Thunderbird/Support/GetSatisfaction/Meeting July 31, 2009

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Attendees: Rafael Ebron, Tom, Roland

  1. Roland to make Tom Admin in MoMo GS - done!
  2. Roland to document "voucher" process to change users's roles to "employee", "official rep", "admin" and make them champions - this will go on MoMo KB eventually - done! Thunderbird/Support/GetSatisfaction/RolesAndChampions
  3. Roland's semi-formal "office hours" for GSFN will be 9:30a.m. to 10:30a.m. M-F except Tuesdays
  4. We need a place for a Thunderbird knowledge base. Ubiquity is using Where do we do this Thunderbird? Roland is figuring out where to put out MoMo KB as part of figuring out what to do about
  5. Eric of GS is waiting for developers to move the 13 pages of Moz GS Thunderbird topics to MoMo GS
  6. For the immediate future while there's just 3 of us, rebron, roland, and tom will informally meet every friday at 11a.m. Pacific in #gsfn and perhaps voice
  7. We all agreed that a tagging convention for GS is needed. Be great if other support channel e.g. newsgroups and MZ adopted this convention or perhaps there is a tagging convention in place that we can just use. - Roland to investigate
  8. Roland to file a reply to GS about how to best get users to identify the components and to check out the Tide example (since Tide has many flavours of products) e.g. address book. Roland and Rafael think this would be better as tags but Tom rightly points out that this is not so obvious for normal users and suggested making the components like address book a GS "product". The problem with this is that product is overloaded with many meanings and would confuse lots of folks to use product in this way.