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Current Release Schedules
Thunderbird 3.2 Thunderbird 3.1.3 Thunderbird 3.0.7
To Be Announced
  • Relbranch opens: July 30
  • Code freeze: Aug 20 @ 23:59 PDT
  • L10n freeze: Aug 24 @ 23:59 PDT
  • Builds start: Aug 24
  • QA with builds start: Aug 25
  • Beta period starts: Aug 27
  • Final release: Sept 7
  • Relbranch opens: July 30
  • Code freeze: Aug 20 @ 23:59 PDT
  • L10n freeze: Aug 24 @ 23:59 PDT
  • Builds start: Aug 24
  • QA with builds start: Aug 25
  • Beta period starts: Aug 27
  • Final release: Sept 7

Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to press *1 to unmute yourself before talking!


Action Items

Friends of the Tree

Thanks to our Friends of the Tree When adding someone to this section, please get their T-Shirt size and send it to rebron@mozillamessaging.com so that he can send them a shirt!

  • Standard8 nominates Makoto Kato and Masayuki Nakano for their work on fixing the number 1 topcrash for Thunderbird 3.1.x users (bug 548480).

Conversion Funnel (Priority 0 side project)

  • Funnel Cake 2 Launched last Tuesday. About 30% more in sample than in Funnel Cake 1, en-US/de builds. Still crunching numbers.
  • More accurate count is giving us a 44% success rate for ISPDB. Top 10 misses, cn.ad.jp, cox.net, aon.at, psmtp.com, dream.jp, so-net.ne.jp, netease.com, btinternet.com, tiscali.co.uk, centrum.cz.

Thunderbird Development

Feature Work

  • Account provisioning.
  • Pluggable mailstore.



  • Flags now set up
  • 3.2 Branch on hold until account provisioning schedule is clearer.
    • Will bump trunk to 3.3a1pre in the meantime to reflect bugzilla flags.

Trunk Development

Thunderbird Stability & Security Releases

  • Bug Lists: 3.1, 3.0
  • 3.0.7 and 3.1.3 being released today.
Major updates to 3.1
  • Now over 50% of users on TB 3.1.x, gaining just under 2M ADUs since we started offering major updates on 11th August.
  • Will "pause" major updates for 3.0.x users whilst we release the security updates, then offer anew in a couple of weeks.
  • updates will be updated to go straight to 3.1.3 in the next couple of days.

QA Updates

  • Releases today of 3.0.7 and 3.1.3
  • Work on next round of major updates
  • Weekly event going on , posted some information on mozilla.dev.apps.thundebird

Marketing Updates

  • PR update: expecting Thunderbird 3.1.3 news today and this week pre-empted here on ghacks, lots of articles Google's Priority Inbox and Gmail phone service
  • ADUs: 5.5MM ADUs, 52% of total users on 3.1.x., many 3.0.x users have upgraded. Still 1.4MM users on Tb 2.0.0.x
  • Next: back from vacation, getting caught up, Tb 2.x EOL messaging, add-ons promotion, [ https://wiki.mozilla.org/Websites/Taskforce web site task force] (and notes)

IT update



  1. 691 support topics, down 16% from last week, labour day holiday effect?
  2. continuing GS instability issues: No GS emails between 9:15pacific Sep 2, 2010 and 12:48pm. Sep 3 & no support topics stats for September 2nd and 3rd 2010, filed ZenDesk ticket 4318
  3. 3.1 Support Issues - top major upgrade issues: Kaspersky and McAfee anti-virus don't play nicely with Thunderbird 3.1 - awaiting word from Kaspersky and McAfee
  4. merci à protz pour le "Get Satisfaction Real-Time Support Dashboard 1.0" (blog post), protz is back at school, so we need code & design help to keep this going! email roland AT mozillamessaging.com
  5. See this week's Support Appendix for full Get Satisfaction metrics and other support details -

Lightning Updates

Status updates

See the Mozilla Status Board for status updates specific to developers.

Roundtable Highlights

Could we have a round up of the GSOC projects ?


_Tsk_, Standard8, DavidB, Gozer, Roland,