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IMPORTANT NOTICE : The FSA program is now set to transition to Campus Clubs

A new program is coming to campuses this September that is aligned with the existing Mozilla Clubs structure and will provide a unified model for participation on campuses around the world.

Mozilla Campus Clubs will be replacing the FSA program and so we won’t be accepting any new Firefox Student Ambassadors. The listed FSA Activities won’t be carried any more. You can find more information about the future of the program in this post, where you can also leave your questions.

Learn more about the Campus Clubs at:

About | Structure | Join | Activities | Contact |

Firefox Clubs (FC) are a key grouping of Student Ambassadors at your school which function as Mozilla's liaison at these institutions.

As a Firefox Club, it will give you a chance to meet new friends and work as a team to help others learn about our products, grow the Mozilla community (at your school), host events, and participate in campaigns!

Your Club can take part in fun activities that will help promote Mozilla, Firefox, and our mission (while providing opportunities for you to gain more experience in open source technology and take on a whole new leadership process).

For more information on the activities which a Club can do, please see here.

You may access the directory here. To find a Club in your country, please go to and replace (insert_country_here) with the name of your country.


Club Structure

  • Firefox Clubs, directly led and handled by the the Club Lead, shall also be overseen by the Regional Ambassador Lead (RAL) in their country/ region.
  • A Firefox Club shall be composed of Firefox Student Ambassadors in that club's university/ school.
  • Ideally, there shall only be one Firefox Club per school/ university. For university systems, only one Firefox Club per campus.
  • A Firefox Club may define other leadership position in their clubs or Club Officers, as deemed necessary i.e. Director for Marketing, Director for Recruitment, etc. Together, they shall comprise the Executive Board of the Firefox Club.
  • Registered FSAs who, upon signing up, finds out that there is no club in their school, may apply for club establishment.

Leadership Structure

Regional Ambassador Lead (RAL)

RALs are the ones in-charge of Firefox Clubs and FSAs in their regions. As such, the RAL has the authority to do the following, if deemed necessary.

  • Facilitate offline CLT
  • Oversee Club Lead/ Officer elections
  • Guide the club leadership in establishing and managing their club.
  • Connect the club and FSAs to the global FSA community.

You can read more about the RALs here.

You can check out the list of RALs per region here.

Club Lead (CL)

  • A Firefox Club Lead shall be the main representative of the club to the regional and global FSA team.
  • A CL shall provide leadership to the FC by leading projects, events and teams.
  • A CL shall provide training to the club members by passing on what he/she have learned from the CLT and other trainings.
  • The term of a CL shall adapt the academic year of the school/ university of the FC. This is to ensure that the leadership is passed on in accordance to the transition of the academic year.

Club Executive Board

  • Having Firefox Club Officers (CO) as part for the Club's Executive Board shall be entirely optional for the club.
  • Club Officers shall be under the Club Lead.
  • A Club Officer shall perform a specific role for the club, i.e. marketing, publicity, human resource etc. It can be based on organizational function or based on the contribution areas at Mozilla, depending on what the members shall agree with.
  • Suggested CO positions:
    • Marketing Lead
    • Publicity Lead
    • Membership Lead
    • Developer Relations Lead
    • Web Education Lead
    • And other positions agreed upon by the members/ leadership


  • Firefox Clubs are open to all Firefox Student Ambassadors who are currently associated with the school. Only registered FSAs may join your Firefox Club. (Registered FSAs are those who signed up to the global FSA program).
  • As a reminder, the Firefox Student Ambassador program is only open to those individuals who are 18+ and currently associated with an institution of higher education.
  • There is no limit to the amount of FSAs who can be in your Firefox Club.
  • The club may organize recruitment drives at their school to gather new FSAs that will sign-up.
  • As this is a volunteer program, clubs cannot accept or reject sign-ups.
  • The global program does not impose any application process for those who wish to join a club. As long as you can provide them proof that you have registered as a Firefox Student Ambassador (e.g. giving a screenshot of the welcome e-mail) you should be good to go. Clubs however, have a choice to do interviews and a reasonable introduction process provided that it is not a pass/fail type, but rather a process where you can get to know more about the FSA and his/her goals.
  • If you encounter a Firefox Club that restricts their membership or requires a selection process, send an e-mail complaint to regarding this issue.

Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines

Club Establishment

  1. FSA expresses intent to establish a Firefox Club by filling out this form: The form will be open when there is an ongoing Club Lead Training wave.
  2. The FSA who applied for the club establishment shall be the Club Lead of the club, once establishment has been completed.
  3. The Club Lead shall then take the Club Lead Training. Refer to the Club Lead Training page for more information. (As per the FSA restructure, all Club Leads who took the CLT before Oct. 2014 shall take the revised CLT again.)
  4. Upon successful completion of the Club Lead Training and passing the CLT Evaluation Exam, the requester shall be declared as the Club Lead of the new Firefox Club and shall be given the link to register his/her club.
  5. The Club Dev't team shall then create the page on the Wiki. While this is ongoing, the Club Lead may now proceed on his/her initial steps in organizing the club.
  6. The Club Lead shall be notified when the Wiki page of their club is up.

Club Leadership Election

  • Established FCs shall have the capability to hold their CL/ EB elections every academic year.
  • The election shall be held every end or before the start of the academic year of the club’s school.
  • A reasonable application process may be held to screen candidates/ nominees, if deemed necessary. The EB/ RALs has the right to look upon this application process if needed to ensure that the process is just and fair.
  • Upon successful elections, the CL-elect shall take the CLT.
  • Upon completion of the CLT, the CLs shall proceed with their duties for the term.
  • In case the CL-elect is also a CL of the club last term and has completed the CLT on the previous term, he/she will be asked to fill out the CL-Elect Repeat Term Form instead of taking the training again. (note: this shall apply only to those elected CLs who took the version of the Club Lead Training made on and after Oct. 2014.)


  • If a CL wishes to resign, he/she may bring it up to the RAL who shall help him/her in reconsidering the situation and talking to the members involved.
  • If a CO wishes to resign, he/she may bring it up to the Club Lead and their club’s leadership.


  • If, in a very unfortunate case, that the Club Lead gets inactive or is having a very bad reputation within the community/ club, members/ RAL may file for impeachment of the Club Lead.
  • In case such crises arise, the RAL shall administer a forum where the parties involved can take and agree to a solution.
  • If it is deemed necessary to proceed to the impeachment/ resignation, the RAL shall facilitate the election of the new Club Lead.
  • The CL-elect will then proceed to taking the CLT on the nearest CLT wave that he can join.

Official Recognition from the University

  • If deemed necessary, the Firefox Club may apply for recognition to their university.
  • The intent to have their Firefox Club officially recognized by the school shall be coordinated with the FSA EB so we can help you provide the necessary information to your school.


Recruitment Tips

See below some recruitment ideas, but be sure and check with your university's rules before proceeding:

  • Register your Club as an official organization on campus
  • Advertise your club through official school channels
  • Participate in official club and activity fairs
  • Give a talk on Firefox, Firefox OS and other Mozilla projects to a group or class on campus
  • Partner with other technology organizations or departments for an event
  • Advertise your Firefox Club over social media channels. For helpful tips and template updates, please see here

Budget and Gear

  • See the details of requesting swags (merchandise) for your events here.
  • You may also:
    • Ask the Reps from your region for funding support for your events. That is why it is very important to connect with your local communities.
    • Seek school activity funding. If you managed to become a recognized organization in your school, you may might want to explore this option.
    • Do fundraising activities. However, in doing so, ensure that you do not use the Mozilla name by making people think that their sponsorship is for Mozilla globally, and you are employed by Mozilla. It involves a lot of legal arrangements so it would be safer to present your club alone as the one wishing to solicit support.

Recruitment Collateral

Mozilla Branding Guidelines