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This is the list of course participants. We selected just over 20 people from the list of sign-ups.

We also arranged project ideas that seemed to focus on similar areas into groups. This is to help participants identify common interests. We would encourage participants to work together in small groups -- or even to pick a single shared project -- if they like. Feel free to move your idea to another group if you feel you are in the wrong space.

I have also added timezone information to make coordination easier [1]. Note that the US and some other countries are now on daylight savings time; thus, for example, Mozilla headquarters in California is on Pacific Daylight Time and is now 7 hours behind UTC.

Web 2.0 Mash-up

Joss Winn

  • Email: jwinn AT lincoln DOT ac DOT uk
  • Based in: UK (UTC)
  • Blog:
  • Profile: Technology Officer, University of Lincoln, UK.
  • Course Feed:
  • Project: I run a new BuddyPress/WordPressMU install and would like to explore the ways students' existing/previous/personal digital profiles/portfolios can be aggregated into the platform and developed without being tied to the platform itself. Tags: Student identity, data portability, syndication, aggregation, collaboration, personal development, e-portfolios.
  • BluePrint

Patrice Gans

  • Email: pgans AT
  • Based in: North America?
  • Blog:
  • Profile: I teach technology at a small private school (K-8) and I am interested in pursuing educational opportunities that allow me to utilize the latest web technologies.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: Currently I am in the process of using wikis and blogs with my students. We are using blogs and e-mail to share cultural information with an electronic pen-pals in Germany, and we are working on a wiki to help us organize information for a historical video of our school. I would like to develop interfaces that would be more intuitive for my younger students so that they can use on-line resources.

Steven Egan

  • Email: igenoukan AT gmail dot com
  • Based in: US UTC -7
  • Blog: Learning Science Meets Game Design
  • Profile: Computer Science Major and game designer with about a decade of tutoring experience working with Jim Groom of UMW blogs to see what might come of some discussions on his blog. That's my background.
  • Course Feed:
  • Project: In this course, I'm hoping to go farther in my project of creating a distributed/loosely connected OER library using a couple XML schema containing meta data and content. To implement that I want to create the XML schema, code generating tools, editing tools, displaying tools and navigation tools. The tools are currently (mostly) designed and a couple are partially coded in HTML and Javascript, using jQuery. More about my idea. That then can be used as a common resource for educators, students, designers, developers and the public at large to create open resources and support learning projects. Eventually I'm hoping to use it in small community created educational games and an educational MMO that I have partially designed. Between here and there, there are issues of portfolios, accreditation, evaluation and many other things.

Mafe Mago

  • Email: mafism AT gmail dot com
  • Based in: New Jersey and Philippines
  • Blog:
  • Profile: just recently been active with online community, have been a teacher and cross-over to Information Technology (SW), and now looking to put on my experience both in the academe and IT.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: My idea is to work on creating a portal where in it will include the different Open Source learning software , activities for kids, Wikis, Blogs, children's book reviews with a framework of a Social Networking (e.g facebook type) that children can call there space..and communities can create learning activity plug-ins.

Courseware 2.0

Alek Tarkowski

  • Email: alek AT creativecommons DOT pl
  • Based in: Poland (UTC +2)
  • Blog: CC PL, Kultura 2.0 blog
  • Profile:. I am the Public Lead of Creative Commons in Poland and also work at a research institute at University of Warsaw, where we promote open science.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I'm building now an online collection of freely available Polish scientific books - as my project I would like to consider how this collection can be used as an active educational resource: what tools could be used to have students not just read, but interact with the works. (things like CommentPress, for example).

