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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> Ratty
  • Nominees for Friends of the Fish Tank:
    • N/A

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.



  • Google just announced V4 of the safebrowsing api. No actions currently needed. Firefox adds support for it in bug 1167038.
  • Google API key for Safe Browsing. Ewong/Callek about getting it loaded onto the build machines.
    • Per bug 903439#c10, ewong has a Google API key (stating that for Geolocation service). Safe Browsing keys are on the builders according to ewong. He will change the build configs for it to be picked up.
  • IanN has spoken to mcsmurf about members list. Members mailing-list and council appointments are ready to be reviewed.
    • TODO: Add Adrian Kalla to RelEng team. Overall no change as of today
  • IanN SeaMonkey project areas is very outdated. There just aren't enough people to go around. IanN will issue a second draft either today or tomorrow on the project areas.
  • frg suggests a tabbrowser.xml overhaul because it's becoming harder to backport fixes from Firefox.
    • IanN suggests doing small patches which are easier to review.


Status of the SeaMonkey Buildbot Master and Tree

  • Various Bugs open for building.
    • OSX64: busted due to bug 1260362. Yasm 1.2 needs to be installed.
    • Linux64 Nightly: bug 1275215 is still open but Linux is building most of the time.
    • Linux64 build: bug 1275218 is still open but Linux is building most of the time.
    • Windows building on the loaner works.
    • Various l10n and other bugs bug 1293943 which might also impact the release schedule. Currently no clear overview available.
  • [30th August 2016]
    • All nightlies are currently MIA. (bug 1299078 - patch manually applied to master.)
    • [comm-central]:
      • All trunk builds are broken due to mozilla-central bug 956338. No quick fix is possible but Honza Bambas (:mayhemer) is willing to help us. Fixes will be done in comm-central bug 1299116
      • Linux*: Green
      • OSX64: Orange.
    • [comm-aurora]:
    • [comm-beta, comm-release]:
      • pretty much Green/orange.
  • Notes:
    • Callek: Regarding the windows systems, sadly no progress yet. I'm hopeful we can get done sooner than later, I'm realistic expecting it won't be any time soon.
    • Ewong will set up a cron job to do semi regular builds on the loaner machine. He is still unable to set a timeframe for the next release. The moco build system is constantly changing. The MAC builders can be updated to OSX 10.9. He needs to consult with Callek first about this. He has trouble building the Windows version on the loaner.
    • Windows nightly trunk builds are unavailable due to various bugs such as bug 1092468 and bug 1108970. Migrating our Windows builders to Win2008 and our compiler toolchain to VS2015 would likely solve this and other bustages. Ewong made substantial progress here and building works on the loaner.
    • There are also some upcoming changes to l10n build system in Q1 2015 (bug 1107635).
    • Langpacks aren't updated when auto-updating SeaMonkey because they aren't uploaded to AMO. The solution requires changes in SeaMonkey RelEng (and possibly AMO).
    • wrt bug 1155011, we already have a Soccoro token. The patches on bug 1155013 require approval and then pushed and the work-around patches backed out.
  • See RelEng page for the RelEng status history.

Fixed Stuff Since Last Meeting

Release Train

  • Next release will be 2.45 (no ETA yet), tracked in bug 1294433
    • Release notes in bug 1294432 need helping hands.
    • The patch for bug 1240798 no longer blocks release. If not ready for 2.45 copying the userchrome samples will be covered in the release notes.
    • Setting the default search engine no longer works. This is covered in bug 1265881 and will not be fixed for 2.45. It needs to be added to the release notes.
    • bug 1231349 will cause problems building l10n versions. Currently only a workaround exists.
    • gtk3 will be disabled in the release build in bug 1213152. There are at least two problems with gtk3 builds which can not be resolved in time. A patch for gtk2 should be trivial. It just has to land on comm-release prior to building. A one-liner for each mozconfig if we do not have a common one.

See bug 1269145 and bug 1267982.

  • Backup plan in case we need it is to do some releases off comm-esr45. These would be 2.42.x releases. No current plans until Mozilla suddenly removes full theme support or anything else which would severely break Seamonkey. Becomes more unlikely with ESR52 on the horizon.
    • Patches which do not concern Thunderbird could be checked into comm-esr45 after getting approval too.
  • l10n builds may be problematic to get out.
  • Useful Firefox Release Schedule link: Releases Scheduling
    • The next merge day is scheduled for September 12th (mozilla-beta → mozilla-release September 5th).


