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Technical Privacy Reviews

Technical Privacy reviews in progress:

Feature/Project Status Ships Review ETA
Encrypted Media Extensions [NEW] (tbd) tbd
Feature Detection API [DONE] (tbd) tbd
Where's My Fox [DONE] (tbd) 2014-04-23
FxA on FxOS (v1.4) [NEW] (tbd) tbd
Affiliates_2.0 [DONE] 2014/04/01 2014-04-23
Shumway [NEW] (tbd) tbd
Necko [DONE] Public Comments (tbd) 2013.11.05
TogetherJS [DONE] Public Comments (tbd) 2013.10.17
Persistent_SPDY_CWND [NEW] (tbd) tbd
Fennec integration with global Android search [ON TRACK] ready for privacy champ (tbd) tbd
Push API [DONE] dropped protocol to be changed 8 Sept 2012 dropped
Mobile Sensor [NEW] (tbd) tbd
Phonebook API [ON TRACK] Responses and Verification needed tbd tbd
Thunderbird Big Files [DONE] (tbd) 11-June-2012
New Tab [AT RISK] needs resolutions (tbd) 1-June-2012
KPI Backend [ON TRACK] CfC closed] End of Q2 July-2012
GeolocationAPI [ON TRACK] pending team responses 27-Apr-2012 June-2012
Snappy Symbolic Server [AT RISK] log retention policy (not a ship blocker) (tbd) 6-May-2012
Case Conductor [AT RISK] follow-up / log policy 3/31/2012 tbd
OSIdle API [AT RISK] CfC Closed (tbd) July 2012 [AT RISK] awaiting resolution July 2011 Nov 2011
Thunderbird AccountProvisioner [AT RISK] needs log retention policy 2011-11-08 Dec 2011
Thunderbird OpenSearch [AT RISK] cookie clearing 2012-01-31 Jan 2012
Android Storage for Mobile [DROPPED] postponed until 2012 Q4 2011 tbd
Client-Based F1 [RESOLVED] (18-Oct-2011) complete 1-Oct-2011
Telemetry [DONE] On train for 7
Telemetry Measurements [ON TRACK] need to catch up on deployed measurements on-going on-going
Verified Email [DROPPED] reviewing products, not protocols - done
F1 service and Firefox integration [DROPPED] project respun as Client-Only 24-May-2011 done

For a list of all privacy reviews, not just the active ones, see also Category:Privacy/Reviews



Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
481503 do DNS prefetch for awesomebar matches P3 RESOLVED
586885 show search suggestions when entering text in awesome bar P3 VERIFIED
648064 Application cache should not bother user -- RESOLVED
664633 Improve privacy & security of Thunderbird account autoconfiguration -- REOPENED
665531 [Linux] Store that file was downloaded from the Internet (Extended Attribute user.xdg.origin.url) -- NEW
674741 WebNFC (near-field communication) -- RESOLVED
708995 Find out what fallback charset users choose for each localization -- RESOLVED
732522 Allow submission of telemetry data with SUMO feedback -- NEW
733215 telemetry for search suggestions and engines -- RESOLVED
735863 Implement navigator.geolocation.getAddress() -- RESOLVED
737548 pre connect http sessions on link hover -- RESOLVED
738131 implement device proximity -- RESOLVED
741810 [Privacy Review][Action Item] Logging Policy -- RESOLVED
751661 Mozillians Phonebook API: Security Review P4 RESOLVED
752143 Use speculative connect for inline-autocompleting beyond the domain name -- RESOLVED
758232 Telemetry for WebRT -- RESOLVED
816318 Use System download manager on GB+ -- RESOLVED
822790 Privacy technical followup for spdy persistent cwnd setting -- RESOLVED
840828 Add metrics to FHR for SocialAPI P2 RESOLVED
840928 Transition to a WebKit engine -- RESOLVED
849451 Send more CPU info in FHR payload P4 RESOLVED
849947 FHR submission counts vs Blocklist ping P1 RESOLVED
850066 Consider sending an empty Health Report payload if user has opted out P4 RESOLVED
863777 Teach ANR reporter to use the profiler to get a native stack -- RESOLVED
886679 Privacy-Technical Review: Shumway SWF Runtime -- RESOLVED
896509 Record guest mode usage in FHR for Android -- RESOLVED
909771 We can access user browsing information in Private Mode with our implemented extension hence the extensions are not disabled by default in Private mode. -- RESOLVED
917871 Privacy Review: Necko Predictive Network Actions -- RESOLVED
920246 Privacy-Technical Review: TogetherJS -- RESOLVED
926761 URL guessing/searching are major privacy/security problems and need to be easily configurable, with prompt or default-off. -- RESOLVED
941081 Privacy-Technical Review: [Program] FxA on FxOS (v1.4) P1 RESOLVED
942808 Privacy-Technical Review: Screen sharing UI -- RESOLVED
966030 Implement navigator.mozAppDetails and expose the property on white-listed domains -- RESOLVED
966752 Security & Privacy Add-On P3 RESOLVED
968458 Track app install/uninstalls per user+device P4 RESOLVED
971171 Measure with telemetry how many times people see about:newtab -- VERIFIED
975570 Measure with telemetry how many times people interact with about:newtab -- VERIFIED
983799 Technical Privacy Review: The feature detection API -- RESOLVED
986091 Privacy-Technical Review: Directory Tiles (Services) -- RESOLVED
1011279 Privacy-Technical Review: Democratize API access on -- RESOLVED
1049994 Privacy-Technical Review: Project Plan Coordinator for Grow Program -- RESOLVED
1055414 Privacy-Technical Review: Project MozID: Brand Identity Evolution -- RESOLVED
1138022 Add support for telemetry of sensitive data using RAPPOR -- RESOLVED

43 Total; 3 Open (6.98%); 37 Resolved (86.05%); 3 Verified (6.98%);