Charity Gamboa, Educator / Writer

  • Email: cha (underscore) gamboa AT yahoo dot com, CharityG AT diplomacy dot edu
  • Based in: The Philippines (UTC +8)
  • Blog:
  • Profile: ... a professional licensed teacher in the Philippines for 10 years (8 years classroom and 2 years online/distance education for Koreans as a Head Teacher training and supervising online tutors)- also teaching Science, Technology and TESOL/TESL; ISOC PH IGF working group chairperson ; IGF Remote Participation Working Group (RPWG); contributor to Internet Governance Forum article in wikipedia English version and translated the wikipedia article to "Tagalog" (Philippine national language); Associate of Diplo Foundation; also writes for commercial websites
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I would like to develop an open courseware on TESOL/TESL for online tutors teaching non-English speakers , specifically on learning activities and assessment my experience training online tutors I saw the need to collate ideas especially on best practices to teach/improve tutors' vocabulary and writing skills, and to eliminate common errors in Speech.
  • Blueprint/Project: [Courseware for Online Teaching of English As A Second Language to Koreans ]

Yamandú Ploskonka

  • Email: yama AT netoso dot com
  • Based in: Bolivia soon, but for still a month in Austin, TX (UTC -5)
  • Blog: Yamandú Ploskonka recent ICT activities, OLE Bolivia site
  • Profile: With several teams in Bolivia we seek Quality Education for All starting from an orphanage in La Paz. What makes our approach better and rather unique :-) is that we seek to help teachers perform their current job, by focusing on curricular content with a long-term view of making students better able to learn and perform academically. Tools include increasing participation in digital communities, content creation and sharing by teachers and students, skills building, awareness and adaptation to learning styles, and localization for Bolivian national languages and cultures.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Blueprint Homepage and Project:
    platform independent, browser-delivered content.
    Main issues right now seem to be related to the complexity and unreliability of the systems involved, i.e., hardware, software, content, and wetware.

Chris Campbell

  • Email: bitdepth AT
  • Based in: Canada (UTC -3)
  • Blog:
  • Profile: I'm an independent filmmaker who teaches at the Nova Scotia Community College and a long-time Creative Commons and free software advocate. I love helping people create works and share them and constantly am seeking out new ways to tell stories, remove barriers and establish connections.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I would like to develop a collection of resources related to filmmaking and storytelling within the context of planning for production using tools such as Celtx and developing and sharing projects using the licenses provided through the Creative Commons project. These resources and courseware would be suitable for use individually and with facilitators for preparing, managing and sharing films created using the tools that are available. Personally I'd like to use the resources in my teaching and to enable people tell their stories.
  • Project Blueprint

Michael Rowe

  • Email: michael AT realmdigital DOT co DOT za
  • Based in: Cape Town, South Africa (UTC +2)
  • Blog: /usr/physio
  • Profile: Physiotherapy educator interested in the use of social media / new technologies to improve teaching and learning practice. I currently run a free physiotherapy reference using MediaWiki, called OpenPhysio, where I'd like to determine if collaboratively written articles can be appropriate academic references for students. I'm also looking at the use of blogging as a form of reflective practice in a module on physiotherapy ethics (this is a closed environment owing to the sensitive nature of the content). I'm also interested in open access, open source software and free culture.
  • Course Feed: I'll be posting course notes on my blog
  • Project: I'm interested in starting a national online physiotherapy textbook that will be collaboratively authored by South African academics, clinicians and students. The aim would be to create a free resource for our students (many of whom can't afford internationally published textbooks), which will be culturally / contextually relevant, and which will become a platform for communication and discourse among everyone in the field of physiotherapy.
  • Blueprint

Karen Fasimpaur

Nate Otto: "Free Schooler"/Writer

  • Profile: ...a graduate of the Univ. of Oregon. I wrote my honors college thesis on metaphors to replace "Intellectual Property" that encourage stewardship of the commons of ideas. The Free Culture Commons and Future Generations
  • Project: I want to develop a package of web tools that can be adapted to a range of middle/high school courses, which I can also use to host "free school" classes on my own server. I want to think about what the "shape" of an open course should be, collect open tools and design data structures to organize aggregated course content.

