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January Privacy Month Campaign is a community-led campaign/initiative to celebrate International Data Privacy Day. The campaign was originated by Mozilla India in 2016 and is intended to be a global campaign each year. It is a campaign where communities from all over the world come together to learn, share and spread awareness about current trends and future issues for privacy and steps that we can take against privacy infringements. Privacy Month - Facebook Cover.png

The campaign can be observed in two ways:

   An online presence of the campaign with daily posts on relevant content.
   A series of offline in-person privacy-focused events.

Volunteers are welcome to help with online posts, events, teaching kits, localization of content and/or any other resources that might be relevant to the campaign. Mission

We strongly believe that it is necessary for the people who use the web to stay safe by understanding the impact of their digital footprint. We intend to share the best practices and create awareness in order to promote privacy and data protection. Join us if you wish to make an impact in the lives of netizens! How will we achieve this mission

   Online 31 Privacy Tips

This serves the very essence of the online campaign. The goal is to provide a privacy tip each day for 31 days. On average, a person will likely need to spend 10 minutes or less on each of these. Ideally, the tip would be in the form of a short video but could be in any another format. Tips will be shared through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. The timeframe is the whole month of January. Daily online posts will originate from Mozilla India starting on January 1st and will be shared and retweeted by volunteers and supporters around the world. The list is updated daily with Tip of the day and related posts from #privacymonth & #advocate4privacy for later reference. Read this Year tips here

This year tips were curated by: Siddhartha (@siddhartharao17) and Vishal(@vi5halc)

   Privacy Events

In addition, the community will be hosting in-person privacy events throughout the month of January. The team hopes that this project will go global and include Mozilla community privacy events from around the world.

   Social Media Promotions

This campaign will be extensively promoted and shared via various social media channels. Twitter/Facebook hashtags: #PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy Share, retweet, and support Mozilla India Twitter posts. Support and share stories from Mozilla India Facebook Page. Mozilla India Facebook Group


We intend to spread the mission of this campaign through various communities all over the world. You can help us localize the tools. We are in the process of localizing the resources. Speaker Series

As a part of the Privacy Month initiative, we will be hosting a couple of speaker series webinars on Privacy, Security and related topics. The webinars will see renowned speakers talking to us about their work around privacy, how to take control of your digital self, some privacy-security tips and much more. Let us know if you will be attending a webinar by signing up using this form.

   Registration and participation is Free :)
       Roll call Here
   How to join:
       MozillaReps Vidyo Room: (please join muted)
   You can contact Kalyan Dikshit[@decode_dev on telegram] for any ideas and suggestions about Speaker Series.


Privacy month is a global campaign, we would love for you to contribute to privacy month campaign from your country, please contact Chandan Baba (temporary POC)

See current year statistics from twitter:

   Impression: 196614
   Engagement: 3251
   Engagement rate: 0.017675126
   Tip URL clicks: 130
   Details expands(in browser):278
   Media Views:740

See current year statistics from facebook: --Watch this space for more updates--

   If you are interested in privacy month and are based in India, please read on.
Get Involved
       Create facebook posts to drive conversations about online privacy. (Use hashtags #PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy).
       Tweet about online privacy throughout the month of January. (Use hashtags #PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy).
       Share and Retweet #PrivacyMonth posts from Mozilla India.
       Contribute to creating daily privacy tips, please contact Vishal Chavan (temporary POC)
       Help with engagement and marketing
       Create teaching kits.
       Localize resources
       Sign up to support the campaign: (Reps and Vouched Mozillians can sign up at the above link using their profile)
       Organize events about online privacy.
       Organize popups and talks about online privacy.
       Click pictures, write and share your experiences from these offline gatherings using the hashtags #PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy


The promotional graphics, social media cover pictures and tip graphics posted on social media are being uploaded to github on the Mozilla Open Design Community Repo. Currently, you can find them here:
   Please feel free to add, contribute to the repo.
   You are free to use, remix the existing graphics under MPL2.0
   You can contact Tripad Mishra[@tripad on telegram] for any ideas about tip graphics or contributions.
   If you need help on creating graphics for us, then please contact Adarsh Jha, Farzeen, Pranshu, and Vishal or Chandan on the telegram. 

Teaching Kits and Online Resources

  *Lightbeam Teaching Kit
  *Information Footprint Teaching Kit
  *Protecting your Data: Reading, Writing, Participating on the Web
  *Password Teaching Kit
  *Resources for Presentations
  *Protecting You Data
  *Your privacy and security on the Web
  *Get Smart on Privacy
  *Teach privacybasics
   Mozilla's Internet Citizen Blog:
   Read about Privacy tools you can use: A nice collection of Privacy Tools
   Learn who’s watching you on the Web — and how to fight back!
       Protecting your data webmaker curriculum teaching kit
   Your privacy and security on the Web - data permeance, good privacy practices, useful add-ons
       Lightbeam intro
       SmartOn series - 4 easy steps to raising your privacy IQ & protecting yourself online.
       Why Privacy Matters
       Documentary series on tracking
       Take control of your personal data
   Privacy Tools - a good set of privacy recommendations


   Infographic on new tab ads privacy (pdf)

Contribute to creating online teaching resources like teaching kits, slides etc

   Have content to teach privacy? Post a blog and share with us.
   If you want to provide content we can create a blog for you and credit you as the creator.
   More information needed? Please contact Diwanshi Pandey (temporary POC).


   Have Queries about the Privacy Month Campaign, The Privacy Task Force and more information about the Privacy Month Campaign? please contact Ankit Gadgil (temporary POC)
       Twitter: @anknite
       Telegram: @anknite


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