  • AdrianK: Do we even plan to make a release? (I do not mean nightlies - I mean a real release for our users) Or do we intend to do what Mozilla intended for us with Mozilla Suite 1.8b: nightly for ever? Asking, as I haven't seen any work done to produce a release (starting with reviewing the L10n sign-offs) The problem is that no active developer knows the full release procedure with the possible exceptions of Callek and Kairo.
  • Callek: L10n is special snowflakes. But I do want to get someone else ready/trained on the l10n part too, so if there is a volunteer there, I can try and help :-)
  • AdrianK I'd do that – but in three weeks from now I have a deadline – to finish my masters thesis. So no chance during the next month. Most likely will be available at the end of September or beginning of October.
  • See the logs for more detail on the discussion:

Extensions and Plugins Compatibility Tracking

  • See Basics page. Please only list current changes here.
  • Addons are now compatible by default. The code in the addon manager that complains about incompatible version numbers has been removed. This should reduce the friction of installing older addons.
  • Addon Compatibility Listings (outdated), alternative list started (currently Rainer Bielefeld is the only active maintainer)
  • We are looking for a new place to host the Addon Compatibility Listings for the Add-on Converter in order to make it easy to maintain and to serve as the main database for the AMO browsing extension in the future. The details are in this post.
  • Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey
    This tool goes a little further beyond simply modifying install.rdf - it also identifies a few more other things in the code that are Firefox or Thunderbird specific and attempts to change them. Of course, not all extensions can be ported so easily to SeaMonkey since there's only so much an automated tool like that can do.
    • Lemon Juice continues to improve his already impressive Addon Converter. The source is now available on GitHub [1].
    • We are looking for a better(?) home for extension-converter pages, along with a way to track successful and conversion-failed add-ons, and respective integration into SeaMonkey by add-on or manager overlay [2], bug 1145026.
    • Ratty filed bug 1130390 to add a link on to the Firefox & Thunderbird Add-on Converter for SeaMonkey.
  • The AMO Browsing for SeaMonkey extension, which makes AMO pages a lot more SeaMonkey-friendly, is mature. It was developed by LemonJuice (of Add-on Converter fame), and Tonymec, who tested it and now uses it, supports it enthusiastically. The author proposes to add it as a "built-in extension" besides ChatZilla, DOMi and the like. What do you think? (See also Bug 1145026: AMO Add-On-Descriptions: Add link function leading to SeaMonkey add-on-converter and filling URL input pane; the extension actually does much more than the bug's Summary implies: for instance it gets rid of the stupid "You need Firefox 10 or later" popups.
  • The HTML Validator extension has been updated on June 28 and again (but Beta) on July 2. The Beta version is no more Windows-only: it boasts support for W32/64, L32/64 and Mac 32/64 Universal in a single XPI. It does not officially support trunk builds but in Tonymec's experience it works with them (or at least with the "latest" 2016-06-25 tinderbox-build). It offers a choice of validators: Tidy, SGML (same algorithm as the W3C validator but client-side) or both. Caveat: The toolbar button gives no results for HTML5, you need View Source for that. See the developer's site for details.
    • Some warning messages might be caused by improper toolkit checking for disabled signing. See bug 1291749.

2.x (Last, Current, Next)

2.40 current release

open tracking (0) tracking requests (5) targeted (0) fixed (14)

2.41 skipped

open tracking (0) tracking requests (8) targeted (0) fixed (26)

2.42 skipped

open tracking (0) tracking requests (8) targeted (1) fixed (21)

2.43 skipped

open tracking (0) tracking requests (5) targeted (0) fixed (10)

2.44 skipped

open tracking (0) tracking requests (3) targeted (1) fixed (22)

2.45 planned (and hopefully also for real) next release

open tracking (1) tracking requests (1) targeted (1) fixed (10)


