Guest Sessions Share your Firefox with a guest. Easily lock your personal data with Guest Sessions. Checkout this blog about How to use Guest Session in Firefox for Android?
Video tutorial on using Guest Session in Firefox for Android :
13 January 2016 Encryption Encryption is a method used to secure communication over a connection using HTTPS: A brief history about encryption by Redhat Open :
What are the different types of encryption mechanisms?
An interesting blog and discussion on why we encrypt our information online:
14 January 2016 Control App settings Update your app settings to ensure that only limited & necessary information is exposed 6 ways to take control of your Android apps:
Guide to Google Account Privacy Settings for Students:
15 January 2016 Delete unused accounts Delete unused accounts to erase your digital trail online. Want to delete yourself from the internet? Here is how:
Cleanse Your Digital Profile: Find, Delete Unused Accounts.
Simple steps to remove your Digital Footprints:
Privacy matters so does your information footprint Learn & teach about it. Teaching kit by Diwanshi Pandey provides solution to enable you to easily delete your account from web services.
16 January 2016 about:config Configure your Firefox settings to maximize security from within! No add-ons needed How to optimize Firefox for maximum privacy?
Make Firefox secure using the about:config feature.
customize your Firefox to make it more secure and privacy focused using about:config settings

17 January 2016 Tor Browser Browse the Internet safely & anonymously, Use Tor Browser cc tor project library freedom Tor Is For Everyone: Why Should One Use Tor?
Have a question about Tor, here is everything about the browser :
What is Tor Browser Good For? Should I use it? Answer:
7 Things You Should Know About Tor:
Tor Relay - The more people who run relays, the faster the Tor network will be.
18 January 2016 Phishing Attacks Avoid phishing attacks! Never click on links sent to your email via an unknown source A video explaining What exactly a Phishing Attack is:
How does built-in Phishing and Malware Protection work?
How to Help Defend Against A Phishing Attack?
10 Tips to Prevent #phishingattack :
19 January 2016 Protect your online profile Protect your profile. Don't provide more info than what is necessary on Social Network Best practices to protect your identity and online profile:
10 ways to protect your online identity and ensure internet security:
20 January 2016 Privacy friendly searches Privacy friendly searches, Duck Duck Go search, browse without being tracked Escape your search engine filter bubble: DuckDuckGo
Customize your search experience DuckDuckGo on
Google tracks you, DuckDuckGo does not, an illustration
Tricks and tips while using DuckDuckGo Search smarter, search faster using without being tracked.
Private Browsing Myths, how you are still tracked in private browsing mode
21 January 2016 Privacy Coach Addon Privacy Coach helps you to manage your Firefox for Android privacy settings -
22 January 2016 Remove Metadata Remove your photographs’ metadata. Others can glean your details. -
23 January 2016 Firefox for IOS Now even your Apple IOS devices can be made more secure with Firefox! Use Focus by #Firefox, a Content Blocker for #iOS -
24 January 2016 ATM Skimmers Save yourself from ATM frauds caused by "Skimmers". ATM Skimmers: Separating Cruft from Craft:
Sophisticated ATM Skimmer Transmits Stolen Data Via Text Message:
25 January 2016 Enigmail Send & receive encrypted and digitally signed emails using Enigmail on Mozilla Thunderbird Enigma uses gnuPG technology for encrypting emails. What is gnu Privacy Guard?
How to use Enigmail on Thunderbird? Here is a video tutorial:
26 January 2016 Protect Email from spammers Protect Email from spammers who spoof your account: Thunderbird and end-to-end email encryption – should this be a priority?
27 January 2016 Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Start using Virtual Private Networks for accessing sites: 5 ways to protect and hide your email to stop receiving spam:
What is Virtual Private Network?
8 advantages of using VPNs:
How does VPN work?
Why use Tor with a VPN service?
28 January 2016 Update Software Update your Software! It’s International Data Privacy Day: Help us Build a Better Internet.
This Data Privacy Day: Take Charge of Your Family’s Privacy.
Do-it-yourself House Rules for Online Privacy:
29 January 2016 Proxies Use Proxy Servers to browse privately and securely. What is a proxy server and how does it work?
Here's a complete description of a proxy server and its working:
30 January 2016 Firewalls Use Firewall to protect your computer from unwanted data and viruses. -
31 January 2016 Teach Privacy Teach privacy to people around you and keep spreading awesomeness Learn how to teach privacy, 10 principle and more:

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