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Friends of the Tree Friends of the Tree

Development Updates


Firefox Front End Work


  • Firefox 3.6 Alpha 1 shipped on Friday, August 7th
  • updated the plan to reflect what we've talked about for the past two months
  • next milestone: Firefox 3.6 Beta 1
  • plan on branching mozilla-1.9.2 from mozilla-central later this week

Team News

  • as of last week, all the Firefox Interns had landed code for Firefox 3.6
  • this is Margaret Leibovic's last week with us, she'll be wrapping up about:me and hoping to get it on addons.mozilla.org soon
  • the team will be gathering in Mountain View during the last week of August


  • I know he's been with us for a while, but now he's officially with us full-time. Please welcome David Bolter, working on accessibility in Toronto!
  • Last week, at SIGGRAPH 2009, Khronos gave more details on the WebGL initiative.
    • Mozilla's leading the Khronos working group, with Arun Ranganathan being the working group's chair.
    • A lot of this work is based on Vladimir Vukicevic's work on Canvas3D; Mozilla's implementation of Web3D is based on canvas3d, with the work needed to update it to the new standard being done by Mark Steele.
    • Both Apple and Google have implementations of Web3D as well. Google showed their implementation at the Khronos OpenGL BoF at SIGGRAPH last week. Great response from the audience.
    • Our basic assumption is that JavaScript is fast enough, and in Mozilla's case, that's thanks to the Tracemonkey folks.

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Firefox 3.5.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

  • Thunderbird
    • making progress on release
    • build is green!
    • please test the nightlies thoroughly
  • Firefox 3.0.13 -> 3.5.2 major update
    • planning to "push" a major update to users of Firefox 3.0.13
    • haven't determined schedule yet, but either this week or next

TB 3

  • MoMo all-hands this week
  • Hoping to nail TB3b4 schedule this week. Watch this space for updates.



  • Network outage 07/09 1:30-9:30 PDT, official blog post here: IT Blog

Release Engineering

  • colo down yesterday. All ok before 1am; if you see any bustage, update bug 509351
  • FF3.6a1 released Friday
  • TB2.0.0.23, Fennec1.0b3 (linux-arm), Fennec1.0a3 (WinMO): waiting for "go"
  • enabled tp4 last week
    • planning to disable tp3, fast-talos machines
  • prep to create branch mozilla-192
    • downtime tomorrow morning splitting production-master (share load in advance of moz192 branch)


Test Execution

  • Tested and Shipped Fx3.6alpha1
  • Cleaned up and porting litmus testcases to a Fx3.6 Testrun
  • Extending testing on fennec nightlies and custom tegra builds against devices

Web Dev Testing

  • AMO5.0.8 was tested and shipped. Found and verified fix for XSS bugin less than 12 hrs!
  • Blogged about how to break down a site into areas for testing
  • SUMO 1.3: Verified 7 bugs
  • Mozilla Creative Collective: Tested MCC1.0 release. Filed 19 bugs
  • Mozilla Service Week: Shipped the Partners page + 3 other bug fixes
  • Spread Firefox: Shipped the first part of 3.0.4 (we did this release in stages)
  • Labs website 2.0: Filed 9 bugs
  • Mozilla.org: Filed 5 bugs
  • Selenium: Created a test case(AMO) for checking whether clicking on a button triggers the Install_trigger action.
  • Process: Created a Google doc to track Manual/Automation testcase coverage for the major projects

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

Test Development


  • No updates this week.



Mozilla Service Week

  • Partner update: We announced a great set of partners last week. Our new "Friends" of the Mozilla Service Week program represent organizations in the non-profit technology, service and social entrepreneurship spaces.
  • Working to wrap up ES, DE & FR this week.


  • Maker Faire Africa August 14 - 16, 2009, Accra, Ghana - We are sponsoring this event and will have a presence at MFA. Our mission is to help bring together the local L10n community. Check out the wiki for details.
  • Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre en Chile October 7 - 9, 2009, Santiago, Chile - Sponsoring event and bringing together the Mozilla Hispanic Community. + 2 day MozCamp Prior.


  • Work on the Mozilla Creative Collective site is almost complete, and if all goes well we'll launch the beta version next week.
  • Tara, Jeff & John will be hosting a brown bag tomorrow (August 11) at 12:30 Pacific to talk more about the details of the Creative Collective, plus the how's and why's of building our design community. Please join us if you're interested! (should be on Air Mozilla)
  • Also on the topic of community design, our "People and Robots: Best Friends Forever" design challenge (with Infectious) is still going on, and we've gotten some amazing submissions. Check 'em out, and vote on your favorites.
  • Next Community Marketing call is Wednesday, August 12th, at 10am PDT. Details and Agenda
    • Please join us to get a look at the results of community outreach around the Firefox 3.5 in person or via Air Mozilla (Note: We're using the marketing channel)


  • No important updates this week


  • We published additional insights from our Installer Feedback project. Click here to follow the discussion around upcoming changes to the Firefox installer.
  • Just a heads up that both the Add-ons and Metrics teams will be publishing some key add-on metrics this week. We've attempted to answer the question, "how many Fx users use at least one add-on?"


  • Mozilla Developer Center
    • Documentation effort for Firefox 3.6 ramping up; don't forget to tag relevant bugs with the "dev-doc-needed" keyword!
    • Interface Reference reorganization continues.
    • Started work on designing a unit test plan for MDC.
    • More back-end work
      • Wrote and had deployed (thanks again, IT) a new MindTouch plugin to automatically find and replace tag strings; will be using this to fix some bad tag names as well as to work on organization cleanup.
      • Assorted minor tweaks.


Developer Tools



  • James Socol starts today full-time in webdev. James is from Michigan State University and is passionate about web design, accessibility and standards. He will be working on support.mozilla.com with the SUMO team.
  • AMO 5.0.8 launched last week, Wil wrote a blog post about the add-on verification suite RJ and Wil worked on, which is now live.
  • Labs 2.0 site is nearing completion; hope to launch this week or next week.
  • The Mozilla Creative Collective (MCC) team has been working on theMCC site and we are in the final stages of QA.
  • Spread Firefox released fixes for some 3.0.4 bugs last thursday, including security updates, a new community spotlight, and Upgrade the Web plug-ins for Wordpress and Drupal.
    • 3.0.3 was wrapped up in July.
  • Mozilla Service Week Partners and Friends update released
  • Bug 416396 was resolved last week -- this means that users without Flash on Windows now get a much better experience when they load a page with Flash on it for the first time and have to install via PFS. Thanks to John Pfeiffer at Adobe and Tony Chung and the QA team for their help.




Foundation Updates

  • Based on Kathleen Wilson's recommendation, we approved a request from E-Tugra to have its root included in Mozilla (bug 443653).
  • Last call for www-stage.mozilla.org testing before going live (polish work will continue after relaunch)


Intern Show & Tell

This week we have the following interns presenting:
Jeff (MKTG)
David K. (security)
Ryo (platform)
Pejman (Business Affairs)
Wilson (Web Dev) -- during MoCo meeting

Other Business

Interns brownbag this week is happening on Thursday at 2pm PST. Sully and Margaret will be presenting. Presentation will be public and aired live.

For more info, please refer to: https://intranet.mozilla.org/2009Interns#Interns_Brownbags