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Grow Mozilla

Accepted Proposals

Pontoon: Are You Ready?

Mozilla Reps: update and next steps (merged with Mozilla Reps and local communities)

New Skies For Thunderbird (merged wtih Thunderbird Community working session)

Contributing to Mozilla websites and webdev projects

Evolution of the Mozilla Manifesto

Diving into Mozilla Communities

Localizing Design

Mozilla and Arabic region : between priorities, unexplored areas and new challenges !

Webmaker session (merged Experience from hosting Mozilla Summer Of Code parties, why you should host one next time and what to do better and Webmaker SIG: Building a Webmaker Special Interest Group within ReMo)

WebFWD: Growing The Mozilla Mission Through Other Projects

Evangelism Reps training - become a speaker/blogger/face of Mozilla

How to Identify Volunteer Needs, Educate and Onboard New Volunteers, and Create More Rockstars! (merged with Help Yourself Help Coders: Resources for helping potential coding contributors, Building communities with few people and Onboarding New Localizers to Your Community)

The SUMO Magnet

Evolution of the Mozilla Brand

Marketing Collective Next Steps

Capturing Mozillians' Knowledge

What is the open web and why is it important: clear, simple examples to use when evangelizing the project

Communications Training for Mozilla Communications Reps

15 years of Mozilla

Future of Discussion Forums

Sharing feedback, aligning our efforts, and creating a smooth entry into Mozilla

Security and Privacy Roadmap - and YOU!

Minors and Mozilla

Accepted In Other Tracks

Efficient localization with Translate Toolkit - the example of Fulah -- Accepted in Desktop + Mobile track

Not Accepted

Preparing Your Projects for Localization (Deprecated by the l10n team)

Governance Workshop (part of Governance Townhall)

Localize MDN — Start/Extend a localization (Workshop)

SUMO l10n organization and tools

Social Localisation with Verbatim

HowTo hack our core security code (C/C++ programming)

SUMO Kitsune Development

Open Badges experience, or how a global project can take a place in a local community

Mozilla IT and YOU: past, present and future

Host Your Own Developer Event

Mozilla for Mr and Mrs Average

SUMO Support Forum