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Pathways Working Group

More info: Contribute/Pathways


See Contribute#Joint Recognition/Pathways/Education Working Groups meeting

Discussion Forum

Pathways communicates via Discourse and the CBT discussion list #pathways

Meeting Notes

Next Meeting

Previous Meetings

Systems and Data Working Group

More info: Contribute/Systems

Future meetings

  • TBD

Past meetings

Education & Culture Working Group

More info: Contribute/Education


Due to the significant overlap is efforts of the Recognition, Pathways and Education working groups, these groups meet together on a semi-monthly basis.

Discussion Forum

Meeting Notes, Joint working group

Meeting Notes, Education-only

Wiki Working Working Group

The Wiki Working Group is now a stand-alone group called MozillaWiki:Team.

Recognition Working Group

More info: Contribute/Recognition


Events Working Group

More info: Contribute/Events


Discussion Forum