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Announcing the 3rd Quarter of Contribution with 3 projects looking for new hackers:

This is an opportunity to focus for 8 weeks on building software, solving problems, and trying something new. Some dates to be aware of:

  • May 24, 2016 - start pinging us on IRC (, #ateam) to get involved
  • June 3, 2016 - mentors select participants and we will announce the team!
  • June 6, 2016 - official start date, time to set a schedule and work from it
  • July 29, 2016 - official end date, set new goals, focus on other things

How to get involved:

  • Pick the project you want to work on
  • Meet the mentors on IRC [1], or via email if you are in a different timezone
  • Work on a related good first bug to get setup
  • Fix a few other bugs, determine if the Quarter of Contribution format is right for you

We have a couple weeks for folks to get familiar with the tools we use, and get comfortable working on the project. Each project has two mentors who can only commit to focusing on at most 2 contributors at a time. This is to ensure we can provide the best mentorship if you are going to dedicate your spare time regularly towards the project. If we get more applicants than we have mentors for, we'll find other fun projects for those not selected for this particular program. The Quarter of Contribution is just one of many ways to volunteer with our team: we have many smaller tasks that people can tackle.

What are the expectations of you:

  • Work on your own schedule, be self motivated
  • Proactively check in, tell your mentor if you are out for some time or having trouble
  • Be eager to learn and try new things. We're not looking for an expert programmer, just folks who ask questions when they are stuck, and are eager to learn.
  • Contribute regularly in your spare time to the project for 8 weeks

What you should expect from the experience:

  • Two dedicated mentors for the duration of the project
  • A body of open source code which you can show to others
  • Someone who will check up on you at least once a week
  • A project that you can look back on which you have done, and understand why this is useful to Mozilla
  • An open dialog to understand your strengths and areas to work on and ideas of what you can do to grow your career in software and open source

[1] Getting started on IRC: