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Mozilla Teaching Task Force

The teaching task force is a global community initiative. Members can participate from around the world by joining this group of Mozillians who enjoy educating others in the areas of privacy, security and other pressing Internet issues. We actively promote and teach Privacy, Security, Net Neutrality and Surveillance at events. We have created a repository of existing presentations and other resources to make it easy for others to join us and start spreading the word.

Task Force Members have two key roles:

  • Actively give presentations and/or hold workshops at local universities and conferences to educate on topics related to privacy, security, best practices to keep your data safe, etc.
  • Mentor and encourage Mozillians to take up the topic of privacy and security and talk to people (i.e. grow the Task Force).

How to Join

The Mozilla Privacy and Security Task Force would like to expand across the communities of the world. If you’d like to educate others about privacy and security, join us!

Click here for the application form.


Mentors are members who have taken up the additional responsibility to help new comers and update the wiki. You can learn more about the Mentor role here.

  • Ankit Gadgil is a webmaker supermentor & Mozilla Reps Council member. He loves educating about Privacy over the open web. He is located in Pune, India (IST time).
  • Mayur Patil is a Mozilla Rep, Regional Ambassador Lead of India and a Privacy and Security enthusiast, he lives in Nashik India. (IST time)
  • Ankit Mehta is a Mozillian from Pune. He loves taking sessions on Lightbeam, about:config and other security tools of Mozilla. (IST time)
  • Diwanshi Pandey is a Mozilla Reps Mentor from Pune, India (IST time). She loves coding in python and is very passionate about Privacy and Security tools. She specializes with teaching kids and is an active leader of Women empowerment initiatives like Womoz in India
  • Siddhartha Rao is a Firefox Student Ambassador club lead from VIIT,Pune. Siddhartha is a security enthusiast and tech evangelist.
  • Vishal Chavan is a Mozilla Rep and a Webmaker Mentor. He enjoys spreading awareness about the Web, Net Neutrality, Privacy and Security to the mass. He is from Nashik, India. (IST time)
  • Stacy Martin - is a Senior Privacy Analyst from California in the United States. Her passion is to raise awareness about privacy through community and teaching activities.

Current Events

Resources for Presentations

The general presentation format is:

  • Importance of data Privacy and Security
  • Why should we care about it?
  • What we should do to protect our data online
  • How Firefox browser can help protect your data
  • What is Mozilla doing to help you?
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Q&A

Hands On:

  • Firefox features
  • Lightbeam
  • Private Browsing
  • about:permissions
  • Do Not Track feature
  • Forget Button.

Add ons:

  • Https everywhere
  • Web of Trust
  • Better Privacy
  • Lightbeam

Other technologies :

  • Duckduckgo
  • Tor
  • Protonmail
  • Telegram messenger

Spectrogram game:

  • Questions based on privacy, security, net neutrality, surveillance

Presentations are often an hour in length. Workshops can also incorporate hands-on activities (see sample activities below). Videos (see sample videos below) have great impact.

Sample Presentations

Sample Videos

Sample Activities

Additional Resources

Previous Events:

Previous Privacy Meetups:

Blog Posts

Social Media Sites


Privacy and Security Badges

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