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Firefox Student Ambassador Video Guide

Why make a Video?

  • Provide information, support, and helpful tips to your fellow FSAs
  • Use the videos as a way to recruit more individuals to join your Firefox Club (and help new members learn more about Mozilla!)
  • Showcase your work at a global level
  • Learn more about Capture Mozilla and Webmaker Projects (and how to use them!)

What should be the Theme of my Video?

Any of the following can be the Theme of your video:

  • I am a Mozillian because
  • What I love about being a Firefox Student Ambassador
  • What I love about Firefox OS
  • What I love about the New Firefox
  • My Idea to Improve Mozilla or the FSA Program
  • Video testimonials from your campus - what does Mozilla mean to you?
  • What makes Mozilla different
  • Why I use Firefox
  • Introduction to your Firefox Club, what makes you special, what your Club is working on
  • Why students should use Firefox OS
  • What you've learned as an FSA (and why you joined the program)
  • My first steps as a Mozillian


Capture Mozilla


The Capture Mozilla Project uses video to capture and share knowledge (from know-how to cultural) across the Mozilla community. The aim of Capture Mozilla is:

  • To generate brief interactive videos that give the know-how Mozillians need to to act quickly.
  • To collect existing and new video from the community that shares knowledge.
  • To use a self-serve model that gives Mozillians easy access to relevant knowledge at whatever level of contribution they engage in.
  • To make video fun, interactive and easy to share.




Mozilla’s Webmaker is the coalition of open tools and teaching in the hands of a growing community dedicated to teaching digital skills and web literacy. Our mission is to help people know more, do more and do better through the open web - a web that is knowable, interoperable and everyone’s. At Webmaker we do this by building great tools, inspiring and supporting communities, teaching and learning and shaping the environments in which the open web is made possible.


Firefox Student Ambassador Sign-Up Page

Not yet a member of the program? Sign-up to become a Firefox Student Ambassador here.

Firefox Student Ambassador Blog

Keep up-to-date on what is going on with the Firefox Student Ambassador program on our blog.

Firefox Student Ambassador Air Mozilla Channel

Here is the link to our Air Mozilla Channel.

Process to create video

FSA's will follow the below steps to create the video:

1. Make a video (no longer than 3 minutes in length) about one of the topics outlined above

  • Tip: You can produce a footage or make use of existing footage

2. (If you've created your own video) Upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo.

3. Using Popcorn maker, edit your video by doing one of the following:

4. After remixing with Popcorn, publish your video. Once you publish your video, Popcorn will provide you with a unique url.

What Makes a Good Video

Want to know what makes a good video? Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Aligns with the monthly theme or one of the themes listed above
  • A remix of your own footage / video
  • No more than 3 minutes
  • Video should be in English and have Universal subtitles
  • Video should have at least one starting and ending slide template for each theme
  • Video must be created by a registered Firefox Student Ambassador
  • Video should be understandable and clearly communicate the message or theme

Examples of FSA Videos

I am a Mozillian because...

What I love about being a Firefox Student Ambassador...

What I love about Firefox OS ...

What I love about New Firefox

  • New Firefox is now available only on Firefox Beta . To participate in the video tutorials contest , get the Firefox Beta here and make a popcorn on what you like in New Firefox !