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Meeting Details

  • 1:00pm Pacific time (20:00 UTC until November 4, 2007)
  • Mozilla HQ, 1st floor conference table
  • +1 650 903 0800 x91 Conf# 8600 (US/International)
  • +1 416 848 3114 x91 Conf# 8600 (Canada)
  • +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600 (US Toll Free)
  • [Use *1 to mute yourself]
  • join irc.mozilla.org #staffmeeting for attendance taking

Use "*1" (including the star) to mute yourself if desired, to keep phone noise down.

In Attendance

Development Updates


  • Code freeze was this Friday, 4/27.
  • Looks like we will have RC1 builds tomorrow morning.
  • Bug verifications are in progress.
  • Still shooting for release on 5/22.

TB 2.0

  • Over one million downloads of Thunderbird 2 in the first 6 days!
  • Working with QA and build to join the release train so we can fix a few regressions and start getting ready to think about offering a major update to 1.5.0.x users.

Gecko 1.9

Last Week:

  • Gran Paradiso Alpha 4 Last week.
  • Project Planning for TextFrame/TextRun: Plan is to enable by default on trunk for the Alpha 5 release, specifically targeting May 15.
  • Cycle Collector Activities: dbaron, peterv, jst, graydon, and brendan met last week and we have four patches to be landed this week to address cycle collector performance.
  • Cocoa Migration: Blocker Bashathon: 7 Blockers Eliminated last week, 29 remaining. GO! GO! GO!
  • ES4 SpiderMonkey Test Hacking: The ES4 team working on the SM test suite (mozilla/js/tests/). Current numbers: FINISHED=376, CRASHED=629, PASSED=7775, FAILED=5445 (Note: These numbers are three days-o-hacking old. They fluctuate).

This Week:

  • Introduce Daniel Holbert
  • Another Cycle Collector Meeting this Friday.
  • Platform Goal meeting this week (TBD). See: [1]
  • Continuing Cocoa Migration Blocker Bashathon: Meeting this Wednesday @ 3pm PDT (Announcement to dev-planning pending).

Firefox 3

  • Released Gran Paradiso Alpha 4 last Friday
  • Wikified the PRD and triaging changes using the new process
  • Alpha 5 scheduled for end of May, many more UI facing features scheduled - Password Mgr, Places
  • Current Firefox team status
  • New newsgroups are being created for prerelease announcements & feedback collection for Firefox & Thunderbird (mozilla.announce.prerelease, mozilla.feedback.firefox, mozilla.feedback.thunderbird, mozilla.feedback.firefox.prerelease).


  • Completed community build/tinderbox VM migrations to community build network.
  • Working on getting AMO out in Amsterdam.
  • Downtime: litmus down for VM cloning (litmus-stage).
  • Tier1 tinderboxes now being monitored in nagios, will page oncall if builds drop off (no activity for over 4 hours).


  • Tinderbox moves
    • moved a bunch of community Tinderboxen last week
    • Continuing to move Tinderboxen this week
  • will be using the new branch methodology as outlined here. bug 372755 tracks the implementation of the feature in automation. Since is the first version to use this new branching strategy, we may run into a few issues during the release cycle, so please bear with us if that's the case.


  • Test Execution
    • Tested FFx3, Alpha 4. This was smoke tests and some limited focused testing on new features. See the results and findings [marcia, juanb, tomcat, aleksej, timr] Plans are to do focused testing on new features over the next week or two.
    • FFx testing: Mostly bug fix wrap-up, patch landings, and bug fix verification at this point. [juanb, marcia, tomcat]
    • Perfomance tests: Collecting baselines for trunk [alice]
  • Test Development
    • Litmus test cleanup: Clean up test cases that were found to be "unclear" and add missing tests cases in preparation for cloning for FFx3. See the areas being reviewed [marcia, tracy, juanb, tomcat]
    • JS tests: Checked in updates to JavaScript ECMA Date related tests, bug 378683. Worked on updating javascript.options.* testing to use new functions. Working on automating JavaScript Tests using buildbot. [bc, robcee]
    • Updated performance test docs regarding making sense of the Perf Results and about running Perf tests locally [alice]
    • Alice updated doc for Minotaur (automated testing of preferences for Partner distros and L10n). Tracy provided name/value pairs for the4 partner testing. [alice, tracy]
  • Test Tools and Infrastructure
    • Buildbot test infrastructure: Upgraded windows box to Win2K3. This is 3x faster than WinXP VM. See blog Attack of the Robots [robcee]
    • Built a bulk way of sending data to the graph server [alice]
  • Community
    • FFx3/Grand Paradiso Test day was held on Friday. See results. [tomcat, marcia, and many others]
    • Two Bugday Sessions last Tuesday: Asian, Europe. Three new Bugday Members from India!! [tomcat, tracy]


Product Management and Marketing Updates


  • Mitchell's in Australia for the CeBIT show and is giving two talks, which we'll post once she returns, and speaking with the Australian press about the Mozilla project.
  • Looking at increasing conversion rate on the download page and doing A/B testing in the US. If successful, we'll look at rollout to other locales.
  • Customer Support: Set timetable for community feedback sessions. Developed early draft of customer support specs and end-user work flow. Researching potential vendors to provide platform for community based customer support.
  • Global Marketing: Developed priority list of countries for marketing expansion. A graduate student team from Stanford is currently identifying Mozilla community and current state of the Internet in each country to be followed by strategy development for roll-out of low-touch, high leverage marketing.
  • Working on OSCON plan and roll out of new events process and calendar. Will schedule public call for later in the week to gather more feedback.
  • Several student marketing projects are live now as part of Stanford d.School class on creating infectious action. Handy link here.


Mozilla Labs

Developer Relations

  • MDC wiki upgrade asymptotically approaching completeness
    • new-style and old-style breadcrumbs both working (yay RDF?)
    • nutch working against the new server
    • chasing some encoding issues with RSS and nutch output
  • thanks to Gavin for finding and fixing bug that kept FUEL from being packaged in alpha 4, it's working well on trunk now and will be in alpha 5 FOR SURE
  • Mark at CHI showing off the power of XUL for UI experimentation
  • Look for more details on the Tokyo Dev Day soon.
  • New summer intern: Cesar Oliviera, he'll be working in Mountain View on developer tools. Show no mercy!

Webdev, Add-ons, AMO

  • moz-eu cms
    • production site is setup, still polishing rough spots with IT
  • kubla
    • Investigating drupal:
      • Imported data, added locale awareness, Example (still pretty rough!)
  • amo
    • continuing to make fixes, working on issues with download counts not being tallied correctly due to script timeouts (we have a fix, need to get it to prod and update the live db)
    • massive wiki cleanup from fligtar, docs are much clearer now, thanks Justin!
  • looked at AMO in .nl and things looked good so far -- thanks to mrz for setting this up, should improve response time for EU users
  • download counts issue affected counts for add-ons (see bug 378804)
  • breakpad
    • postgres schema and indexes w/ partitioning
    • python script to insert dummy data for load testing postgres db
  • build automation
    • created separate step for bouncer integration, more this week

Foundation Updates

For Mozilla Foundation activities for the week ending April 27, 2007 please see the status reports from Frank, Gerv, and Zak.


Other Business

Quick summary of SethB and SethS trip to Taipei, Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo