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Notices, Highlights, Roundtable

  • Review old Q2 goals - went ahead and marked a few things that we expect to complete this week as "done" and things that we expect to miss or flow into the early part of next quarter as "miss".
  • Review new Q3 goals draft - we are doing more proactive things this quarter, in particular those are:
    • Creation of services automation system in AWS, integrating with Treeherder
    • Completing treeherder's UI, allowing us to begin using it
    • Expanding the notion/reach of performance benchmarks (and re-using the same code to do it)
    • Allowing datazilla to take over from graphserver for talos testing.

Keep in mind that this is a full list. So anything not on this list, we should de-prioritize so that we can stay focused and drive these tasks to completion. Note that some of them (like the services automation piece) are going to need to be heavily scoped.


Deep Dives

Mobile (1st Monday)

AutoPhone/Noah's Ark

B2G Automation

Mobile Evangelism Site-Scraping Tool

Android Automation

Tools (2nd Monday)







  • [edmorley] New things in production:
  • [edmorley] Patches:
    • mcMerge has now been moved into TBPL's repo & made testable from the local filesystem (bug 875323). The temporary (and outside of our control) mcmerge.m.o instance can now be switched off \o/
    • WIP patch to add starring auto-selection & keyboard shortcuts.
    • Misc patches:,884721

War on Orange

  • OrangeFactor on trunk for last 7 days: 5.3

TBPL Version 2

Performance (3rd Monday)

New Graphserver (Datazilla)

Signal From Noise



  • [wlach] Added minimal travis-ci continuous integration.


General Framework Support (4th Monday)


In-tree Automation/Harnesses

  • [edmorley] Patch to add timeouts to mozharness urllib2.urlopen() calls & make download_file() timeouts retry (bug 884115).

WebRTC Test Development

  • New test framework for datachannels and a couple of basic tests have been just landed on inbound.
  • Some smaller patches remain to be written before we can sign off from our assistance

Process (4th Monday)

Sheriffing & Trees

  • [edmorley, Tomcat] More sheriffing training. Have started rough notes for a wiki guide so we can extend the process more easily to volunteer sheriffs.
  • [edmorley] Opt mochitest-metro-chrome jobs are now shown by default on all trees (bug 885565).



Holidays and Trips

  • [edmorley] PTO Mon 1st to Fri 5th July.


  • [ffledgling] - moznetwork/mozinstall - direction on specific unit tests