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Date Subject Tip

1st January Firewall Firewall is first line of defense of your #security and #privacy. Make sure it is ON in your personal devices. More:

  1. PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMatters

2nd January Software Update Software Updates remedy critical security flaws in tools important for your digital privacy. Forget the “Remind me later” and go for “Update now”. More:

  1. PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMatters

3rd January Stronger Passwords Weak passwords are a treasure trove for hackers to gain unauthorized access. Use strong 12+ character passwords and regularly change them to keep your online identity secure. More: link here #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

4th January Password Managers Tip4: Strong passwords are not easy to remember. Plus, the number of online accounts are increasing everyday. Password managers are your friends to securely store, edit and delete passwords. More: link here #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

5th January 2FA Tip5: A 2nd factor of authentication strengthens security to online accounts. Setting up 2FA protects you from phishing, password brute-force attacks and hackers exploiting stolen credentials. More: #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

6th January Phishing Attacks Tip6: Phishers and scammers try to elicit useful information like OTP, ATM PINs & account passwords using social engineering. They are supposed to be private. Don’t share them with anyone! More: #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

7th January Email Security Tip7: Email accounts are like gold mines for hackers. It’s necessary to strongly secure email accounts & the emails themselves. Use PGP for email encryption & strong passwords + 2FA for account security.More: #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

8th January Email Attachment Security - Firefox Send Tip8: Email attachments, including sensitive ones, sometimes live in our inboxes forever without realizing. Take control of your files with Firefox Send to safely share them over email. More: #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

9th January Credit Card Skimmers Tip9: Credit card skimmers are devices that are attached to real payment terminals to harvest card information. Keep a prepaid card and use it at untrusted/rarely used places to limit fraud. More: #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

10th January Auditing App Permissions Tip10:Remember that ‘Allow’ button that pops up while installing apps on your phone? Well that is you unknowingly agreeing to share your data with them. Always Audit App Permissions before allowing any. More:

  1. privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

11th January Better Personal OpSec Tip11: OpSec is for everyone. Practicing better Operational Security in everyday life significantly reduces chances of giving away personal information & being socially engineered. Use it, it’s free! More:

  1. privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

12th January Skimming Privacy Policies Tip12: Reading Privacy Policies is hard & understanding them fully is harder, but skimming through them for apps & websites you use gives an insight of what data is collected, how it is stored and where it is shared. More:

  1. privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

13th January Limiting location data via Images Tip13: Did you know photos you click can leak your location data? Images contain metadata called EXIF data that tells a ton of information about the camera used, image and sometimes GPS coordinates. More:

  1. privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

14th January Protect Email from spammers Tip14: Keeping spam emails at bay reduces chances of being phished and infected by malware. Learn to recognize spam emails and filter them out of you life! More: #privacymonth #advocate4privacy #privacymatters

15th January Cookies Tip15: Not all cookies are good for you. Some track your online presence and share them with site owners. Check this fun video to better understand cookies

  1. PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMatters

16th January Do Not Track (DNT) Tip16: Check off the “Do Not Track” box in your browser settings to let websites know you want to opt out of tracking. More:

  1. PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMatters

17th January Encryption Tip17: Encryption is scrambling & unscrambling of data to protect it from being exposed to unwanted entities. It is a powerful tool you can use to take control of your data. More:

  1. PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMatters

18th January Tor Browser Tip18: Using a Tor browser on a good VPN gives next-level anonymity. The browser sends internet activity, like browsing, through an anonymous network making it very difficult to trace back to the user. More:

  1. PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMatters

19th January VPN Tip19: A VPN gives you online privacy & anonymity by connecting you to a network that masks your identity and makes it virtually impossible to track you. Use a good VPN that respects your privacy. More:

  1. PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMatters

20th January Privacy friendly search engines Tip20: Choose a search engine thoughtfully, it would directly impact your privacy everyday. Some search engines do user profiling by tracking their search terms. We recommend DuckDuckGo as the default! More: #PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMatters

21st January Delete unused accounts Tip21: Deleting old & unused online accounts cleans your digital footprint. Doing so would keep you protected from data breaches that compromise old accounts. More: #PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy#PrivacyMatters

22nd January Burner emails Tip22: Use Burner Mail to stay away from spam, advertising emails while hiding your real email address. You can use them when signing up for promos and offers or places in general that are one-offs. Link:

  1. PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth

23rd January Have I Been Pwned Tip23: Data breaches happen often which could lead to a compromised account. HIBP lets you check if your account was a victim so you can take necessary actions. Link:

  1. PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth

24th January Smart Speakers Spying Tip24: With ease of Smart Speakers come privacy concerns. As it’s unclear what happens with collected voice recordings, it’s a good idea to mute them whenever possible & not install them in bedrooms More: #PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth

25th January Covering webcams and mic blocking Tip25: Under right constraints, it is trivial for hackers to control webcams and mics. Cover your webcam & block your mic when not in use to keep eavesdropping at bay! More: #PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth

26th January Addons Tip26: Browsers along with good privacy addons help better protect our privacy. Installing some of them would protect your browser from unnecessary ads, malicious scripts and trackers. More: #PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth

27th January Not using public storages for private info Tip27: Don't store your private data in public clouds that are typically used for sharing, unless you encrypt it locally first. For example, don't use Google Drive to store your 2FA recovery codes or passport copies. More: #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth #PrivacyMatters

28th January Data Privacy Day Tip28: On this Data Privacy Day, evangelize about privacy & data protection, spread awareness amongst your family, friends, co-workers and don’t forget to retweet our tweets! More: #PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth

29th January Messaging Apps with end-to-end encryption Tip29: Use open source messaging apps that enforce end-to-end encryption by default like Signal and Wire. More: #PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth

30th January Firefox Focus Tip30: Firefox Focus on Android & iOS provides supreme privacy while you enjoy browsing. Take control of your search history, block ads and invasive trackers like a boss everywhere you go. More: #PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy #PrivacyMonth

31st January Share Privacy Tip31: We aim to make everyone aware about online privacy and security. Do share the tips with friends and family with our hashtags #PrivacyMonth. Let us know if these tips ever helped you! More: #PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy

1st Feb Bonus: Logout Bonus Tip: Always log out of your online accounts after use. Doing so invalidates cookies in your browser which protects you from someone having accidental access on your private or public computers. More: #PrivacyMonth #PrivacyMatters #Advocate4Privacy