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Webmaker #teachtheweb team: The Next 100 Days

This page outlines what the Webmaker Teach the Web team will have accomplished by Sept. 4, which is 100 days after we met and made this plan on May 27. The purpose is to share what we're working on and give us focus, so that in 100 days, we will have achieved the goals below.

In the next 100 days, we aim to:

  • snap together the pieces we already built
  • and move intentionally with the community

We will grow sustainably if we are optimizing our work for participation and inviting people in with purpose.

The green text indicates a status update by July 15, the start of Maker Party (1/3 into our 100 Days).

Overall: Contributors

  • 6,500 contributors have been activated by our team.
    • MP start count: 3,800
  • 500 Webmaker Super Mentors are on-boarded & acknowledged as the community leadership and is shaping the strategic direction and global adoption of Webmaker.
    • MP start count: 28
  • There are well-packaged contribution pathways tied to badges and fully integrated on webmaker.org. There are clear pathways to Hive, Reps, FSA, MDN and CBT and throughout our programs.
  • Our community is effectively connected through online channels, community calls and meet-ups. A podcast experiments with new ways to inspire contributors, and we continue to celebrate and interact with the community on social media. Other well-produced items, like training videos and swag, give a level of polish to our offering.
Contributor Status
Driver: Michelle


  • We have a stable Webmaker Training platform and curriculum, with an improved UX and integrated on webmaker.org.
  • 50 contributors are co-facilitating online and in-person trainings and have organized offerings of their own. 3000 Webmaker Mentors have been trained.
  • Usage of webmaker.org has increased, especially account creation and new teaching kits.
  • Sessions are in progress for Mozfest to run mini trainings within the event as well as improve and test the training offering itself.
Training Status
Driver: Laura

Maker Party

  • Maker Party is ablaze with 2,400 events in over 80 countries as its final week nears with hundreds of thousands participants learning new skills throughout the summer.
    • MP start status: 300 events in 21 countries
  • 150 partners and 300 individual event hosts were effectively activated and supported. Mozilla staff have visited Maker Parties in 5 emerging markets. Mozilla and Maker Party have been featured in numerous local and national media outlets and Webmaker has positioned itself as a leader and advocate in Web Literacy.
    • MP start status: 255 partners.
  • Usage of webmaker.org has increased significantly - especially account creation, remixing resources, and events entered.
  • Maker Party leaders and partners have prepared sessions for Mozfest to share their experiences and plan for next year, as well as drive a youth-focused party within the festival.
Maker Party Status
Driver: Amira


  • Mozfest is running on schedule with over 300 accepted sessions curated and coached by well-supported Space Wranglers.
  • Registration has reached 1,000 participants and 150 volunteers are signed up.
  • The schedule app is stable and tested, the production milestones are being hit, and documentation about how to run Mozfest is well populated with a publication plan.
Mozfest Status
Driver: Sarah

Web Literacy Pathways


Resources Status
Driver: Doug & Kat


Prototypes Status
Driver: FuzzyFox


  • The Mozcamp Beta has trained 100 contributors in India who've gone on to active hundreds of new contributors through events and other activities.
  • The Mozcamp agenda is iteratively improved and on track to be run in another city.
  • Sessions have been scoped for Mozfest that bridge the Mozcamp training content and people.
Mozcamp Status
Driver: Michelle


  • We are a happy team!
  • We have focus through virtual drinks, smooth communication and more integrated task tracking with the rest of webmaker.org
    • MP status: Friday trelbeering happening regularly and expanded to all Webmaker community team
  • Our work is understood and integral to the Mozilla Foundation.

Contribution Targets


  • Training contributors: 50
  • Community call presenters: 50
  • Event hosts: 500
  • Maker Party partners: 150
  • Resource taggers: 1,500
  • Teaching kit creators: 300
  • Webmaker Mentors: 3,000
  • Webmaker Super Mentors: 500
  • Mozfest volunteers: 150
  • Mozfest facilitators: 350

Training Detail

  • In-Person trainings (target: 500 Webmaker Mentors)
    • ThinkBig Brussels: 20
    • ThinkBig Germany: 10
    • NCS: 40
    • Maker Party India: 30
    • Uganda: 50
    • Indonesia: 50
    • Mozcamp Beta: 50
    • Mouse: 30
    • MDN: 40 ...
  • Online trainings (target: 2,500 Webmaker Mentors):
    • A tailored Maker Party training is recorded and partners participated.
    • A DRM & Net Neturality training is completed.
    • Trainings with Mozilla's Developer Network and the Community Building team are underway.
    • A Webmaker Training for Librarians is scoped.
  • Improving training (target: 50 contributors, including 200 Webmaker Super Mentors)
    • Co-developed curriculum
    • Made resources
    • Hosted online chats
    • Submitted code
    • Facilitated a training
    • QA and testing

Maker Party Detail

  • Partners (target: 150 organizations)
  • Events (target: 2,400 events)
  • Individual event hosts (target: 300 hosts)
  • Event participants (target: 80,000)
  • Total # of Countries: 80
  • Number of cities around the world: 450
  • Emerging markets Maker Parties: Uganda, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Latam


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Notes: Taken from: https://teach.etherpad.mozilla.org/ttw-huddle-may-2014.