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Privacy Contribution Pathway at Mozilla

PriMo is short for "Privacy at Mozilla". We are privacy enthusiasts committed to building a consistent approach to privacy that puts users in control (see also Privacy wiki). If you'd like to help, there are several pathways to PriMo, so you can choose the one that works best for you and fits your talents, interests and passions. For example, if you're a video editor with a passion for privacy, we'd love your help making our online teaching tools really pop. Want to practice you presentation skills? We've got content you can present. Whatever your skills or interests are, if you find yourself with a passion for privacy, we've got a place for you.

The PriMo program aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians who have a passion for privacy, whether it's sharing privacy with others in their region/locale, contributing technical skills, helping build privacy support pages, or other ways to get involved. We've defined several clear pathways to get you started.

Our top three contribution pathways are building privacy teaching kits, building out a volunteer recruitment program through Terms and Conditions May Apply film showings, and building privacy support pages for SUMO.

Step One - Become a Privacy Action Taker

Looking for a simple way to get started or test the waters? The Privacy Action Taker badge represents a personal commitment to understanding Web data privacy and protection. This badge recognizes self-assessed activity in any and all of the following categories.

Step Two - Choose Your Pathway

Ready to get more involved? Each pathway has some suggested projects where you can get involved, based on your interests and skills. We'd love to have your help!

Privacy Education

Mozilla believes privacy is a key part of web literacy. You can help teach privacy, develop some online curriculum, or both. Read more here.

If privacy or security is your profession, a Webmaker goal is to get privacy and security domain experts to collaborate with the Webmaker community. Together privacy experts and education experts could contribute to a series of Teaching Kits and activities around Privacy, Security and the Web, to cover all the skills listed under these competencies in depth and at multiple levels (e.g. the basic intro versus an advanced Teaching Kit) and for various audiences.

Whether privacy is your profession or a passion, you can get involved an teach others how to protect their privacy and security online - and earn badges for your efforts.

How can I help right now?

Where to teach privacy:

How to teach privacy:

  • Use these Webmaker resources to teach others how to put their privacy first
  • Share this list of resources
  • Create new Webmaker privacy makes (add your ideas here)
  • Provide feedback on existing privacy makes.
  • Seek out existing privacy content that could become part of Webmaker (add your ideas here)
  • Propose or join a content sprint or design jam Here's an example.

The Webmaker team is working on a bookmarklet that will allow you to tag stuff you find on the web with the Privacy Web Literacy competency. You'll also be able to pull good stuff into Webmaker through the MakeAPI soon. In the meantime, as a first step, add a resource that you think is a good fit to the form. Next step, talk to the content owner to see if they'd like to work with you to add their content in WebMaker.

Movie Screenings

Do you enjoy showing a film and leading a discussion? Our Utah team did just that with the award-winning documentary "Terms and Conditions May Apply" (TACMA). Read about their experience here. We believe that this film can help us find new Mozilla volunteers.

How can I help right now?

Become a Film Steward Partner with a local Mozilla office, University, library, or other community organization to show "Terms and Conditions May Apply" on a regular basis followed by a privacy Q&A. Learn more here. Applications will be available shortly (you can help with that too!).

SUMO Privacy Content (SUPriMO)

Want to help respond to / create answers to frequently asked privacy questions? Help us build a privacy module within SUMO. Check the SUPriMO wiki page to see how to help.

Privacy Communications

Do you have an interest in finding and sharing privacy articles?

Join the Privacy Discussion Group and scan the web for privacy articles. Post an article to the discussion group at least once a month, and earn a news badge.

Do you have a gift for organizing content? We would love your help with our wiki page.

Adopt a Privacy Bug

Go to Bugzilla and do a quick search on the keyword "privacy." Is there a bug you could help move in the right direction? Some are technical, but some aren't. Sometimes it's as simple as a link that doesn't work properly. Earn a privacy badge for bringing a privacy bug to resolution.

Adopt a Privacy Make

  • Add some technical wizardry to the existing privacy makes.
    • Help add more examples, case studies and in-action photographs in addition to the texts. Pages like this one would look so extra-amazing if there were also some additional medias to get inspired by! Ex: Popcorn vids embedded, pics of Hive groups working with Popcorn, vids of hacker security experts talking about these issues at Chaos Communication Camp, examples of other events and teaching kits that use it too, Cryptoparty excerpts and photographs from around the world, etc.
    • Can you help the Utah team with their first privacy video?

Join the Privacy Technical Peers

This is a group of technical advisors who can help as needed when the privacy team has technical questions.

Suggested reading and viewing:

  • "The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto (book - available on Safari Books), (author talk)
  • "Privacy training: Starting the Conversation" (presentation) (blog post)
  • "Privacy by Design Training for Engineers" (presentation)

Special Projects

When we have a time-sensitive contribution opportunity, we'll use this form to communicate it.