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IMPORTANT NOTICE : The FSA program is now set to transition to Campus Clubs

A new program is coming to campuses this September that is aligned with the existing Mozilla Clubs structure and will provide a unified model for participation on campuses around the world.

Mozilla Campus Clubs will be replacing the FSA program and so we won’t be accepting any new Firefox Student Ambassadors. The listed FSA Activities won’t be carried any more. You can find more information about the future of the program in this post, where you can also leave your questions.

Learn more about the Campus Clubs at:

About | Structure | Join | Activities | Events | Recognition | Contact | FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Firefox Student Ambassador?

Creative and resourceful, Student Ambassadors lead campaigns and projects at their colleges and in their communities to encourage others to contribute to Mozilla (and utilize our products). Together, Firefox Student Ambassadors play a large role in helping to improve the global experience of people on the Web.

What is the difference between a Firefox Student Ambassador and a Mozilla Rep?

The Firefox Student Ambassador Program exists to support students who are new to the Mozilla community. Once these individuals have gained more knowledge and experience within the community they have the option to apply to the Mozilla Reps program. Although we encourage all Ambassadors to consider applying for higher positions in the FSA Program.

Mozilla Reps (Remo) represent Mozilla in their country or geographic region, there is no limitation to a university setting. While any college student can be a Student Ambassador, Mozilla Rep applicants need to be "accepted" into the ReMo program through a formalized process. Once they join ReMo, Mozilla Reps take on advanced leadership functions and responsibilities and receive a wider set of tools and resources to help guide projects and organize community members.

What should I know to become a Firefox Student Ambassador?

To take part in the Student Ambassador program, you must be eighteen years of age or older and currently associated with a college or university.

A successful Student Ambassador is enthusiastic about and familiar with Firefox and Mozilla -- experience planning events and organizing school activities is a plus! Having some programming and Web savvy can be helpful as well, but not necessary to do a great job. Ambassadors should be comfortable answering basic questions about Web browsers, Firefox features,Firefox OS and how to get involved with Mozilla. So if you love Open Source Software or Mozilla Firefox, this is the opportunity for you!

What should I do to join the program?

Please register for the program using the following link. Once you register you are officially a part of the program and will then receive a confirmation email.

Is there a minimum "duty time" required to be part of the program?

No, you can be as involved as you would like with the program. We encourage participation of as much time as you would like (and can spare with your studies)! The more you put in, the more you'll get out of the experience. We have Firefox Student Ambassadors working hard to teach the web, to promote the open Web, and to change the world.

Do I get paid for being a Firefox Student Ambassador?

The Firefox Student Ambassadors program is 100% volunteer based. Just like other functional areas of the Mozilla Project, we rely on the support and energy of people all around the world to make our open source model work. While we do not offer paid positions for participating in the program, we do provide access to people and resources that you won’t find anywhere else. The opportunity to represent Mozilla brings with it a lot of great experience and recognition.

When will I know if I am accepted into the program?

Since the Student Ambassador Program is open to all of those over the age of 18 who are currently associated with universities or colleges, you do not need to be “accepted.” Every individual (over 18) that completes the signup survey is automatically considered a part of the program.

I didn’t receive any confirmation that I have been accepted, what should I do?

No worries! Oftentimes confirmation e-mails can get filtered out or blocked depending on your e-mail settings. The confirmation e-mail includes the following information:

If you’re receiving monthly newsletters, you are part of the program!

How long can I be a Firefox Student Ambassador?

As long as you are over 18 and currently a student at a university or college, you qualify for the Firefox Student Ambassador program. Firefox Student Ambassadors who exemplify advanced leadership and knowledge of Mozilla projects will be encouraged and supported to 'graduate' to the Mozilla Reps program or other Mozilla initiatives.

What happens when I graduate from school?

Once you graduate from school, if you no longer involved with your university you are encouraged to review the application process and activities for the Mozilla Reps program (REMO). If ReMo isn't your preferred destination, please consider other contributor opportunities. Since you won’t have access to other students in a school environment, we hope you will find a new community that you can work with in spreading Firefox and the Mozilla mission, whether it’s your hometown or your workplace. Visit the Get Involved homepage to find areas where you can contribute and info on how to get started.

