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Regional Marketing Ambassador

Regional Marketing Ambassadors will be in-charge of coordinating marketing campaign activities in their region in close collaboration with Mozilla's Engagement team.


Activities for this role include:

1. Promote: Promote Firefox Student Ambassador campaigns in your region

  • Social Media:
    • Promote social media posts from FSA channels in your regional channels.
    • Coordinate localization of FSA social media posts to your local language.
    • Carry out social media campaigns locally in coordination with global Mozilla campaigns.

2. Participate:

  • Join Student Ambassadors IRC meetups on #firefoxstudents

3. Share - Reporting back on Activities:

  • Share your activities with other Mozillians through blogs, emails/mailing list
  • Monthly IRC meetups (might be more frequent around campaigns)
  • Partner with regional Mozilla Reps and local community wherever possible to actively engage and recruit students from your region
  • Be the point of contact for Firefox Club Leads in your region who are looking to run campaigns, host events, or participating in one of the FSA activities
  • Highlight FSA activities from your region at your blog, regional mailing list or social media.

4. Give presentations to local universities/schools about the Firefox Student Ambassador program

 List of latest tasks for each month can be found here 

5. Evaluate: Evaluate and approve requests for Firefox Clubs in your region (starting in February 2014)

6. Spread the Word: Ensure that all FSA events that are planned in your region are listed on the FSA events page.

Why Become a Regional Marketing Ambassador

RMAs play a crucial part in the success of the program. RMAs are Ambassadors who have agreed to take additional responsibility to support and grow Mozilla in different regions in the world.

  • Gain leadership experience and be recognized as a leader in both the Firefox Student Ambassador program and your local community.
  • Get to work directly with our amazing Firefox Student Ambassadors in your region and help grow (and expand!) their participation.
  • You will qualify for a Certificate of Recognition after you have completed the following:
    • First five program steps (You will need to verify this on a form to be included here shortly)
    • Have a vouched profile on
    • Have been a Regional Marketing Ambassador for 6 months

How To Apply

We will only be accepting 1-2 Regional Marketing Ambassadors (RMA) for each region. You must be a registered Firefox Student Ambassador in order to apply.

Want to be a Regional Leader? We are still looking for RMAs from Europe and North America. We'll be looking for more exceptional Ambassadors that do awesome work in the first half of 2014. Use the next few months to show the Ambassadors you have what it takes to lead. This is your chance to shine!

If you feel you would be a good Regional Student Ambassador, please apply here. We will review the applications 1/month and contact you if you are selected to become a Regional Marketing Ambassador.

Regions from which we are recruiting Regional Marketing Ambassadors:

  • Europe (We still need RMAs from Europe)
  • South America
  • Southeast Asia (Indochina, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore)
  • South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Iran, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka)
  • North America (We still need RMAs from North America)
  • Africa

List of Regional Marketing Ambassadors

Below is the list of Regional Marketing Ambassadors with their contact details who were accepted in September 2013:

Africa & Middle East

  • Fagbohun Omotayo - Nigeria
twitter :homety010

South America

Southeast Asia

  • Rizky Ariestiyansyah - Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Email :
    • twitter : @ariestiyansyah

South Asia

  • Urvi Chawla - Maharashtra, India
    • email:


  • TBD

North America

  • TBD


RMA team will be meeting on second Monday of each month to discuss on program updates, FSA activities and much more.

Time: 6:30 pm IST / 4:00 pm EAT / 1 pm GMT / 5:30 am PST

Local Collaboration

  • RMAs are strongly encouraged to communicate with their regional community and how they can coordinate on the FSA tasks in their region.
    • As a first step you may send an email to local mailing list introducing yourself and which college you are from

Term guidelines

  • Regional Marketing Ambassador term ends after 6 months of the date of acceptance.
  • After every 6 months the applications will be re-opened.
  • Any active Firefox Student Ambassador(FSA) can apply for the RMA role.
  • If the previous RMAs wish to continue to help with the FSA program as a RMA, they can re-apply.


Have Questions? Contact:

  • Contact Alex Wafula (xelawafs[at]gmail[dot]com)
  • FSA program: firefoxstudents[at]mozilla[dot]com


Have questions about Regional Marketing Ambassadors? You can find list of Frequently Asked Questions here