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Part of the 2010 Goals project.


01 Frank Hecker's thoughts on what makes up the Mozilla DNA
22 Mark Surman (before officially joining the Mozilla Foundation as Executive Director) blogs about some early thinking related to the 2010 goals
25 Frank Hecker provides a thoughtful two-part post on Mozilla and the Future of Education. (Part 1) (Part 2)

August 2008

12 Notes on the future of Mozilla (which were created by the Firefox+ Summit participants) are posted. Thanks Firefox+ participants and David Boswell!

September 2008

03 Mark Surman blogs about 2010 goals-related input from people who attended the Firefox+ Summit
10 Mitchell proposes that we set goals for the next two years of Mozilla
11 Mitchell proposes a set of rough goals
21 Mitchell blogs about the mobile goals
21 Mitchell proposes mechanics for developing the goals
22 Mitchell posts notes from a face-to-face discussion about the mobile goals
28 Mitchell provides some examples to support the proposed data goals

October 2008

06 Mitchell wrote to clear up some misconceptions about theprevious post on data
18 Mitchell wrote about how we hope to coordinate multiple discussions in multiple places (both real and virtual)
19 Mitchell wrote about broadening the goals
20 Mark Surman wrote about a potential goal of engaging the public with the idea of the open web
Mark Surman wrote about how the 2010 goals relate to the Mozilla Foundation
21 The coordinators start wikifying the discussions.
22 David Boswell writes about creating a community census
26 Chris Beard, Mark Surman, Tristan Nitot and others discussed the 2010 Goals at MozCampEU 2008. You can read notes from their discussions about the goals in general as well as on the Data, Mobile, Firefox Mind and Marketshare goals and potential Mozilla Foundation goals.
28 Mark Surman notes the discussions on the 2010 goals at MozCam EU 2008
As noted here there was an Air Mozilla session on the data issues around the 2010 goals.
28 The 2010 goals were discussed from a Mozilla Foundation perspective as part of a Brown Bag session at the Mozilla Corporation offices. Mark Surman posted a link to the recording of the session, along with the slides were used.

November 2008

07 Mark Surman blogs about Glyn Moody's thoughts on the potential goal of engaging a broader public.
19 Jay Patel writes a blog post that reaches out to campus reps to get them involved in the 2010 goals process.
20 Marcio Galli writes an annotation from Sao Carlos Goals 2010 meeting held at University of Sao Paulo.
21 Tristan Nitot posts a video interview (and supporting transcript) with Mitchell Baker about the 2010 goals
24 Mark Surman blogs about what is going on with the Foundation side of the 2010 goals process
The SUMO team weekly report mentions a Google Doc of a discussion about the 2010 goals (I need to get more background on this. Zak 00:32, 26 November 2008 (UTC)]

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