Aung Zayar Lwin

  • Email: alwin AT alliant DOT edu
  • Based in: San Diego, California (UTC -7)
  • Blog:
  • Profile: I have been an adjunct faculty and have been responsible for social and learning initiatives at MGSM at Alliant.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I would like to explore development of an open content course on social computing and web 2.0 tools for organizations, using open tools as much as possible, of course.

Andrew Shean Ed.D

  • Email:
  • Based in: San Diego, California (UTC -7)
  • Blog:
  • Profile: Project Developer for Virtual High School at the Poway Unified School District and Adjunct for Alliant University GSOE.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: My project is to utilize Open Source resources to drive some of the content for our online high school.

Susan Gaer

  • Email: susangaer AT gmail dot com
  • Based in: Santa Ana CA
  • Blog:
  • Delicious:sgaer
  • Profile: An ESL teacher in the community college. I am interested in learning how to include web 2.0 into instruction
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I would like to investigate using open source software with ESL students at the non credit community college level.

Elena M. Lopez, PhD

  • Email: lopez.apclass at gmail dot com
  • Twitter: @axolote
  • Based in: US (UTC -7) (Boulder, CO, USA)
  • Profile: I currently teach quantitative reasoning as an online instructor for Colorado State University. My research interests include anatomy and physiology of humans and wildlife, with a focus on environmental physiology and endocrine disruption.
  • Possible Project 1: To explore the integration of Web 2.0 apps and the development of tutorials using opening source technologies for undergraduate-level courses serving non-traditional students. In particular, I would like to explore the microlecture format as a means of facilitating student learning.
  • Possible Project 2: I would like to begin work on a concise but informative compendium of scientific volumes that describe basic physiological processes with the non-scientist in mind. For example, each volume would focus on the basic anatomy and physiology of one anatomical organ (e.g., kidney), or perhaps one major integrative process (e.g., how blood pressure and kidney function are related). My objective is to write with the non-scientist or layperson in mind and with the hope of empowering the reader to feel comfortable with the often esoteric speak of physicians and scientists. I would like to publish this in an open wiki format, possibly using Plone.
  • Other Interests: To introduce teachers to the numerous possibilities that are available with the use of Linux-based educational distros in the classroom.
  • Blueprint: Definitely a "work in progress".

Guillermo Movia

  • Email: guillermo.movia at gmail DOT com twitter and deimidis (spanish)
  • Based in: Argentina (UTC -4)
  • Blog: un ojo en el cielo
  • Profile: I'.m a communication research an a memeber of Argentina's Mozilla Community.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: Initial Blueprint My project will be add-ons to Firefox to be more useful with moodle, an educational platform. Also, i'm thinking about a course to media researchers about open culture.

Plug-in Magic

Brian Smith

  • Email: brian.teacher AT gmail DOT com
  • Based in: Canada (UTC -6)
  • Blog: No entries here yet
  • Profile: I am currently a Grade 5 teacher in Ontario, Canada. I have a student blog currently, and I will be setting up a personal one prior to the course. Username for Twitter, Diigo, Delicious - smithwithclass
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I want to develop firefox add-ons and software tools that will aid Elementary students in content creation, and e-portfolios.
  • Blueprint: A very rough idea here.

Wendall Cada

  • Email: wendallc at 83864 dot com
  • Based in: US (UTC -8)
  • Blog:
  • Profile: Free Software Developer and Software Developer for Essential Education Corporation
  • Course Feed: rss atom
  • Project: We are in the early planning phases of an instructional delivery and storyboarding system for the creation of learning courses. We plan to use firefox add-ons and new capabilities in Firefox 3.1+ for Audio, Video, JavaScript and SVG. We at various stages of planning or implementing several open education technologies into our current site and products. Creating a realistic plan and goals based on open content, open tech, and open pedagogy.
  • Blueprint: Social LCMS Group Blueprint


Melanie McBride

  • Email: Mcbride DOT Melanie /at/ GMAIL
  • Based in: North America?
  • Blog:
  • Profile: Please see my bio for more extensive background.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I am currently developing mashup curriculum within Howard Rheingold's Social Media classroom In addition to learning more about how I might integrate mozilla plugins into existing web2.0 teaching and learning, I'd like to examine how these tools could help educators to assess largely digitized assignments (like blogs). I currently use a wiki to collect and evaluate my student's blogs. Ideally, I'd like some mechanism to bookmark and easily assess digital works in a way that would provide fields for assessment criteria as well as highlighting items on the page for the student. I'm especially interested in Open Source tools as an alternative to clunky, top down, proprietary edu ware that currently dominates our institutions.


