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Become a Firefox Student Ambassador


Please note that this program remains limited to those individuals who are both 18+ and currently associated with an institute of higher education (trade school, college, university).

Join Us!

Sign-up Now

If you are 18+ and currently associated with an institution of higher education, we would love to have you become a Firefox Student Ambassador!

  • Sign-up to be a member of the program here.

Once you have filled out the form, you are officially a part of the program and will then receive a confirmation email. Right now, we are working on some exciting changes to the FSA Program so you may receive your confirmation email much later. For now, you may continue to move on to next steps as they are outlined below and you will be on your way! We look forward to having you as part of the program!

Steps to Get Started as a Student Ambassador

1. Complete the sign-up form

2. Join our social networks

3. Start a Firefox Club at your school (or join one that already exists)

4. Get involved in an activity with your Firefox Club!

Why Join the Firefox Student Ambassadors Program?

The Firefox Student Ambassadors provide an opportunity for YOU to:

  • Obtain leadership roles on your campus and in your community
  • Work with our global community to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web
  • Receive a bunch of cool rewards and recognition opportunities
  • Gain experience in the field of marketing, business, and tech
  • Potential for a Mozilla internship
  • Access to a network of Firefox Student Ambassadors all over the world
  • Potential visits to your campus by Mozilla staff
  • Do good, and change the world

Have Questions?

You can find list of Frequently Asked Questions here