  • We need someone to work on porting sync 1.5 over to replace legacy sync code. Frg was distracted by other bugs and tasks and didn't look into it yet.
    See: New Firefox Sync has landed in Firefox Nightly. Tracked in:
    • bug 998807 Sync account creation or device pairing fails with exception in BrowserIDManager.
    • bug 1003434 Add support for about:sync-progress.
  • Stalled. Needs a kick:
    • bug 815954 Click-to-Play: Port bug 812562 (click-to-play blocklisted plugins: reshow urlbar notification as with normal click-to-play).
    • bug 476108 GetShortPathNameW fails under some NTFS junctions [patchlove].
  • Landed, but may need server-side changes to function correctly:
    • bug 1274722 Add %SYSTEM_CAPABILITIES% to the SeaMonkey app.update.url preference
    • bug 1271761 Add CPU features/detection to update URL
  • Current breakages (have patches need review and check-in):
    • bug 1278130 Port Bug 1273685 PopupBlocking:UpdateBlockedPopups messages can be very large to Seamonkey (2.46+).
  • Mozilla-central bugs that affect us:
    • Firefox has changed the styles of several Toolkit pages to their "in-content" designs which however look very out of place in our current classic and modern themes.
        • Subsequent to Chameleon, Firefox developers have again redesigned the about:privatebrowsing UI to include UI for tracking protection. We should look into picking any changes we like.
      • about:addons yet to come bug 1222817
      • Toolkit meta bug for about:* pages: bug 1097111 - SeaMonkey tracking in bug 1133743.
      • Modern may need updating as IDs are changing, Default needs forking if we want to roll back to previous styles.
    • A lot of these bugs are due to mozilla-central switching from synchronous APIs to Asynchronous APIs.
    • bug 566746 (asyncFormHistory) Form history should use asynchronous storage API. Tracked in:
      • bug 912031 Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm in place of nsIFormHistory2 in Suite. Currently being worked on by IanN.
    • The C++ downloads manager backend nsIDownloadManager is being decommissioned. Firefox and Thunderbird have migrated to jsdownloads.
    • bug 825588 Asynchronous JavaScript API for downloads and bug 851471 Decommission nsIDownloadManager. Tracked in:
      • bug 888915 Move SeaMonkey to the new JavaScript API for downloads when nsIDownloadManager is decommissioned. frg is currently looking into the patch from Neil.
    • Rsx11m filed bug 1267631 Update the SSL/TLS Preference Pane once TLS 1.3 is implemented and ready for prime time.
      • There is still considerable activity in TLS 1.3 core work. We can check it in and allow users to enable it for testing, then hope it'll be ready when trunk hits release. Since the strings are in already, we are flexible. this has landed on trunk
      • At least SeaMonkey trunk is built with an NSS version supporting TLS 1.3, security.tls.version.max remains 3 for TLS 1.2 for the time being. A test server is available.
  • bug 1198340 The carousel within Add-On Manager can be used for SeaMonkey specific content. TO DO: Find out what sort of format AMO needs for the carousel. Get our webdev person to create necessary content. Submit content for upload to AMO.
    • Unfortunately nobody knows exactly how because there's no full time developer working on AMO. Ratty was given bug 1009759 as an example. So now we need someone who knows python+django.
    • About specific aspects of this problem, see: bug 1230796, bug 1230804, bug 1230806 and maybe more.
    • [Ratty] The url for the discovery pane is set in a pref. Firefox has switched to https://discovery.addons. Instantbird points the URL to a chrome XUL document. If we do this we don't have to worry about the python stuff. The new Firefox discovery page will not serve up featured addons for SeaMonkey so we are sticking with services.* at least until they stop serving that up.
  • [Ratty] made some progress to fix bug 1222817 - Restore about:addons UI (Addons Manager) to old appearance. He found some useful ideas from the CSS in but currently doesn't have the time to continue.
  • [Ratty] will look at bug 995095 'Move the nsPlacesAutocomplete component to Suite'
  • Remove debugQA from Seamonkey or overhaul it removing obsolete items. See discussion in bug 1258226

Feature List, Planning

Bug statistics for the last two (full) weeks: 30 new, 17 fixed, 12 triaged.

  • medium triaging effort, average number of new bugs files.

Open reviews/flags: 65 review 5 super-review 2 ui-review 14 feedback

  • x64 Linux and for the first time x64 Windows builds will be made official as soon as possible.
    • Unofficial Linux builds just need to be declared official.
    • Providing Windows x64 builds is tracked in bug 482143.
    • System Requirements needs an update. Tracked in bug 1208822.

Roundtable - Personal Status Updates

Ratty or IanN will handle review requests.

Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).





Waiting for review or feedback:

  • bug 1240798 Copy default profile files to new profiles since Bug 1234012 stopped doing.
  • bug 1258226 Update debugQA.
  • bug 1278130 Port Bug 1273685 PopupBlocking:UpdateBlockedPopups messages can be very large to Seamonkey. Review done only a question left.
  • bug 1282227 Port Bug 1071880 and Bug 1142937 to Seamonkey: Notifiy users of slow addons. Unable to test. Either not working or I am missing something.
  • bug 1289851 Integrate helpoverlay files now that the Help Viewer is under Suite.
  • bug 1293618 "Clear History from Private Data" completely broken (only test part left).
  • bug 1296838 Tabs with a favicon displayed don't show the loading indicator image.
  • bug 1296839 Minor Tabbrowser.xml cleanups and changes.
  • bug 1296850 Show standard loading indicator images in tab when busy or progress attribute are set.
  • bug 1298657 Define brandShorterName in Seamonkey and Thunderbird. Trivial just here for notice that de about:support and maybe others might be broken.
  • bug 1289794 Integrate consoleoverlay files. Need just to fix the nits.

