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(current release schedules returning soon)

Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to press *1 to unmute yourself before talking!

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page


  • Who's taking minutes? --> Standard8
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to Standard8 for schedule changes/additions.
  • Note: this meeting is for interactive discussion. Feel free to ask questions!

Action Items

Friends of the Tree

Thanks to our Friend of the Tree. When adding someone to this section, please get their T-Shirt size, phone number (needed for shipping!) and send it to so that he can send them a shirt!

Thunderbird Development

For more details, see also the driver meeting notes.

Feature Work

Account Provisioner
Test Pilot


Thunderbird Conversations
  • Paused to concentrate on Open Search / Account Provisioner / Test Pilot
Compose in a tab
  • Paused to concentrate on Open Search / Account Provisioner / Test Pilot
Account Summary

Paused to concentrate on Open Search / Account Provisioner / Test Pilot

Ubuntu Unity Integration

Schedule and Progress

  • Next merge date: Today
    • Get your patches in soon if you want them to land in Earlybird.
    • Make sure to set the appropriate tracking flags so that your patches are not overlooked.
  • For information about channels, point people here -
Thunderbird 7
  • Currently on: Beta
  • Releasing third beta today.
  • Add-on compatibility bump delayed due to issues with getting AMO updated. Pushing for that to happen today.
Thunderbird 8
  • Currently on: Earlybird
  • Add-on compatibility bump information prepared, looking for this to happen soon.
Thunderbird 9
  • Currently on: Trunk.
Thunderbird 3.1.x
  • The 3.1 series is going to keep going while we discuss how to work with enterprise users. Once there's a way forward there, we'll close down the 3.1 branch.
  • 3.1.15 will start building today, releases next week.

Extension of the week

  • Zindus An extension that let's you synch contacts between Thunderbird's Address book, Google mail and Zimbra servers.

QA Updates

  • Worked on released.
  • Worked on bugzilla.
  • Thunderbird QA is now visible on QMO.

Marketing Updates

Infrastructure Update

Build / Release Update

Web Update

  • Thunderbird 7 pages and l10n bug 689449 and cleaned up old l10n bugs.
  • Fixed a bug with compatibility bumps bug 688759
  • Fixed a few issues with kitsune on staging



Lightning Updates

Status Updates

Roundtable Highlights