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FXOS Engineering Program Management Office (PMO)

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Bugzilla Flags

The team will be using the following whiteboard text for tracking user stories and their priorities in Bugzilla.


  • ONE bug per user story. Implementation tasks and bugs should be marked as blocking the user story bug.
  • ALL user stories that are either committed or targeted to a release must have a bug filed.
  • If a bug is not a user story it will NOT have any of these flags in the whiteboard.


  • The user story id, as found in the Product backlog spreadsheet, is written in the bug whiteboard as "ucid:{id}", eg: "ucid:Browser326".
  • The functional team that is responsible for the implementation of the user story is written as "ft:{teamname}", eg: "ft:media".


  • Grammar: [ucid:{id}, {release-version}, ft:{team-id}]
  • The entire block is contained within square brackets
  • Case-insensitive. UCID and ucid are both valid.
  • Key and value are separated by a colon (no spaces).
  • Key/value pairs are separated by a space and comma.


  • [ucid:System26, 1.3, ft:systems-fe]
  • [ucid:Comms27, 1.3, ft:comms]

feature-b2g Flag

The purpose

  • The feature-b2g flag is intended to be used to help define scope for a particular release.
  • The feature-b2g flag enables us to isolate the particular engineering tasks that make up the completion of the feature in a release time frame.
  • feature-b2g version#? is defined as "this feature is being proposed for this release"
  • feature b2g- version#+ is define as "this feature has been committed (by the engineering team(s)) for this release"

How to tag

  • [meta] bugs features and all dependencies targeted for a particular release should mark feature-b2g flag.
  • The feature-b2g flag should assigned to engineering tasks falling under the user stories AND the user stories themselves.
  • feature-b2g should flag to feature work only, not polish, enhancement or refactor work. Unless there's a user story dedicated for those work in a particular release. This gives us a more stable feature-b2g bug number and better prediction/tracing.
  • You can only mark the flag for engineers assigned on your team - not partner teams.

Who has the permission

  • PM and EPM, engineer managers and partner peers have the access

EPM Toolbox

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