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Steps to Create an Affiliates Button for your Firefox Club

1. Review the Contest Rules

2. Go to the Firefox Affiliates website

3. Follow these instructions to create a new banner:

  • Category: Firefox for Desktop
  • Pick a Banner: Student Ambassadors (please note only Student Ambassador banners will be eligible to win the monthly contest)
  • Pick a Size: You can choose from either 250x300 pixels or 160x600 pixels
  • Language: Currently the Student Ambassador Affiliate Buttons are only available in English

4. Click 'Save Banner'

5. Embed the code for the button in your website and social media pages (and share out with your fellow Firefox Club members to post as well!)

6. Register for the contest by including the code on your Firefox Club's wiki page. If you have not already created a Firefox Club (or joined one!), please do so. If you have any existing Club, enter the name for that club and edit your page.

Here's how you edit your Firefox Club's wiki page:

  • Go here:
  • Type in the name of your Firefox Club and press 'Create or Edit'
  • Under 'General Info', include the code of your Firefox Club's affiliates button
  • Click 'Save Page' at the bottom of the form

Please note that you do not need to include the entire code, only the five digits after "/banner/XXXXX." For example, if your code was "//", you would enter on your wiki page '45000'.

7. Acquire downloads from your Club's button and win prizes!