Needs feedback.

  • bug 1285798 Use favicon-service by default in Seamonkey.

Working on:

  • bug 521861 After creating news account through clicking news URL Account Wizard is broken.
  • bug 1238767 Localized Suite build fails in DebugQA: Stalled. I think the l10 build system might be responsible and tries to pick up files from the wrong location. Adrian Kalla thinks I need to do an l10 merge only. I disagree because the xpi only explicitly supports en-US builds.
  • This and that.


  • Nasty webm problem in 2.44 and up: bug 1279851 CRASH when benchmarking webm decoding performance on YouTube page.
  • Started to look at Sync but don't hold you breath yet. No time no progress.

Other things on my mind:

  • --enable-optimize=-O2 should be used for Windows release builds. Linux gcc --enable-optimize optimizes for speed. With VS2015 it optimizes for size. Resulting O2 Windows build feels a lot snappier.
  • bug 1244467 Localized Builds: ChatZilla language pack missing from SeaMonkey installer package will not be fixed by bug 1210791. mozmake installer under Windows includes the l10n xpi in local builds. Adrian posted a build log and I looked at it. Seems to be l10n-merge related.









Rainer Bielefeld


  • Concentrating on doing reviews this current cycle.


  • bug 973530 Add UI to access the remote debugger preferences.
  • bug 1222818 Restore about:support UI (Troubleshooting Information) to old appearance by overriding Toolkit's Project Chameleon styles (revert bug 1161156 for SeaMonkey).
  • bug 1255354 Create options to open the data manager and the addon manager in standalone windows instead of a browser tab.
  • bug 1295672 Bustage fix due to bug 1294645 (Don't use NS_CALLBACK for callbacks in nsI{Input,Output,UnicharInput},Stream.idl).
  • bug 1296664 nsLDAPURL.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: virtual enum nsresult __stdcall nsLDAPURL::SetHostAndPort(class nsACString_internal const &)" (?SetHostAndPort@nsLDAPURL@@UAG?AW4nsresult@@ABVnsACString_internal@@@Z).

In Progress:

  • Move the nsPlacesAutocomplete component to Suite.
    • bug 995095 (comm-central part). IanN prefers to bring the history along. Currently experimenting with Mercurial Convert.
    • bug 1281005 (mozilla-central part).
  • bug 1298487 Modern theme for about:networking.


  • bug 1174466 Popup blocker: Need to allow popups opened by loaded javascript: URIs from the location bar. Regression from bug 896947.
  • bug 1222817 Restore about:addons UI (Add-ons Manager) to old appearance by overriding Toolkit's Project Chameleon styles.
  • bug 1236982 Simplify SeaMonkey CSS for Lightning toolbar buttons.
  • bug 1267666 Trying to view or change Lightning extension options in Add-ons Manager hangs Seamonkey.
  • bug 1268970 All mochitests fail with: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'c:/t1/hg/comm-central/mozilla/obj-i686-pc-mingw32\\_tests\\testing\\mochitest\\'.
  • bug 1280698 Package EmojiOne TTF font on Linux and Windows.

Other stuff:

  • Did some reviews and approvals.
  • Bug triage and Bug discussions.
  • Usual end user support and PR in newsgroups and Mozillazine.


Pushed to comm-central and all branches:

  • bug 1287642 Open as dialog for Add-ons and Data Manager should no longer be associated with

Landed on mozilla-central:

  • bug 1297546 Title of Default Developer Tools in Toolbox Options should not hard-code the application name (devtools)

Pushed to comm-central:

  • bug 1267631 Update the SSL/TLS Preference Pane once TLS 1.3 is implemented and ready for prime time
  • bug 1286703 On reply to a own sent email the original sender identity is not chosen if other than the account default identity
  • bug 1292364 Since jsmime.js, no longer possible to use Disposition-Notification-To in mail.compose.other.header
  • bug 1287289 Add checkboxes to open the data manager and the addon manager in standalone windows instead of a browser tab

Waiting for branch approval:

  • bug 1286703 On reply to a own sent email the original sender identity is not chosen if other than the account default identity
  • bug 1292364 Since jsmime.js, no longer possible to use Disposition-Notification-To in mail.compose.other.header

Waiting for review:

  • bug 1287753 In-Reply-To: and References: should be removed from mail saved as Template

Looking into:

  • bug 1296433 Improve button appearance in about:support UI (Troubleshooting Information) with the default theme
  • bug 493217 add UI pref for media.autoplay.enabled
    • not exactly clear where this is supposed to go

Performing ui-review:


  • Bug triage, testing, and commenting for SeaMonkey and MailNews Core.
  • End-user information and discussion on MozillaZine.




Any other business?