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How to submit your own Webmaker Project

Check out our style guide for "How to write up Webmaker projects"

Do you have something amazing that you need to show the world how to make on the web? Great! Webmaker Projects is just the place for that. Projects is a constantly growing D.I.Y. library for webmakers, a community of people who not only use the web to browse websites but who see the web as a canvas for creating. Follow these simple steps to share your ideas, passion and webmaking expertise with the world.

Step 1: Get a Mozilla wiki account Go to the Mozilla wiki and click the login/create account button to sign up for a wiki account. This will give you editing priviledges so that you can add your own DIY Project, and also collaborate on the hundreds of other articles contributed by Mozilla community members. 

Step 2: Check out this sample DIY Project and copy the content:
Here is a great example of a wiki DIY Webmaker Project entry created by Hive NYC.

Take a look at this example and, if you'd like, go into the Page Source to copy and paste the content if your own wiki (step 3) to edit.
Step 3: Create your own wiki page for your project

All right, now it's your turn! First, create your own page in the wiki. To do this, in your URL bar type:

  • Replace "NameofYourProject" with the unique title of your project. 
  • When you go to the page, if the URL does not exist, it will read:
    "There is currently no text in this page. You can search for this page title in other pages, search the related logs, or edit this page."
  • Click "Edit this page" on the top right side of the navigation. Now you can paste in the content from the Inanimate Alice wiki (step 2) or get started writing your own project with your own steps. Your project should include:
    • an introductory paragraph explaining what the learner will be MAKING as part of the project, why that's important, and what skills they will be learning.
    • a list of steps. Scaffolding can help your learners overcome difficulties that might keep them from moving forward. Create a trajectory of smaller steps that a learner needs to take in order to complete the project
    • images/video/music. Add some pizazz to your project and avoid a boring DIY!

Step 4: Add the link for your wiki page
Grab the url for your project and add it to this wiki in the section below titled "Webmaker Projects"

Step 5 Officially submit your project
Send an email to mozparty (at)mozilla(dot)org with the url of your project to submit it for inclusion on the Mozilla Webmakers website.

Webmaker Projects

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