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Goals Progress

Below are our top level goals. Beneath each goal, note any progress made towards that goal this week.

  • Goal: Continue to deliver B2G automation support for in house developers and partners - jgriffin & team
    • [ahal] Enabled emulator crashtests on b2g18 branch (should go live today)
    • [mcote] Fixing some bugs in Negatus.
  • Goal: Create new Performance measurement tool with performance team to measure startup using the best of our new tools - mozharness/mozbase/datazilla. - jmaher & perf team
  • Goal: Support next generation android efforts by getting Android x86 virtualized environments to run mochitests - bc
  • Goal: Improve test slave capacity by allowing linux desktop tests to be entirely virtualized for tests that do not need hardware support. - jmaher & Releng
  • Goal: Build to support future capacity for workflow and performance by:
    • Deploying Bugzilla 4.2 - dkl, glob
      • Testing continues on the staging server. A couple minor bugs found so far, nothing major. Staging server needs a bit more setup, and still waiting on production.
    • Publicizing and starting on an effort to revamp TBPL - jeads, edmorley & team
    • Updating test harnesses to use mozbase and mozharness and creating a migration plan for moving to better test reporting across the board (migration planned for Q2 to coincide with TBPL v2 delivery) - jhammel & ahal
    • Revamp GoFaster measurement tools - camd
    • Create plan for triage workflow and begin triaging according to it - lizzard
      • [lizzard] Progress noted below, creating infrastructure for community
    • Make all QA centered automation ready for rapid betas to allow the desktop team to work faster - Henrik & team


This is a place for people to put announcements or to describe activities that they'd like to highlight. It's not the responsibility of the MC to find things to put here.

  • Last week, AutomatedTester did a presentation on Marionette - you can watch it on airmoz if you missed it


Any issues that need discussing with the entire team go here

  • New Meeting format
  • Building a full scale, remoteable on-phone automation system
    • What that means for autophone in the meantime
  • Mac Minis
    • Still want them?
    • The old Talos staging environment?
    • The addons test staging environment?

In-Depth Project Discussion

Pick one project/presenter per week who will give a detail presentation on their project.

Upcoming Events

Standing weekly meeting related to our projects should go here

Round Table

Put your questions and things to raise with the entire team here

Take notes here and copy and paste them to this section afterwards.

The Overview

Progress, notes, problems, and other statuses about current projects. Add any new projects to this template!

Mobile (1st Monday)

AutoPhone/Noah's Ark

  • Removing, temporarily at least, the autophone setup in haxxor in favour of two setups in [bc]'s and [mcote]'s houses.
    • This should make maintenance much, much easier, since phones are flaky.

B2G Automation

  • [ahal] investigating b2g emulator failures on Ubuntu 32 VM pool
  • [ahal] Enabled emulator crashtests on b2g18 branch (should go live today)

Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraping Tool

Android Automation

Tools (2nd Monday)







War on Orange

  • [edmorley] More chasing of devs who are ignoring top oranges / disabled a handful of tests for the lost causes.

TBPL Version 2

Performance ( 3rd Monday)

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

Signal From Noise



  • [wlach] - More work on Eideticker using cameras. Experimentation with Elmo captures, research into other cameras as well (investigation seems to indicate that the picture captured by the Elmo MO-1 is ~unusably bad).
  • [wlach] - Dashboard now emails notifications on error
  • [ctalbert] - Galaxy Nexus finally hooked back up for dashboard


General Framework Support (4th Monday)


  • [ahal] Got patch for webapp support in mozprofile (bug 837719)
  • [edmorley] Mozcrash/checkForCrashes() patches: Bug 809065 & bug 839514
  • [wlach] Support for Android JellyBean when launching apps/fennec in mozdevice/sutagent: bug 838844

WebRTC Test Development


Process (4th Monday)

Sheriffing & Trees

  • [edmorley] Reviewed bug 837303 & bug 836980.
  • [edmorley] Discussions with AutomatedTester about bisect in the cloud.



  • Creating infrastructure for bug triaging community.
  • Starting a forum/mailing list for bugmasters, irc channel (#bugmasters)
  • Bugmaster meetings set for Thursday mornings, every 2 weeks
  • Pages created for Bugmasters on this wiki.

Holidays and Trips

  • [DBurns] Wednesday 13/02/2013 - 27/02/2013
  • [Ctalbert] Friday Feb 15
  • North America and Canada (except Quebec) out Mon, Feb 18.
  • [rwood] Friday Feb 15
  • [Lizhenry] Mon Feb 11-15 Vienna (speaking at OSCE) , 15-22 London


Find something you think is cool, interesting, funny, or exciting and put it here