Program Management/Weekly-Status-Reports/2013-04-23

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  • FFOS Madrid work week recap
  • Enhancements to FFOS burndowns
  • Onboarding for new FFOS PM - Candice






  • MMS Work week set up
  • Revise LGE v1.1 Gantt
  • Milestones for intermediate deliverables and how to show them


Metro Highlights

  • Team completed 75 story points across 25 features at the conclusion of Iteration #5 - a 19% increase in performance from the previous iteration.
  • Team has established a new average velocity rate of 47 story points per iteration at the conclusion of Iteration #5 - a 17% increase in performance from the previous iteration.
  • Overall performance gain in story points and velocity at the conclusion of Iteration #5 has resulted in a new production forecast release of December 23, 2013 - a reduction of 3 iterations from the previous release update.
  • Product Manager review of V1 Release List resulted in the removal of 9 Feature Stories to V2.
  • At the conclusion of Iteration #6 the project will have acquired enough data to present three release forecast scenarios: Worst, Expected and Best case.

Iteration Performance Summary

  • Total Work: 109 total story points - 27 bugs.
    • 16 feature stories.
    • 9 defect stories.
    • 2 change stories.

  • Completed Work: 27 story points closed - 15 bugs - 24% complete.
    • 7 feature stories.
    • 7 defect stories.
    • 1 change story.

  • Remaining Work: 82 story points closed - 12 bugs - 76% complete.
    • 9 feature stories.
    • 2 defect stories.
    • 1 change story.

Iteration Work Details

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
831894 Story - Put Firefox into Snapped View P2 VERIFIED
831916 Story - Hide and delete tiles in Bookmarks and History tile groups P2 VERIFIED
831918 Story - Pin, Unpin, Hide, and Restore a Top Site P2 VERIFIED
831919 Story - Use Firefox Start in snapped view P2 VERIFIED
831934 Story - Access the Context App Bar for interacting with Firefox Start tiles P2 RESOLVED
833130 Story - Sync passwords P2 VERIFIED
833131 Sync bookmarks -- RESOLVED
833132 Story - Sync history P2 VERIFIED
833133 Story - Sync tabs P2 VERIFIED
833182 Story - Updating Metro Firefox P2 RESOLVED
833200 Story - Use the auto-complete screen in snapped view P2 VERIFIED
835623 Story - Combine page contextual items (URL bar, bookmark star, etc.) into single app bar P2 VERIFIED
838497 Backlog - Outstanding Design Assets P1 RESOLVED
849395 Story - Allow updates via about flyout P2 VERIFIED
850737 [MP] Story - Fix jank in start screen scrolling P2 RESOLVED
851900 Work - Select popups have ugly gap in item highlight -- RESOLVED
852090 Story - Write selection tests P2 VERIFIED
852805 Defect - Adding "Enter" shortcut while using search (CTRL + F) P1 VERIFIED
854070 Defect - Caret selection initiated from the end of a text input is buggy P1 VERIFIED
854077 Change - Use radio buttons for "Do Not Track" options and add a neutral option P1 RESOLVED
855578 Change - Leaving website error message should appear modal -- RESOLVED
855581 Defect - New tab created if you receive "Leave Page" error and only a single tab is present P1 VERIFIED
855587 Defect - Predefined bookmarks should be to final URL and not to a page that will redirect P1 VERIFIED
859447 Defect - Nothing happens when I tap the settings icon in the page info bar P1 VERIFIED
860994 Story - Fixup intermittent context menu failing tests P2 VERIFIED
862025 Defect - Dragging a text input selection monocle downward can cause selection to reverse P1 VERIFIED
862054 Defect - caret selection via touch not working, no grippers appear (elementFromPoint doesn't take clientX/clientY from sub frame events.) P1 VERIFIED
863060 Defect - Deleting all characters in "find in page" text box results in strange behavior P1 VERIFIED

28 Total; 0 Open (0%); 8 Resolved (28.57%); 20 Verified (71.43%);


  • FFOS
    • Fully sucked into the FFOS work to help ship 1.0.1 and 1.1
    • Helping team move to more agile model for future releases
    • Onboarding plan for new PM starting May 13th
    • Working with other PMSs (ie: Marketplace, Marketing on higher level status for FFOS program)
  • FHR
    • What's next - looking at Fx23
    • Tracking final pieces for Fx21
  • Reviewing revised use cases and requirements for Product Requirements Management System