EduFeedr Blueprint

Hans Põldoja

  • Email: hans DOT poldoja AT tlu DOT ee
  • Based in: Tallinn, Estonia (UTC +2)
  • Profile: Research associate in Tallinn University, Estonia. I am one of the developers of OER authoring community LeMill. Also I am active in Estonian Wikiversity.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: My initial project idea is to design (and possibly develop) a lightweight aggregator for following student blogs. I have been organizing several open online courses and found out that I need something more than plain RSS reader to follow the course. Maybe it can be developed with Yahoo Pipes.

Heili Saia

  • Email: heili1 at
  • Based in: Estonia (UTC +2)
  • Blog:
  • Profile:
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I study multimedium and learning systems and the project will be an aggregator to manage students blogs and group works.

Priit Tammets

  • Email: tammets AT tlu DOT ee
  • Based in: Estonia (UTC +2)
  • Blog:
  • Profile:
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: Project plan would involve collecting ideas for open learning environment built upon Web 2.0 tools that are used by the students in their everyday life.

Social life of school

Abhijit Nadgouda

  • Email: abhijit AT
  • Based in: India (UTC +5.30)
  • Blog:
  • Profile: A software engineer who operates mostly in a freelancing mode. I am an open source and Linux enthusiast.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I am interested in creating a platform to connect students from various disciplines and streams, across different schools and colleges, across countries, to come together online and execute concrete ideas, not necessarily software, for any domain. I would like to integrate micro-payments and official funds to sponsor such projects.

Use-cases, communities, projects

Charles Ishikawa

  • Email:
  • Based in: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Blog:
  • Profile: Regional Public Health Planner, Cambridge Advanced Practice Center for Emergency Preparedness, Cambridge Public Health Department.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: Health Alert Networks (HAN) were created to better protect population health by enhancing communication amongst U.S. Public Health agencies, first responders and healthcare providers. Although fairly reliable technologies for redundant and expedient communication, these networks have not reached their full potential. There are a host of inefficiencies would be best improved by enhanced user training, protocol sharing, and evidence-based governance. I am interested in using open education technologies and practices to address system inefficiencies within the constraints of local and state Public Health.

Bernard Sadaka

  • Email: sdkaaa [ a at t] gmail [d dot d] com
  • Based in:
  • Blog:
  • Profile: Computer and Communication Engineering, interested in education as major challenger for society problems.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: (changes occured in this version, will be updating soon) The project i would like to work on includes but is not restricted to the work on developing a framework for an online epistemic community through OER, Firefox and WikiPedia. The aim of this community is to provide the path to the use of structured knowledge in educational tools such as online epistemic games.
  • Blueprint

Eleonora Pantò

  • Email: eleonora DOT panto /at/ GMAIL - twitter: epanto - skype: epanto
  • Based in: Italy (UTC +2)
  • Blog: (italian) e (english)
  • Profile: I work in a research organization ( and I am eparticipation manager (workig about social network and knowledge sharing)-Professional info: - I am trying to raise awareness about oer in Italy: I already started a Ning Community I am going to launch a OER manual in Italian for teachers using a mediawiki.
  • Course Feed: (optional - please specify a feed URL for posts related to this course!)
  • Project: I am looking for your support for starting an initiative that will collect Emeritus that decide to release their works free (like Jacques Attali in France /unfortunately was a fake!!!/ or Sergio Lepri /a journalist in Italy).
  • BluePrint