Could it affect academic performance? (Like travels, absence for several days)

You are invited to be as involved in the Firefox Student Ambassador program as you would like - we trust that you will only become as involved as it does not affect your academic pursuits. Very little travel will be required of a Firefox Student Ambassador, so you should not anticipate any absences in your studies.

What are the benefits of being a Firefox Student Ambassador?

  • Obtain leadership roles on your campus
  • Help grow our community (and spread our mission) around the world
  • Receive a bunch of cool rewards and recognition opportunities
  • Help promote the open web and gain marketing experience
  • Potential for a Mozilla internship
  • Access to a network of Firefox Student Ambassadors all over the world

Firefox Clubs

How can I start a club?

If an Firefox Student Ambassador wants to start a club, one should fill up this form, take note that this form is only open when there is an ongoing Club Lead Training wave.

How will I know if there is an ongoing Club Lead Training wave?

You may check this link, for the schedule, it would be updated monthly so check it out often!

Will I receive a notification about my status on the Exams?

Yes!, you will received one after the VP of Club development has processed all necessary information from the exam.

How long before I can receive my Club Wiki page?

After you successfully registered your club, it will take at most 3 weeks for you to received your Club wiki page.

How will I find my club?

You may access the directory here. To find a Club in your country, please go to and replace (insert_country_here) with the name of your country.


How can I obtain Mozilla gear ('swag') for the activities of my Firefox Club?

Check out our FSA Swag Request process here. Beyond the Firefox gear we will provide, you can always make your own! As long as you follow our One Mozilla style guidelines, you are free to create anything from posters to t-shirts on your own and give them out to your community (you just can’t sell them for money/profit).

I'd like to join Office Hours but don't know how to install IRC

No worries, directions on how to install IRC can be found here.

I frequently travel. Is it valid anywhere? Or is it only for the region I signed up for?

Good news! While we would love for you to join a Firefox Club at your home university, there are several activities in the program that you can participate in from anywhere in the world. Please see our activities tab for more information.

What sort of activities do Firefox Student Ambassadors do?

You don’t need a crop circle to tell people how awesome Firefox is! Firefox Student Ambassadors have done everything from create a video on Firefox to host a help desk at school to convert their dormitory or university to Firefox. Here are more ways you can spread Firefox and we welcome your creativity here

Where can I go to meet other Firefox Student Ambassadors?

Our main communication channel is the Firefox Students Ambassador group on Facebook and page but we also have accounts on Mozilla Discourse and Twitter, so you can get involved there as well. In addition, a directory of all of our Firefox Clubs (and who you can get in-touch with) can be found here.

I sent an invite in a new social networking site, why are you still not accepting my invitation?

Our only Official accounts are Facebook page, Facebook Group, Mozilla Discourse and Twitter.


What is a Regional Ambassador Lead?

Regional Ambassador Leads, consisting of dedicated Mozilla Reps and exceptional Student Ambassadors, help advise the actions of Firefox Clubs and Student Ambassadors as well as coordinate campaigns and community activities in their country.

For more information on Regional Ambassador Leads can be found here

How many Firefox Student Ambassadors can there be at one school?

While we don’t have a limit to the number of students that can register to be Ambassadors at any given school, we ask that students try to work together as one Firefox Club once there are more than 2-3 Ambassadors at your school. For more information on how to start a Firefox Club at your school, please see here.


Will we be given a certificate of identification?

There are no certificate of identifications given out yet. Although if you need a form of identification to show your administration, you can fill up this form and the VP of Recognition will send a letter of identification after he reviews the information. Remember, this is only a letter, not a certificate.

What is the FSA open badge for?

A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest,It recognizes that you have finished the Beginner's guide provided to you.

Will there be other badges?

Yes, but at the moment no, we are still drafting the design and the criteria where we will be giving badges, so stay tuned!